Adventure on Hawaii Part 2–Underwater! Guided Snorkeling Tour Is Killer Fun & Workout!

Part 2 of this 3.5 hour adventure was more challenging– a LOT more challenging. While we went to a smaller cove, the entry was pretty much rocks and Kailiee gave us expert tips and helped us physically get into the water and how to get our fins out where we couldn’t touch bottom. The cove was walking distance from the Lawaii cove so go figure why it would be so different but it was.

The other reason why this was more challenging was really about the current. Typically this cove has a lot of chop and surf and it’s not suitable for surfing and snorkeling is only when it’s smooth or rather smooth-er. We found the current to be counter to what we wanted to do and it took a lot of strength and endurance to do it.


When we were fully “finned” and snorkeling around, Kailee gave a shout-out of “turtle spotting”. Not just one or two but several coming to shore with the high tide to feed on algae.

Sea turtles sit on the bottom for 3-4 hours eating algae because fighting the current requires more air and thus they have to come up.

Sea Turtles are protected in Kauai and people cannot get close enough to touch and must stay a good distance away from this endangered species.

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