Ife Mora Blends Diverse Music Styles Creating “Fire Inside of Me” Album! #MusicMoment

Ife Mora had one of those unique families that was immersed in music and has used every element of her history and relationships to create her unique sound that has evolved into a blend of jazz, blues, techno and more! Given that her sound keeps changing, it reflects the changes in her life.

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Pre-Oscar Preview: How to Get Ready for Oscar’s Winners + Losers and Watching the Oscar Show!

The easiest and most fun ways to be ready for Oscar night is to make sure you see all the movies!
WAIT!!! I am not suggesting you go to the movies every day or night for a week and spend all that money on movies and popcorn!

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Eating by the Book: Reviews on 3 Different Beauty & Weight Loss Regimen Books!

I have had these books for a while now. I have tried almost everything in these books as a diet or eating plan. Some actually have beauty tricks and others have workout tips as well .

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Music with an Upbeat Feel: American Authors, Making Waves with Hit Single “Best Day of my Life”

Upbeat music seems to have taken over the airwave and digital devices these days with Pharrell’s (Pharrel Williams)
HAPPY song and video. Love this video- the background people especially the little girl make this a must watch video along with the magical hook of this tune. Love it.

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Fitness Doesn’t Come Easy but It Doesn’t Have to Be Boring! Fitness DVDs Review!

While going to the gym works for some people, there are others it doesn’t really fit into their lives. Given the weather lately — most places but So. Calif– it’s been brutal, nasty weather and definitely not conducive to gym workouts.
What’s a guy or a girl to do when they want and need that workout – if just to blow off the stress of yet another day of SNOW?

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Super Bowl Commercials & Ads Round-Up – 4th Quarter + Hulu’s AdZone Voting Reveals TOP 5 Favorite Ads!

The game is over and have you seen all those ads? While you might have seen a few, most haven’t seen them alll. Even if you did watch a few commercials during every quarter, those I know that had the game on, recorded it so they didn’t miss an ad. Instead of watching the game too, why not just see the ads without the football to interfere?

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Valentine’s Day Style No-No’s: What to Avoid Wearing on 2/14! Jennifer Kelton, Guest Blogger

While most of us think we know what to wear for a great evening (or weekend) running around with either our partner, “man of the moment” or even with our BFF’s just snagging some girl time, there are some events like Valentine’s Day where it pays off in spades (or hearts) to be a bit careful about what you are wearing! Lucky for us we have noted author, fashion entrepreneur and style expert, Jennifer Kelton guest blogging for us for a couple of posts surrounding Valentine’s Day! This is the version on “what not to wear” and there will be a post on what to wear!

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