Celebrity Style Slam #2 Who Wore It Better: Goldie Hawn or Kate Hudson! #Podcast! #OscarFashion

This particular episode of Celebrity Style Slam Oscars 2014 is going to run a little long if only because beauty expert Marie Pappachatzis from IAmTHEMakeupJunkie blog and I reviewed about a hundred photos of people on the Oscars red carpet- both men and women. We curated carefully and we selected the mother-daughter duo of Kate Hudson and Goldie Hawn because 1) they were related, 2) both dresses were from Versace and 3) they were dressed similarly but quite differently. How they approached wearing their dresses was radically different.

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#MusicMania: Catch The ROAMies This Week; David and Devine x 2 March Dates + April!

March is mad for music here in Los Angeles. What’s not to love about local musicians making it big and taking their performances to the next level.
The ROAMies, husband and wife duo of Rory Partin and Alexa James, hit the Hotel Cafe for an amazing Mardi Gras inspired club date that will have you tapping your toes (and maybe getting up to dance a bit in the SRO space at the Hotel) to their music. L.A.-based duo The ROAMies combine pop, country, and Americana influences into “a lovely and captivating duet of harmony and contradiction” ( Partin and James will be channeling the festive spirit of “Nawlins” with elements of The Civil Wars, Colbie Caillat with a bit of Mraz (Jason) to spur anticipation for their upcoming debut EP with blue-eyed soul vocals, unique acoustic instrumentation along with some AMAZING Fat Tuesday surprises. Now they have me wondering who is going to show up as guests on stage!

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Pre-Oscar Preview: How to Get Ready for Oscar’s Winners + Losers and Watching the Oscar Show!

The easiest and most fun ways to be ready for Oscar night is to make sure you see all the movies!
WAIT!!! I am not suggesting you go to the movies every day or night for a week and spend all that money on movies and popcorn!

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Relationship Wreckers: 10 Faults Lethal to Your Love Life: Guest Blog by Dr. Jacqueline Del Rosario!

Valentine’s Day comes once a year but relationships are a day-to- day entities that require constant maitenance and upkeep. Who better to talk about the relationship landmines than Dr. Jacqueline Del Rosario, America’s Marriage Coast!

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What the Girls Want to Know: What’s Going on Inside a Guy’s Head? #romance #relationships

Like most women I wonder what goes on inside the minds and hearts of men– my partner, brothers, friends, dad, even business colleagues. I am sure that guys wonder about women too. Do you wonder what a guy thinks about when he’s engaged in the online dating search? I do and I know many women who would be curious to know too!

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Whose Heart Are You Breaking? Maybe YOURS? Get In on the Dragonfly Movement!

This is a guest post from the oh-so-fabulous and aware Wendi Knox (the founder of the Dragonfly Movement!) This post will resonate with most women and really REALLY we all deserve this one!

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Spokeo Infographic Gives Hot 411 on Valentine’s Day. Dating Expert Julie Spira Connects the Dots!

This post revolves around an infographic provided by Spokeo and the underlying framework is based on and top online dating expert and bestselling author Julie Spira, the founder of CyberDatingExpert, fills in the details about dating scams and how to avoid being a victim of them. How does one date online safely and with peace of mind that the person on the other end isn’t a fraud?

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