The Science of Having a Lifetime of Great Looking Skin: Immunderm

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Want to know what the  the future holds for you?  Ever wonder what you will look like in say 20-30 years? Here’s a bit of a checklist for you.

Do you eat  fast  or junk food as a main staple of your diet?
Are vegetables absent from your meals?
Is coffee one of your key vitamins?
Are you always on a "diet"?
Do you drink other than an occasional glass of wine (preferably red)?
Do you smoke?
Do get sun exposure without sun protection?
Do you get  7 hours or less sleep per night?
Do you feel that vitamins/minerals/herbs are for kids or kooks?
Is time for fitness always on your "to do" list but never seems to get done?
Is "stress" your middle name or  your nickname?
Do you jump at the latest in cosmeceutical lines figuring it will help your skin look better?
and are these new skincare lines changed every 2-3 months?

If you answered yes, then we can give you a ballpark idea of what you will look like in a few years:

This photo of Paris Hilton was digitally altered to show what years of behavior reflected by YES answers to that quiz. Scary huh! Doubly scary when that could be YOU staring back in the mirror. Honey, Botox isn’t going to fix all those things in that photo. Nor is creating your own blend of La Mer, Perricone and every other cosmeceutical line out there on the market.

However you can change that. YES–you can..    First things first, it would help if you could change the behaviors listed above to "NO" answers but let’s be honest, that’s not happening anytime  soon. Right? Cmon.. you need to be honest with me.. heck I used to do all those things and I changed my act but still look to skincare and a  little assist from my derm (and no, it’s not Botox. I don’t use it).

If you want to repair and/or prevent some of that free radical scavengers from using your face as a playing field or you want to repair the damage that weeks/months/years in the sun without SPF on your bod, you will want to read this blog.

There are lots of cosmeceuticals out there on the market. Some work; some don’t.  We know the key ingredients like we  know the alphabet,  but if there isn’t enough of the product or it’s not used properly,  then it’s just wasted money. How many skincare regimens have you ( and me too)  tried and then stopped because you ( and I) got disgusted because it 1) didn’t work ; 2) cost too much because it didn’t work; or 3) was just ok.. nothing remarkable to it despite the hundreds of dollars worth of bottles you have in your bathroom.

When it comes down to it, with some skincare lines, it would be cheaper to go for a round of quasi-surgical procedures  than to invest  several hundred  dollars in skincare that doesn’t  deliver everything  that it promises. Plus some of those lines that you are plunking down that CC for don’t have much in the way of scientific credibility– yet we still buy into it

According to some scientific studies (coming out of Norway and reconfirmed in other countries), epidermal immunity is the key for skin to quickly repair and regenerate and thus remain beautiful.
As your skin (and you) ages, it loses the ability to repair and regenerate and starts to slow down and
thus your skin shows the  signs of aging. The key is to find a way to support the epidermal immunity and thus help skin  to think it’s young and therefore act young.

Biotec Pharacon  developed a patented method to  make soluble their famous immune enhancing substance, Norwegian Beta 1,3/1,6 Glucan.  (AKA Beta Glucan) This substance is extracted from the cell wall of baker’s yeast. Numerous scientific studies have proven  it’s ability to safely and effectively activate your entire immune system, making your system highly resistant to health problems. And now the new soluble form  can be applied directly to your skin for an truly revolutionary treatment for aging or damaged skin. The product is called  Immuderm.   Immuderm works below the surface of the skin at the cellular level with the Langerhans cells which are the immune cells that  defend against external threats such as sun, smoke, environmental assaults, and mitigate the effects of stress. However as you age, so do your Langerhans cells.

Immuderm helps these Langerhans cells  become more active–like flipping a switch within each cell–  by penetrating the epidermal layer and thanks to its’ unique molecular configuration activates the cells from within. Daily use of  Immuderm will help transform your skin! Since most skincare items do one of two things: moisturize or exfoliate, they temporarily help but they don’t activate the skin on the cellular level. You can exfoliate all you want, but without  switching on the cells, your new skin reverts to old behavior. Moisturizing is temporary fix at best and does nothing about lines, wrinkles or sun damage.

Immuderm (like some of the other very unique skincare lines I have been talking about lately and have some yet to come) has the delivery system, the unique or key ingredients and the ability to affect changes in the skin at the cellular level.  This is something that I think is extremely innovative–just like alpha lipoic acid, vitamin C,  kinetin and copper peptides were almost a decade ago when they first hit the market. They made remarkable improvement in skin. The newest generation of skincare goes beyond these developments and gets into the heart of the skin cell and jumpstarts youthful activity.

Immuderm is available only online at Immuderm. It’s $89.00 for a 6 oz tube. Yes, it’s pricey but if you realize you only need a cleanser and an SPF product and perhaps a moisturizer, that’s cutting a lot of dead weight products out of your regimen. Saves time and saves money huh! Use Immuderm and you won’t have to worry about that scary picture up top– it will just be something used to scare kids!

If you have tried Immuderm, please let me know what you think. I really want to know

See you at the beauty counter!



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