4 Responses to “Chillin’ at Coachella with Patron Tequila Cocktails & CoolHaus Custom Ice Cream Sammies! #recipes!”

  • what a lovely foodie combination! yum…now just bring some sunshine over here

  • did you want Coachella’s 90 degree version or the cooler UK version?

  • Pamela Morse:

    I love these cocktail recipes. Coachella has become such a big deal, and now glam is added…interesting….like Burning Man meets marketing

  • I don’t mind the big brands like Samsung, Patron and more being there. But I wish they could keep that indie/alt feel and be more inclusive rather than the flip side)
    Because it’s more exclusive and counter-intuitive to the reason Coachella first got established (access for all) And this event now can cost the average person $1K to be there for tickets, transportation, food, drinks and hotel (and that’s not a 4 star hotel either. Think motel) that’s a lot of $$$ to shell out.
    Big article in LA Times about it today.

    and the estimate in 2007 in the Coachella forums is about 2K Now the 3 days *(instead of Thur-Sun) is 385 ticket + 100 /day for food+ transportation costs (and that’s going to be $$$)

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