White Collar Season 2 Premiere Interview: Tim DeKay and Matt Bomer Dish! Podcast

White Collar from USA Network was one of the hottest shows last year and now it’s back premiering it’s second season which has a “killer” opening. This season is going to be a bit “hot” under that White Collar and it’s just the way USA Network, executuve producer Jeff Eastin, and series stars Tim DeKay and Matt Bomer like it.

Matt Bomer, Tim DeKay, Tiffani Thiessen, Willie Garson, Sharif Atkins and Marsha Thomason (re-joining the cast as a series regular) returns for season two on Tuesday, July 13 at its new time, 9/8c. WHITE COLLAR will serve as the lead-in to USA’s newest original series, COVERT AFFAIRS, at 10/9c.

Matt Bomer and Willie Garson as Neal Caffrey and Mozzi

Moderator Our first question coming in is from Stevie Wilson at LA-Story.com

Stevie Watching the two episodes that were coming in, you did some time again.

Matt Yes.

Stevie That’s kind of interesting; then as that particular episode progresses, obviously Willie and Tim’s character have a conversation at the very end about how they’re kind of watching your back and making sure that you’re being able to adjust to the fact that Kate’s been killed, which is all this new information all in one episode that one has to process, and how is your character dealing with this?

Matt What I think those particular events sort of set in motion this season is that Neal’s big struggle is between doing what’s legally right and what he thinks is just. So his big struggle this season in terms of avenging Kate’s death is whether to do the right thing legally or what he feels is right and just.

Stevie Okay, and that’s pretty much how the season’s going to go?

Matt Well, in terms of that particular storyline; yes. Is that what you’re asking?

Stevie Well, yes, kind of. What I’m asking really kind of the justice that he is seeking versus what is legally doable given his personal situation, and having a nice little tag around his–the little thing around his ankle, makes it difficult to do that.

Matt Well, I think you just asked and summed up your own question.

Stevie Yes, I think I did. Sorry about that.

Matt Is there anything else I can answer for you?

Stevie Yes. You’ve got new additions to your cast.

Matt Yes. We’re very excited about that. First of all, we have Marsha Thomason back on a regular basis, which is wonderful. She’s a fantastic actress and gorgeous and so great to have on this show. And then we have Hilarie Burton who makes a recurring guest arc this season as sort of–I guess from my character’s eyes, she plays a high class repo man, an insurance repo man, who’s basically out to settle an old score between herself and Neal. So it’s kind of fun and contentious and slightly flirtatious and all those things, hopefully.

Moderator Our next question is from Joshua Maloni with Niagara Frontier.

Joshua Matt, I just was wondering, so many of my magazines coming in the mail these days have you on the cover or featured very prominently. How does it sort of feel to be the center of the cable universe these days?

Matt Well, I don’t perceive myself that way in any light. Thankfully, I’m so busy with work that I don’t have time to process too much of that stuff. But it’s great that people are responding to the show and Jeff’s writing, most importantly, and know we’re hopefully getting the word about our show out there because we work really hard on it, and I speak for myself and Tim and the cast and Jeff when I say that we’re really proud of the stuff we’re working hard to put out there, and thankfully, or hopefully, the word is getting out.

Joshua I want to ask you sort of a, I guess, philosophical TV question. I really enjoyed season one, but there were a couple of things that I was kind of surprised to see. I mean, obviously you’ve been around TV. You know sort of that it takes a long time usually for there to be payoffs in a series, and I thought there were fairly big payoffs last year. You know, Peter, you guys had the mid season break. He could have been a bad guy. You sort of wrapped that up in the next episode. Neal and Kate; obviously that’s not going to happen now. What do you think about the payoffs and I guess the quick reveals for the audience?

Matt I love that Jeff Eastin answers the question he asked in the first episode, and I agree with you. There were big payoffs and I think Tim and I were both were looking at each other going, “Where are we going to go from here?” But then we did, and now we’re at the mid season finale this season going, “Oh my God! Where are we going to go from here?” So, fortunately we have a great writer in Jeff Eastin who likes to answer the questions he presents pretty concisely and pretty briefly, so I’m just happy to be along for the ride.

Moderator Ladies and gentlemen, we have been joined by Mr. Tim DeKay as well. Our next question is from Mr. Matt Carter with Examiner.com.

Matt C. This question actually goes out to both of you and that’s how do you guys see Neal and Peter’s relationship kind of shifting and evolving now, especially with kind of the changing dynamics with Kate, and even with Mozzie having a little bit more of a role now?

Tim I think it’s like any other relationship that changes and evolves, but at the base of it, I just get the feeling that these two care for each other very much, and with that, they’re going to have a good time together. They’re going to be hurt by each other, and are going to possibly not trust each other to greater degrees than previously or lesser degrees than previously. But I think that’s to Jeff Eastin’s credit, in writing a very complex–you know, people have said, “Oh, this is a buddy-cop relationship that these two have.” I think yes, it is. But, I think it’s much more than that and that’s because Jeff Eastin has said, “No, no, no. I want it to be more than that.” And I think he’s written something more than that.

Matt I would echo that sentiment and just say yes, it’s about two guys who have a mutual respect for each other, who have a lot of differences but who compensate for each other’s differences in interesting ways, and who always end up, at the end of the day, having a pretty good time together. But the one dynamic that’s always shifting and changing between our relationship and between the series at large is that of trust.

Tim Yes.

Matt C. Well, final question is just kind of a quick thing to satisfy both the White Collar and Chuck fan in me, and that’s Matt, do you think that Neal Caffrey could take down Bryce Larkin in a fight?

Matt Oh! Neal could outsmart him, but if you’re talking about a UFC cage match, Bryce would definitely win.

Moderator Our next question is from Rosa Cordero with AccidentalSexiness.com.

Rosa Hi guys! I’m happy that I have you both on the line. What’s up? My first question is for Matt. Jeff Eastin teased us that you and your fabulous co-star, Diahann Carroll, would be singing on an episode this season. Has it already been shot and what can you tell us about it?

Matt : He teased me too. I’ve heard rumor. It would be an honor. She’s a legend and it’d be really, really fun to get to do something like that. I have no idea if it’s actually going to come to fruition. We still have eight episodes to find out or seven episodes to find out. So I guess as soon as I know, I’ll let you know.

Rosa And Tim, in episode two of season two, there was that running gag about you and the mustache. Was this the creation of the writers, or did you just show up one day a little fuzzy and inspire the episode?

Tim Yes, I showed up–that happens a lot. I’ll show up fuzzy and it will inspire people. No. It was completely by Jeff. I honestly think the twisted mind of Jeff Eastin thought, “Oh, I bet DeKay would look goofy with a mustache. Let me write that.”

Rosa It was a great episode. I’m really excited to see how the season– season one was such a solid season, but it just seems like, with these two episodes that we have been able to preview, the show is just getting better. And I’m really loving the banter between Peter and Neal. It’s just coming out to be–and we’re seeing a lot more Willie Garson, which I love. I’m very excited for the season. Good luck.

Author: Stevie Wilson

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