“Oh My Goddess’” Wendi Knox Talks about Things That Go Bump In Our Heads!

This post is from Wendi Knox’s Halloween post– but honestly with the holidays coming up, this works really well for this time of year.

Wendi Knox

The closer it gets to the holidays, the more things go bump in my head– and maybe in yours too. So check out Wendi’s post and do follow her blog
Ohmygoddess.com PS– this is an excerpt

Trust me.

There isn’t a Halloween goblin, ghoul or ghost that’s half as scary as the thoughts that creep into our minds at night.

No matter how sunny I am by day, I still find Worry, Fear and Self-Doubt lurking around my bedroom at 3 AM.

It can happen anytime, anywhere.

It even happened in Bali.

Years ago, my husband Will and I were on a magical vacation.



And then, psychotic.(Cue the scary music.)

It all began when I woke up in the middle of the night and discovered a gang of mosquitos had turned my thighs into their personal buffet.

The bites were not bite-size. And they itched like crazy.

Normally, I would have rubbed Calamine lotion on and called it a night.

But not this time.

Not when I had read that Balinese mosquitos can transmit Elephantiasis.

You heard me.


(Who needs Google with all those horrific images on my mental monitor?)

All night,I tossed, turned and obsessed over my already zaftig thighs.

I could swear they were swelling to freak-show proportions right before my very eyes.

Finally, morning showed its face.

And thankfully, my thighs were Elephantiasis-free.

All that worrying for nothing.

Ever been there?

….. ( meaning check out Wendi’s blog for the entire post)

Before you know it, you’re worried about that stack of bills, your kid’s report card, your parent’s health, the 11:00 news, computer viruses, bird flu. global warming and all the wrinkles you’re getting from worrying.

I’m not saying there isn’t plenty to be concerned about.

But staying up all night, haunted by What If’s doesn’t help.

Here are a few simple things I’ve found that can:

1. Stop feeding the monster. Your mind thrives on fear. It’s allergic to gratitude. The next time you find yourself freaked about the past or fretting about the future,say “Stop.” And focus on how soft your pillow is. How juicy that apple was. How lucky you are to be alive. And anything else you’re grateful for


YES there is more! I am just going to make you jump to Wendi’s page and find out what else she has said. She’s sharp, smart, sassy, funny, and a very nice person.

Thanks to Wendi– at least I am not alone in the “worried zone”.

Follow her on FACEBOOK.comStevie Wilson,

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