Trendspotting Hot New Products at Oscar Suites: Celebs Come Out for Great Swag at Fig + Olive!

With great packaging and interesting bags for these great giftables, it’s possible to get the actual product bag/package seen by paparazzi and other photographers or if a brand is really lucky, the product is worn or consumed by said celebrity and caught on camera. Thus the proliferation of photographers at suites to get snaps of celebrities with their products because it’s good for the product branding and identity!

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Celebrity Style Slam #5: Lady Gaga and Naomi Watts on the Oscar Red Carpet. Who Did It Better?

This is Celebrity Style Slam Oscars 2014 and episode 5 features Lady Gaga and Naomi Watts “duking it out” for the winner of this fashion & beauty competition. Marie and I had a great time doing but as we dug into it, we found that every single episode was running longer as she was getting into the rhythm of this series and I was pulling more information from my contacts. Also we focused a bit more on the beauty details because beauty expert Marie Pappachatzis (AKA Marie P) from IAmTHEMakeupJunkie blog and I reviewed about a hundred photos of people on the Oscars red carpet- both men and women. We selected Naomi Watts and Lady Gaga as the two candidates for Celebrity Style Slam #5. The reason for the choice is that both were at the Oscars, had dresses in the same color family and seemed to be stepping out a bit in a different look for themselves- but in different ways.

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Hayden Panettiere and Amy Oresman,Celeb Makeup Artist Launch Online Beauty Series. LifeMinute.TV

Country music’s favorite bad girl Hayden Panettiere, aka Juliette Barnes from the hit ABC show “Nashville“, and her celebrity makeup artist, Amy Oresman debut a three part beauty series tomorrow, March 12th at The dynamic duo gave us a sneak peak of a few of their favorite products and glam tips for getting the star’s signature look on and off the show.

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