Sweet, Tart & Tasty Treats & Drinks for Labor Day! Hustle to Make Them!

Making certain kinds of cocktails, desserts and treats can be difficult if you can’t find the right ingredients. I used to have both a black coconut salt and a pink Hawaiian salt and both went “poof” -gone- and there went my unique and very tasty way of working with meat, fish, fresh veggies and lots more. So finding exactly the right ingredients is pretty crucial. Here in Southern California, you might have to drive some distance or purchase a chunk of something that you might not use quickly unless you can split the batch of whatever it is with someone else who is equally enamoured.

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Kick Off a Holiday Weekend with Some Easy Work: Unique HEALTHY Cocktails with Amoretti’s Ingredients!

For most of us, Labor Day weekend and any other time you are throwing parties are high stress and hellish…unless you’re Ina Garten. Any good host knows that to keep party spirits high, it’s important to keep the spirits flowing!

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Turning Up the Heat on Summer: Swimwear for Every Woman!! Hot Styles for Any Time You Need a Swimsuit!

Swimwear is always a love-hate relationship for women. It’s got to be the hardest fashion item to buy because we are so body-conscious. We want to look like people in magazines but generally speaking, those women (or girls) don’t look like that either. They look like that courtesy of Photoshop. The trick is to understand what type of body you have and accept it. It doesn’t mean you can’t be fit or workout or watch what you eat. It’s about loving who you are right now and accepting that body and dress to look fabulous in the outfit du jour today rather than what you would like to look like next week/month/season/year or birthday.

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PHAMExpo #2. Interview with MAC Pro’s Caitlin Callahan Talks about Special Graffiti Art on GUYS!!! #Podcast

Phamexpo logo

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Chez Soi Brings “Home” Feel to Great Food, Cocktails, Space & Even Kid-Friendly Brunches

Manhattan Beach’s Chez Soi – a Modern Café, located at Metlox Plaza, is the brainchild of Los Angeles restaurateur Thierry Perez (Fraiche and Riva), an award-winning maitre d’ and sommelier; L.A. celebrity chef Mark Gold (chef-owner of Eva and chef for other notable restaurants that include Café Pinot, Café Rouge and Water Grill), and actor Ty Burrell, of ABC’s Modern Family.
The partners chose the restaurant and lounge’s name “Chez Soi” (French for “at home”), reflecting their intent: to make guests feel at home, whenever they come in… whether for a light or robust lunch or dinner, happy hour drinks and snacks, or leisurely weekend brunch. Exuding simple elegance and comfortable sans white-tablecloth-dining indoors and al fresco on its patios overlooking Metlox Plaza,

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Flicks on Trial: What’s Hot in Theaters: Wolverine, Pacific Rim and More on DVD!! Plus a Few Choice Upcoming Flicks!

Summer of 2013 doesn’t seem to be doing as well on blockbuster movies than it has in previous years. While Iron Man started out strong as did Star Trek, big ticket movies have seemed to fall apart or not have legs or longevity. Recently two I saw were better than most:

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