Get Better-Looking Skin with Evis LED Devices: Acne Clears Up; Lines Fade!

Would red light or blue light make a difference in how your skin looks?
Sounds so far-fetched, but it’s true that LED (light emitting diodes) in different colors do make a difference in your skin.
Use a blue light if you have breakouts or if you are looking to boost collagen and diminish spots and lines, you use a red light.
This new scientific treatment is available in MD offices for a serious price tag and it takes several treatments that run about $ 1000 (plus/minus) for the entire series– that don’t last forever.
Now there’s a entire class of hand-held home devices that do the work of the professional version for a lesser price tag albeit it does take longer to take effect.
Evis Beauty™ (a leading brand of Ageless Beauty Corporation), has launched the first cutting-edge, medical-grade, at-home LED beauty device. Offering the identical power and efficacy of treatment to in-office physician LED procedures, the Evis M.D. Platinum is the only at-home light device to work as effectively per square centimeter on skin rejuvenation.
Backed by an R&D team of experts–currently under clinical study–, the new Evis MD Platinum Rejuvenating Facial Light in blue helps to control acne. Blue Light gets to the core of what causes acne eruptions: P. acnes, the bacteria responsible for causing acne inflammation that pumps out tiny molecules called porphyrins. When these porphyrin are exposed to certain wavelengths of light, they produce free radicals that kill the bacteria. Without P. acnes around to cause inflammation, acne breakouts clear up.
Evis MD– LED Blue
SCIENCE: Photo facial rejuvenation therapy using Light Emitting Diode (LED) technology is the interaction of light with cells that accelerates the natural occurring processes. Not only has light been used for centuries in the medical field to treat various conditions, but it has also more recently been researched and developed by NASA scientists. The Blue light wavelength of 415 nm has demonstrated anti-bacterial properties that can help acne sufferers.
DETAILS 3.5 times the strength on acne control- recommended -3 min per area
Application time 3 minutes per area of concern
Application frequency 1-2 x per week
Power supply Medical grade
The Evis M.D. Platinum Rejuvenating Facial Light in red helps to reduce fine lines and wrinkles while reversing the effects of sun-damage.

Photo facial rejuvenation therapy using Light Emitting Diode (LED) technology is the interaction of light with cells to accelerates the energizing or building processes of the skin functions. Red light, which has a wavelength of 630 nanometers(nm), penetrates tissue to a depth of about 8-10 mm to promote increased blood flow and the relaxation of muscle.
This type of light also stimulates fibroblasts within the dermis to produce new collagen, which accounts for its ability to reduce fine lines and wrinkles while regenerating aged or sun-damaged skin
Double the power on wrinkle and sun-damage control
Application time 3 minutes per area of concern
Application frequency 1- 2 x per week
Power supply Medical grade
PRICE: $295.00 for either device (red or blue)
Recently reviewed on the Rachael Ray show’s Human Lab Anti-Aging, the human guinea pig was happy with the results:
Ah! I’m getting more wrinkles!”
Kerry, 39, started noticing more wrinkles after the birth of her third child. She explains that she’s primarily concerned with the area in between and under her eyes. “There’s gotta be way to tackle these wrinkles!” she cries. Kerry tries the Evis Md Platinum Red Rejuvenating Facial Light, which claims to reduce aging through medical grade red light therapy. A month later, Kerry says she’s still waiting to see a big change, but that others have already commented on changes. “People have told me that they definitely see a difference,” she says, “So that was positive — I’m excited about that.”
So if she’s happy with the slow changes — and it would be too with any treatment in an MD’s office that involves LED light, it could take several treatments before you see results. It’s not magical overnight changes– but slow
The bottom line is that you can have medical quality treatment at home for a fraction of the price, virtually no down-time and no time sitting in offices. This device really works on acne. I personally watched it being used on someone and it really made a difference in clearing up acne skin — being used for the time specified on a twice week basis– and a couple of times in severe break-outs, an extra time per week. It made a huge difference in healing.
Launching this fall with world-wide distribution at major department and specialty stores.
The Evis M.D. Platinum can also be purchased online. The best places to purchase online are, and
Stevie Wilson

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