Clinton Sparks, The Mowglis & Kylie Morgan Band Together for Anti-Bullying Project! #Videos

Here’s an inspiring new initiative created by a coalition of musicians, singer/songwriters and bands who have taken a stand against bullying called: The Band Together to Banish Bullying Project, which has come-up with a vignette of compelling stories featuring some well-known musicians!

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Hot Summer Style: Fab & Fun Jewelry for Now + Later!! Annachich, April Star Davis & Khalama

I love curating jewelry since it’s always about making some sort of style statement. It doesn’t *have* to get statement jewelry. Even when you wear the simplest of earrings and/or necklace it does
Annachich Jewelry is amazing. It’s hand-made in San Francisco. Designer Becky Johnson gets her creative inspiration from her grandmother who was a seamstress.
Johnson takes care to the details just as her grandmother did!

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Guest Blog! Jaha Knight Tells An Airline with Horrible Customer Service + Little Investment in Just doing the Right Thing !

I have a guest post from someone who needs this to be seen as soon as possible as widely as possible- particularly by the airlines! Jaha Knight had a really poor experience with Delta Airlines. Her experience might mirror one of yours or might remind you of another airline who did something similar to you or someone you know. Please read the entire post (it’s on –or was on- Jaha’s Facebook page.) (The content is exactly as Jaha Knight had featured it. I added the images!)

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Guest Post: Sports Sense: Benefits of Breakthrough Thinking in Athletics! Gene Jones Guest Blogger

Gene Jones is well-known in the fitness industry and also about how to get “on game” meaning focus and proper thinking and motivation to achieve the high levels of performance that we expect from professional athletes! Take a minute or two (or more) and read through what Jones has to say! FYI: Bolding and Italics are mine!

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Gorgeous Jewelry + Watches to Make Your Summer ( + Beyond) Fashion Statement!

Summer is my favorite time of year. I love the summer warm temperatures, the long days and the fun things you can do in all that time! It’s a time when you can wear more clothing (or less) than normal and play more with accessories to score fashion points. I felt it might be great to curate some jewelry that I thought were a great tonal match for spring/summer 2014.. (I know spring is LONG gone. The idea is for next year as well as other seasons when LBD or outfits of neutrals need some “juice” or bite) . Wherever you see Sobral jewelry, don’t hesitate to buy it because pieces don’t last long in retail stores or online!

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