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Alie Ward + Georgia Hardstark Give Hot Coffee a Real Twist in Cocktails!

Cooking Channel hosts Alie Ward & Georgia Hardstark are known for cocktails that are as tasty as they are daring. They are known for their interesting twists on cocktails as well as creating some of the most unique recipes that you have ever seen.

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Celebrate the First Weekend of August with Tasty Cocktails from Martha Stewart!

While Martha Stewart isn’t perhaps the first person you would think about for cocktails, she does have some great ones on her website. The great part is they are pretty much presented in video format so it’s easy to use mobile or tablet to learn how to mix up one of these interesting cocktails.

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Sweet Treats: When You Need Something “Sweet”, Here’s What You Should Eat!

Looking for something sweet to nibble on? We have your back here and here are some interesting treats for you. We will start with 1 cookie from the east coast and a collection of French-inspired cookies that are delectable and then head heavily into chocolate which is last in this post! You can call me crazy to do that, but if you saw the chocolate first, you would never see anything else on this post!

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Special Edition August Beauty Box Hits: CPNA/GLOSSYBOX collaboration #limitedquantities

Cosmoprof of North America (AKA CPNA) has partnered up with for an amazing arry of products in a special limited edition box for August 1. It’s a stellar collection of products curated from Cosmoprof’s various shows including Las Vegas’ recent show.

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IAmTHEMakeupJunkie Guest Post/Review: AcnEase Herbal Acne Treatment #acne

I Am THE Makeup Junkie’s blogger, Marie Papachatzis is back with an amazing acne treatment line that will blow you away with its’ effectivenes! Bonus that it’s NATURAL and herbal!

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Celebrate the Weekends of Summer with Tasty LO Fruit Beverage! Create Tasty Sips with Low Sugar Fruit Beverages!

It’s the weekend and what are you doing? You are either
1) hanging out with friends and/or family
2) being productive around the house!
Either way, reward yourself and/or your house full of people with great sips that celebrate the tastes of summer!
Try cooling down with Lo Fruit Beverage, the great tasting, healthy swap for sugary beverages and diet drinks that was specifically created with diabetics in mind. Drink one on its own or mix with your favorite summer refresher. It’s the perfect beverage to relax with on a sweltering summer day!

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Amani Pure’s Advanced Hyaluronic Acid Serum Review + Giveaway

I was offered an opportunity to review the Amani Pure Advanced Hyaluronic Acid Serum and given when I knew about the Vitamin C Super Serum, I wasn’t going to turn it down. While they are running a campaign through, I was not approved to review that product. (Odd, right?) I thought this would give me a chance to check out the consistency of Amani Pure and see how this product works with the Vitamin C Super Serum.
You can check out my review HERE on the Vitamin C Super Serum.

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Tired? Worn Out? Need a “Little Somethin” to Get Your Motor Running? Got the Answer!

Excelerol is a new supplement on the market and it’s being promoted to get you alert and focused quickly without going overboard on the caffeine. It doesn’t seem to contain anything that would put your health at risk. (The feedback I have seen tells me a great many people have tried this and come up with a generally positive review on this product)

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