Hot New Cartoon Spoofing Men’s Action Flicks with Sexy Babes Courtesy of

Happy Valentine’s Day! This is a fun piece– and I don’t have to say too much about it other than why

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Five Hot Gifts for Valentine’s Day + Other Gifting Needs!

Coming down the wire for Valentine’s Day. Whether you have these stores around you or if you buy them online, you can have a gift in your hand or have someone on its’ way to your recipient (whether it’s parents, grandparents or significant other)

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Skip the Roses & Candy! Valentine Gifts for Almost Everyone or Anyone on Your List!

Valentine’s Day is difficult for most people. While in general the holiday is overly-hyped and people think they might have to up the ante in terms of gifts. Not so but do think about going atypical in terms of gifts so that you can get something more fun, meaningful and generally useful. This curation makes an interesting list at any time of the year!

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Cooking Up a Sizzling Valentine’s Day! Chef Eric Gives You Recipes and Tips on Cooking Dinner!

While I would never say don’t go out on Valentine’s Day, I hesitate to recommend it because
1) It’s requires reservations
2) The price can be downright prohibitive
3) The environment is often off-putting and makes the romance of the situation to be more regimented than spontaneous.

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Super Bowl Scoop: Second Quarter Ads Rock! Courtesy of

The game is over and people are starting to talk about the half-time show which has a mixed bag of reactions. However no matter what you think about half-time, let’s talk about all those ADs!, Maybe you are really into the football, food and spirited beverages that are often part of this event. Even if you did watch a few commercials during every quarter, the chatter about the game definitely would keep you from seeing and comprehending the depth of these various ads. Review these ads on today’s (yesterday’s and the next 2 days) blog posts and vote for your favorites on Hulu AdZone.

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