Reincarnation Is Back – And So Are We! Ann C. Barham, MA, LMFT Shares Her Book & Insights !

If you are a fan of WestWorld (and who isn’t these days!), you might be wondering about the androids and wondering how their current “lives” as androids and their past lives as humans merge and affect them. It certainly affects the scripting of the androids. Imagine if you as a human being, could go back and learn about your past lives. What impact would that have on you? Would you want to seek that explanation? Would you find it useful? What would it mean about your current life?

Lots of questions, right? As a person who has experienced past life regressions, I was able to get a clearer understanding of who I am and what came along with who I have become in this lifetime. There are many, many facets to a reading. Mine was interesting and I would need to listen to the recording again to be able to tell you how I felt when I had the reading. I know that learning what I had brought with me from other lives made sense to me. And we were able to help me let go of it!

This should be interesting to you to read this post from Ann C. Barham, author, and past lives expert. She has two books out on this topic and has a practice that involves this process.

The Eye of the Media
Although the concept of reincarnation has been around since time immemorial, its place in our collective consciousness rises and falls in the Western world. As a professional counselor specializing in past life therapy, I’m always interested in observing these trends. At present, I’m noticing quite a resurgence in popular media with the likes of the movie, A Dog’s Purpose, and the hit HBO TV series Westworld.
The link with A Dog’s Purpose is obvious, we follow the spirit of a dog as it enlivens different dog-bodies and personalities with vastly different life experiences.



Although a little sappy, the movie does demonstrate how we can go from the equivalent of a German Shepherd police dog to a pampered little pug from lifetime to lifetime. As it is for dogs, so it is for us humans. And just like our dog in the movie, we carry forward talents and proclivities and can reconnect with those we loved in the past.

But how does Westworld fit in?
For those of you who have missed the series, Westworld is a futuristic, virtual-reality Wild West amusement park populated by android “hosts.” High-paying human “guests” can play out their darkest fantasies, without fear of retaliation from the hosts, who die at an astonishing rate at the hands of guests. (It is the Wild West, after all.) Each time an android host dies, it goes back to the factory to be refurbished, have its memory wiped clean, and then is sent back out into the park to play out another drama.




Although the human guests may be acting out past life memories with their fascination with the Wild West, what is particularly germane to this discussion is the experience of the android hosts. They have the ‘human experience,’ meet death, and return for another experience with no memory of what happened in the past. The show is replicating the reincarnation phenomenon, where our soul returns to the planet in a different body and personality, typically with the veil of forgetfulness obstructing our memories of our past lives. In Westworld, as time goes on the hosts begin to unexpectedly retain some memories and consciously alter their behavior based on lessons learned from their ‘past lives.’ This too, is available to us — if we recall and work to process our past life experiences.




Past Life Therapy
This is where past life therapy fits in. It is different than a psychic or intuitive telling you about a past life experience you may have had, which can be interesting but of only limited assistance in actual change. With past life therapy, all memories are coming directly from you, the client, and we work with them therapeutically to release their power and bring forward life lessons and abilities from the past. Just as early childhood experiences can exert unconscious influences on us in our adult lives, often the events from prior lifetimes are impinging on our emotions, our relationships, or even physical aspects of our current life without our knowing it. By uncovering the memories, working through any trauma or places where energy is stuck, and integrating our past life experiences into our current awareness, we resolve issues and release unhelpful dynamics that have been resistant to other approaches.

Why are so many people seeking answers in prior lifetimes?

With past life therapy, we address a myriad of issues in rather quick order, often as quickly as just one session, as compared to years of traditional counseling for many clients. Given the fast pace of our modern society and the desire for quick results, this is an approach that appeals to more and more people. In addition, the “efforting” that we see in so many self-help or “change your life” programs disappears. When issues are effectively dealt with at their activating event — which may be many centuries in the past — desired changes gradually evolve, seemingly of their own accord.

The types of issues that have been addressed with past life work include:
• difficult relationship dynamics with family, lovers, or co-workers, or intense new attractions
• enduring emotional challenges like depression, low self-esteem or guilt
• some physical challenges that have defied the medical community, for example, insomnia, infertility, irritable bowel, to name a few
• unreasonable fears and phobias
• reconnecting with loved ones who have passed by seeking prior lifetimes together, which can greatly ease grieving and helps us lose our fear of death

Many people who would not typically consider themselves in need of traditional counseling or therapy also seek out past life work. They may be looking for help in discovering their life purpose, or in adjusting their career direction. As we go through a ‘life review’ after a past life death, where we look at the lessons learned and decisions made from a higher, spiritual perspective, clients relate the past life experience to their current personality and situation. They deepen their spiritual connection and find higher guidance for many areas of their life.

Even if one believes these “memories” are not true past-life experiences, only a virtual experience like the human guests have on Westworld, they function as powerful symbolic stories and are equally as effective in resolving current issues. The popularity of the TV drama tells us how much the subject speaks to our general consciousness. It was ranked as the most-watched first season of an HBO original series ever (Deadline, December 5, 2016, Westworld Finale Hits Season High, Caps Most-Watched First Season of HBO Series by Nellie Andreeva.)

We all are fascinated by our pasts, hunger to understand the bigger picture, and yearn to free ourselves from our unconscious limits and negative beliefs. Past life therapy is a very effective way to do so. And who knows, maybe you’ll discover a past lifetime in the old West!


Bio of Ann C. Barham:


Ann C. Barham, MA, LMFT, is a licensed marriage and family therapist, with an international certification as a regression therapist. Barham’s recently released book The Past Life Perspective: Discovering Your True Nature Across Multiple Lifetimes, details sixteen years of Barham’s experience with past life regression therapy. By opening the files of her most fascinating and insightful client sessions, Barham demystifies past life therapy with a practical, down-to-earth approach.

Purchase a copy (hardcover) on her website:
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Here’s a video about this fascinating book:

Request a sample chapter HERE:

Barham and her fascinating book has received an impressive amount of media attention in the US. She has appeared on the acclaimed CBS show, The Doctors, where she regressed a popular reality TV star, as well as George Noory’s Beyond Belief on GaiaTV, a Harper’s Bazaar FB Live session, and many other various radio and tv shows across the US.

Ann lives and practices in Gilroy, California

Check out more about Ann C. Barham on her website:
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LA-Story thanks Ann C. Barham for this fascinating insight into Reincarnation and Past Life Regression. The current movies and TV shows she cites are clear reflections of general interest in this very complex topic!

Stevie Wilson,




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