Day 6, 12 Drinks of Christmas! Fonseca Bin Port

Want something really unusual when it comes to cocktails? I think I have something that might surprise you (or not. Either way, you will love this). Fonseca Bin 27 popped me some recipes for a couple of cocktails and some small samples to test the brand. (Having never really been a port sipper, I never realized how interesting this spirit is!)
Worth a test drive with your besties at a great lounge or restaurant or dive into it and buy a bottle. Not only can you sip it, mix it up, but you can cook with it too to deglaze or create a dessert topping. Just saying that it’s a versatile spirit.

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Day 5, 12 Drinks of Christmas! Nordies Gives Us the Video, I Give You the Brands!

I was busy writing about the After-Christmas Sales (and it was harder than it looks because I had almost zero information! I had to update at the last minute with fresh content!)
I was on and found they had a variety of videos for consumers– including one on how to make a Mint Mochatini!

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Day 4 , 12 Drinks of Christmas. Rev the Motor for 12/26 Sales!

For those getting up early to brave the after-Christmas sales, I salute you! Here’s a cocktail that’s ideal for you because it’s got a great coffee base with a shot of cognac and a bit of sugar to get your shopping engines started!

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After Christmas Sales!! What’s Left to Buy? Lots!! Don’t Dawdle! SHOP!

Scare up some serious bargains on great deals now. While you might be seriously tired of shopping, you can select specific stores to hit in person and do the rest of the shopping online!!

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Last Ditch Gifts (Scout’s Honor!) Perfectly Suited for Christmas Day!

Very few places will be open on Christmas day but there are spots where you can actually get a gift and with appropriate wrapping can give it as a gift.
1) Supermarkets with larger liquor departments will have a beyond belief assortment of wines. Wines are easier to give because it’s less alcohol and it can be used for a variety of different occasions! Whether you want red, white or sparkling wine, the assortment of great wines is amazing. You can choose from US based wines or foreign countries like Australia, France, Spain and Italy. Since I am based in California, I am pretty much focusing on wines from the Golden State!

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12 Drinks of Christmas Day 3: Grey Goose Brings Us Sugar & Spice!

Merry Christmas!! As I am planning out the different cocktails and putting two together for today, it’s a spin off the spicy and the sweet and hopefully you like the tweaks I recommend to these two cocktails!

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12 Drinks of Christmas 2013 #2. Get Your Tools & Start Pouring!

Before we dig too deep into cocktails, let’s get the basics taken care of. Many have emailed me to ask me about the tools or equipment to create some of the cocktails that I feature. Honestly some are pretty easy and others are so complex that you really need to work in a restaurant with a high end bar to be able to create some of the ingredients.
However I do have a couple of books to recommend that will make cocktail mixing so much easier

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12 Drinks of Christmas, #1. Orange County’s Five Crowns & Side Door Give You 3 Drinks to Cheer For!

For those who are unaware of this blog series, each day for 12 consecutive days, I feature either cocktails from a restaurant or lounge or cocktails from a specific spirit for you to test drive. You don’t have to “do” anything. I feature a range of cocktails throughout the year, most of the brands featured are aware of my blog and my cocktail/spirits savvy and they want to be featured. Others know I am a bit of a mixologist and I will recommend tweaks to recipe if I am so inspired!

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