For the Mom Who Has Everything: BaubleSmith-Magickal, One-of-a-Kind Jewelry!

Marie Bargas wanted to share an amazing jewelry designer with you. The designs are unique and very interesting and would make great gifts. The best part is the Q&A interview with Baublesmith designer, Renee Sosanna Olson.


How did you get started?

BaubleSmith’s Renee Sosanna Olson:
I started out making very simple wire jewelry. The main reason was because I saw so many people making things that just look tortured.  I thought, those poor stones.  Let me see what I can do.  I gradually worked my way to rings and bracelets using standard wire and beading techniques.  Then I saw some work by Nicole Hanna and started buying her tutorials.  Being the obsessive person I am, I read/watched/devoured everything I could find on wire weaving to get where I am today.


Q: What inspires you to do your designs?

When I start an original piece I usually don’t have a design in mind.  I get the basic frame and let the wire tell me what it wants to do.  I pick a stone and decide well; will this be a tree of life?  Will this be an eye of protection?  I just go from there.



Q: Where do you get your materials?

I have some really nice glass eyes that I get from a fantastic glass artist in Netherlands.  My stones come from gem shows and occasionally I will buy some from Rio Grande.  Rio Grande is where I buy all my wire.  They have great prices and they are fantastic about accepting returns.  I love them.




Q: Since all pieces are handmade do you have something in mind beforehand or do you let the “stones” speak to you?

It really depends on what I’m making, an example would be recently I had a request for a tree of life.  I wanted to do something different from my other trees.  I wanted to incorporate some weaving as well.  It turned out amazing and the client was thrilled.  You can see a video of it here.


What do you see yourself designing over the next year?

I’m looking to merge together the wire weaving and the soldering that I do to create some more elaborate pieces.  I would love to be able to work more in silver.  But my first love is copper.  My grandmother used to have a copper bracelet she wore for her arthritis.  When I was little I would run the green on her arm because she told me that was where the magic went in.  I was always struck by that.  She passed away a few years ago.  I always think of her when I see copper so, it fits that I love it so.  I hope to do more work in copper and hopefully be able to share my love for it with others.


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Author: Marie Bargas

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