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Welcome to the "belated" Tuesday Podcast (or let’s make it the early WED podcast with a late Wed blog) ! It’s Stevie from Fashiontribes.com ! I have been buried with great stuff to tell you about and all the new things are stacked up in my office or I have been talking on the phone to people about new lines, new treatments or heading out the door to events about new products and lines. It’s been a  very busy this summer!

How’s the weather where you are? LA has not been getting the typical weather that we are used to!  It’s August and we are still getting June weather with overcast, dreary mornings and warmer PM’s. I hear that the East Coast and mid-section of the country, you are having ridiculous high temps and humidity. This kind of radical weather changes plays havoc with your skin. Radical changes from hot to cool or cool to hot or  too much steamy humidity makes it perfect weather for breakouts and acne.

Seeing those red bumps makes you want to SCREAM doesn’t it? Some hurt, some don’t and no matter how much you wash or scrub; use masks and benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid, they just keep coming back. Plus it can take weeks to make them go away. Don’t you just wish you could wave the magic wand and make them go away?

Now you can! — almost overnight!Zeno Acne Treatment is the first FDA-cleared medical device used as an over the counter (NO RX’s!!)  for treating mild to moderate inflammtory (non-cystic) acne.

How does this work? Let’s do a bit of biology here:Pimples occur when excess skin oil and flaky skin clog the opening of hair follicles on skin. When these pores or follicles become clogged, it’s a great environment for acne bacteria to grow.

When using Zeno, a metal tip with precisely controlled heat is applied for a specific period of time, the heat causes the bacteria to self-destruct.  According to Dr. Paul J. Frank, noted NYC Dematologist,

"When the bacteria die, the pimples disappear. The heat also acts like a warm compress relieving any inflammation or discomfort that may be present."

Using cutting edge scientific, medical and electronic  technologies,  Zeno  uses a proprietary technology,  Clearpoint,  to heal pimple quickly using heat. This device has been clinically provien to be safe and effective and compared with current OTC  treatments available at stores and pharmacies. The results have been significantly better without the usual side effects of topical treatments (dryness, peeling, and $4 spent on products) or the problems and side effects of oral treatments (multiple MD visits and $$$ spent on prescriptions that may or may not cause side effects systemically or topically)

This new technology allows Zeno to provide a controlled low-level heat t the pimple causing the bacteria p.acnes  ( the bacteria responsible for about 90% of all blemishes) to self destruct. The temperature for Zeno to be effective is below the temperature that would damage the skin. (WOW!!)

This battery-operated, hand-held device is small and easy to use. The tip heats to a pre-set temp and the tip is compatible with skin and designed to have direct contact with the pimple or blemish. Once it is in contact, the  tip send heat into the follicle. An internal controller computer chip continuously adjust the temperature to a fixed range even with different skin and circulation conditions. It adjusts the flow of energy to match the heat absorption for each individual. You get individualized treatment from an OTC device without worrying about the device overheating!  The internal digital timer controls the treatment time.  The device is portable and thus can travel with you to be used at school or work. It’s battery controlled so that makes it easy to use in a variety of locations.
Use the Zeno to treat your blemishes in 2-3 treatment cycles of about 2.5 minutes each over a period of 12 to 24 hours.

An FDA reviewed controlled clinical trial showed that 90% of pimples disappeared or faded within 24 hours when Zeno was used.

"Zeno is a safe and effective way to spot treat moderate acne,” says Dr. Frank. “This revolutionary device is perfect for teens and adults on the  go"

This means that within 24 hours of a pimple showing up on your face, it could be faded or gone! Now that’s serious medicine and that’s an improvement over current alternative therapies.

A caution: the tip must be replaced periodically as it wears out. Also the vatteries have to be replaced or recharged. It’s not inexpensive but considering that if you are using prescription medications, this is less than a year’s worth of medication alone (without counting the MD visits).  The price tag is  over $200. 

If I were a person who had acne or consistent breakouts and had trouble controlling them, I would think about doing some investigation of this product.  Talk to your doctor about it. If you are in NYC, you can contact Dr. Frank via his website at www.pfrankmd.com  and ask him if the device is suitable for your skin. Definitely check out this device and ask your medical professional if it’s suitable for your skin issues.   If you want more information on the Zeno, you can check it out at Dr. Frank’s website OR you can google it as "Zeno Acne" for doctors who are offering it  or call your dermatologist

Ok.. whew!! enough science for today! tomorrow it’s back to flufff!

See you at the beauty counter!



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