Summer Hair–how to love your hair and not kill yourself in the process

It’s almost Friday as I type this out and I can’t tell you how glad I am to see this week end! It’s been an absolute bear!  I am dying to head into a 3 day weekend (not that it makes that much difference in my writing schedule)  and just relax! I love summer. I love sunshine and hopefully the weatherman is wrong and we won’t have that drizzle he is talking about– because compared to last week, I want some "sun time".

I want to sit out and just get toasty. I am not a big fan of hats but I do use one because my derm says I have to. Yes! I use sunblock but there’s more than just skin I am trying to protect.  I need to protect my hair when I am catching some rays–and so do you!

Here are some cool products you might want to try that will make a difference in how your hair looks not only at the end of the day ( like today) but at the end of the summer too.

Leonor Greyl is a hair care line imported from France that is rich in botanical extracts and shea butter to nourish and protect hair. If you are hitting  the beach (whether it’s sea, chlorinated or fresh water), you are going to need to  have some Huile Palme on hand–or rather on your hair. This oil treatment will protect your tresses from  sun and water damage by softening hair and protecting it from  elements of salt, sun and chemicals. This cool product will stay on  despite cool water temp to help deep condition hair and help prevent it from drying out. In other words, have head of beautiful hair, rather than split ends every time you hit the water (or pretend to anyway) . Think of this as a deep conditioner that you apply to your hair and let the sun bake it in rather than a hair dryer at the salon.

Is dry hair or split ends driving you crazy? Deep conditioning treatments really can work wonders. Whether you choose to spend 30 minutes under a hair dryer or  sitting outside, a deep conditioning masque on a regular basis will  help speed hair toward recovery as you transform your straw-like locks into gorgeous tresses.

Leonor Greyl’s Masque Fleurs de Jasmin is one of the most luxurious ways to recondition hair. With essential oils (heavenly fragrance) along with organic acids, proteins and vegetable oils will nourish, regenerate and detangle your hair and make it ooooh so soft, shiny and manageable. ( )

Another deep conditioner to try is Hamadi Shea Hair Mask with essential oils of vanilla and ylang ylang. (great fragrance!). Shea butter is a natural sun protectant and the avocado oil silkens hair  while aloe vera provides hydration.  A little goes a long way but if you are resusitating damaged hair,  use more and spend serious dryer or sun time to help restore hair.How good is it? FABULOUS darling!! I went through an entire tub and my hair looked soo terrific. ( for online purchase or stores near you.)


Ouidad is the queen of curly hair and just because you don’t have curly hair, doesn’t mean you can’t use her products. They are my saving grace. Yes I have curls but because I have curly hair, it makes my hair more vulnerable to dryness and breakage. So it’s critical that I take care of my hair. I have been using Ouidad now for almost 2 years straight and I love her Deep Conditioner. This product is serious medicine for hair that needs some TLC and it delivers that in spades.  Wash hair, apply mask and then a shower cap (or use a hat instead of a shower cap) and sit under the hair dryer for 30 minutes. (I use the time to catch up on some magazines.)  Yes you will feel like you have pudding on your hair but it’s pudding that is transforming your hair into soft, silky, shiny, heatlhy  locks.  It’s really not too hard to do when you realize that your hair will look gorgeous…. after all, you’re worth it!  If you are lucky enough to be in NYC and can visit Ouidad’s salon, do! It’s worth every minute and penny. Or check the website for a salon near you that does Ouidad cuts and treatments.

Another cool hair product I have run across is EASY STRAIGHT. While this product isn’t for me — I love my curly hair– it is the perfect solution for girls who spend time with blow dryers and flat irons trying to get rid of the kinks and waves in their hair. This  treatment will gently straighten and defrizz curly or wavy hair for three months!
This kit does have precise instructions that do need to be followed carefully, it does help you achieve straight hair without damaging hair with a minimum of hassle.
The website even has video on how to do the straightening process step by easy step. It’s almost a no-brainer. So skip that flat iron and all those temporary straightening products and test drive this baby for 3 months this summer. No more worries about frizzy hair thanks to humid summer days. Since it only lasts 3 months, you can revert to the waves and curls that you love– or you can buy another box. It’s  easier, faster and less expensive than salon treatments. Just don’t forget to regularly condition your hair with products like the ones listed above. For more information or where to buy, check out .

If you got this far and wondering why no photos–there will be some tomorrow. Manana baby, manana! Get thee to a store or online beauty site and have the conditioner on hand to keep that gorgeous hair healthy and glowing.

See you at the beauty counter!



2 Responses to “Summer Hair–how to love your hair and not kill yourself in the process”

  • well i heard about all your hair tips but the thing is really, does it work for all hair types? I am of african descent and I want my hair to get the best treatment but I could never find some one who has the right advice. So tell me…does your hair rememdies work for all hair types??
    Yes Natalia, the Greyl line along with Ouidad, Pure Strength, Chaz Dean’s Wen and the Jonathan line will all work with African hair types. also you might want to email me for a few other lines like Louise Galvin, Bumble & bumble’s repair and restore series.. also there are a few products from MOP that I would higly recommend

  • ARRAY(0x5682108):

    well umm…. it’s really hard to chose from all those lines of products you have there. But the MOP sounds like you really think they’re good. And I heard of bumble and bumble, my friend get’s his hair cuts from them. My hair condition is horrible. I’ve done every thing to it. And I’ve never really had it done by some one professionally because I only trust my self I guess. But I decided to go get it done because I was having this photo shoot done. The hair dresser did it, but used nothing to protect it from the heat(dryer and flatirons and blowdryers) and she bleached it and colored to my desired color. It cost alot! But I guess I didn’t complain but I didn’t know better my self and I dont really know who to go to for help. Where to start with hair salons that are able to work with my kinda hair and all that, you know. and which of those products should I really consider and buy first. And you talked about keeping your hair straight for 3 months, does that include me since my hair kink to even dew lol. But I’m willing to do any thing for my hair right now, honestly. I refuse to get my photoshoots completed without them. thanks for responding the first time.
    ** Hey there
    here’s what I would suggest.. 1) email me at
    2) tell me where you live. if you have ANY proximity to NYC, I have some specific people for you to see. 3) if you have none, I have some lines I want you to try BEFORE you do anything else to your hair.
    You really need to deep condition it every week for a month.. to see how much better it will look.
    You will need to change stylists most likely.. and you need someone who’s willing to work within the problems of your hair.
    also I would HIGHLY recommend OUIDAD.. Bumble and bumble’s new damage control line.. also check out CHAZ DEAN’S WEN (available on QVC) as well as PURE STRENGTH from Warren Tricomi.. you could do well with Louise Galvin.. and also some of the Jonathan line too..
    it’s all about what works for you but truly nothing’s going to change your hair like several deep conditioning treatments. If you go to beauty supply, check out Hayashi deep conditioning pack.. and also mix some into the color when you do color your hair.

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