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Hey It’s Stevie from Fashiontribes.com here. Welcome to the Beauty Beat Podcast Blog! It’s been insanity this week. I have been running for the last two days and if you think I am talking faster on the podcast today, it’s because I have been making tracks all day trying to play catch-up. The reward was going to be that ice cream from Coldstone (you know the place–they have the fab ice cream with the stuff you can mix into the ice cream and it creates different flavors.) We get all the way over there and it’s closed!! WAAHHHH. no fair! I wanted great ice cream and wound up having Rite Aid  giving me a cone. It just wasn’t the same. In some things you can substitute with no problems. In other cases, like with this ice cream cone, you just can’t substitute a lesser quality product. 

When it comes to great skincare products, sometimes there are no real subsitutes when you want to see solid results (pun slightly intended).   Caswell-Massey has been around for 250 years and they know how to make great skincare and hair products as well as fragrances and  body products. It’s the only thing they do and the company wouldn’t have been around this long if it didn’t deliver what it promised. When I surfed  the website and cruised  the store (locally in Newport Beach and 12 more across the US), it’s got   a  great  assortment of products for men, women, children, gifts, kitchen, fragrances.. whatever!

At Caswell-Massey, one of the newest additions ot their product line is the Shea Butter Collection.   Shea butter is derived from nuts from the Karite tree. The nuts are rich in oil and tocopherols (Vitamin E)  which acts as both antioxidant to protect the skin from aging and free radicals plus it’s a very rich hydrating product. It provides moisture and it helps seal it into the skin.  Caswell-Massey has a great assortment of "flavors" like  Honey Almond, Lavender, Refreshing Verbena and also Cucumber (though that’s in another section with the cucumber products)

I love the different products and I went –well hmmm– I guess I went a  little crazy  (ok, ok, let’s be honest. More  than a little crazy) and picked up several items.

CASWELL-MASSEY SHEA BODY BUTTER is made from at least 25% shea butter. (My Cucumber Shea Butter states 97% and shea butter is the first ingredient on the list)  and it scented with cucumber boosted with a little melon and vanilla to balance the vegetable scent. YUMMY!!!! it sinks in fast ad it’s going to be one of my favorite products thanks to the light lovely fragrances. I can see me buying a lot more of these. The hydrating texture is excellent– non-greasy– and it disappears into the skin quickly. It leaves you feeling soft and smelling softly fragrant too. It’s exceptionally thick and you get a lot of product in this 4 oz tub . ($24)

CASWELL-MASSEY SHEA BUTTER SOAP was the first product made  for the Shea Butter Collection. Containing at least 23% shea butter, it provides a deeply hydrating and softening experience with the added benefit of an aromatherapeutic type experience.  Honey Almond  was a scent I tried (though I am not a huge honey fan) because I know that honey improves hydration to the skin and  during my days here at the beach, I need to give my skin as much moisture as it can take.  The soap doesn’t leave a film but it does provide a softening and moisturizing experience that left my skin, soft,  hydrated and lightly scented.  These generous 4.5 oz bars are available as singles and in trios. The trios are very cost effective because it’s less expensive per bar to buy a trio than purchasing singles. Buy a trio and keep one bar and give the others as gifts! ( hello bargain hunters!)

Perfect for  the car, handbag, briefcase , traveling or pockets, the  CASWELL-MASSEY SHEA BUTTER BALM  is a stick product that comes in a great array of flavors. This guy/girl/kid friendly product is perfect  for a quick slick  of moisturizing balm.  Run it across cuticles, down shins, across backs of hands, or even sunburnt noses  and it won’t melt till it hits your skin. It’s perfect for a gym or diaper bag too.
I keep my Refreshing Verbena balm in my car so that I can slick it over my cuticles and my hands. The aroma is incredibly yummy!  I am going to get more of this product for sure for my handbag, my nightstand and my desk. ($9.00 per stick)

CASWELL-MASSEY FOOT  SPA CREAM is totally rocking my world. I am on a pedicure binge. I can’t stand dry, cracked or rough feet. I have tons of products that I have tried: some survive and  lots don’t. I love this Spa Cream. It’s a thick shea butter cream and it soaks in fast! It leaves my feet soft, smelling fabulous without being slick or slippery.  Calming Lavender is a  super scent thanks to its soothing  lavender fragrance. I use this and slip socks over my feet to intensify the softening effect overnight. Any of the other scents would work well but I love the lavendar since I like to use this product at night. ($15.00 per tube)

If you want to gift someone a selection of products (don’t forget putting your name on the list), the  CASWELL-MASSEY SHEA BUTTER GIFT TUB is a fab gift. This cute claw-foot tub is filled with a soap, body butter and balm stick in a single scent and wrapped up ready to give.  ($36)

I always have a hard time choosing scents because I can find uses for all of them. I think I love the Refreshing Verbena the best with the Cucumber coming in a close second. The Verbena is very energizing and the Cucumber is more neutral. The Lavender is very soothing and the Honey Almond is very "foodie" in terms of scent.

If dry skin is a summer problem (maybe a year-round problem?), visit one of the 13 Caswell-Massey stores or call for a catalog (800.326.0500) or visit the website at CaswellMassey.com to order products from the Shea Butter Collection. If you do visit the store, visit the website or get a catalog, make sure you check out the rest of the  Caswell-Massey products. They have amazing fragrances, skincare, body and hair care product for men, women and children as well as some great gifts for holidays and other events. ( yes you too can become addicted to Caswell-Massey!)

If you have or purchase any of the Caswell-Massey products, let me know what you have and what you think. I would love to know what you think!

see you at the beauty counter!


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