Marie Papachatzis Reviews: BB+Plus Illumination “IAmTHEMakeupJunkie” Guest Post!

I Am THE Makeup Junkie’s blogger, Marie Papachatzis is back with an amazing beauty product that will blow you away with its’ effectiveness! BB+Plus Illumination #WhiteningLightening is an interesting product and you can count on Marie to give you the inside scoop on this unique product!!

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Catch the 8th Annual World Gyoza Eating Championship in Downtown LA, 8/16 #Day-Lee Foods, Sponsor

Are you a foodie?
Do you want extreme reality TV shows?
Do you like watching eating contests?

This might just be the event for you… even if you might wonder why you are there. It’s a big event tied to Nisei Week Japanese Festival in Los Angeles and a great opp for you to eat great food for little cash. It’s the World Gyoza Eating Championship sponsored by Day-Lee Pride in the Little Tokyo area of Downtown LA!

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Putting on the Spritz…Cocktails! Great Sips for Today, Weekends + Parties!

The summer is headed into August and hotter days (with and without humidity) are here. While some say it’s the dog days of summer, I believe more is still to come (especially here in So. California!) Now is the time to enjoy this glorious summer weather and the limited time that we seem to have.
So while strong liquor for cocktails might seem to be a bit much to be sipping every night after work or to have a couple of on an occasional evening, there are alternatives for those who wish to have a nice sip (or two or three) in the evening
Here are two wines that can be used to create some lighter cocktails that are eminently sippable and are lighter in texture which is what the summer is all about. We have both a red and white cocktail for you that are light, tasty and have great texture to them for your long summer nights!

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Celebrate the First Weekend of August with Tasty Cocktails from Martha Stewart!

While Martha Stewart isn’t perhaps the first person you would think about for cocktails, she does have some great ones on her website. The great part is they are pretty much presented in video format so it’s easy to use mobile or tablet to learn how to mix up one of these interesting cocktails.

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Sweet Treats: When You Need Something “Sweet”, Here’s What You Should Eat!

Looking for something sweet to nibble on? We have your back here and here are some interesting treats for you. We will start with 1 cookie from the east coast and a collection of French-inspired cookies that are delectable and then head heavily into chocolate which is last in this post! You can call me crazy to do that, but if you saw the chocolate first, you would never see anything else on this post!

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Special Edition August Beauty Box Hits: CPNA/GLOSSYBOX collaboration #limitedquantities

Cosmoprof of North America (AKA CPNA) has partnered up with for an amazing arry of products in a special limited edition box for August 1. It’s a stellar collection of products curated from Cosmoprof’s various shows including Las Vegas’ recent show.

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Head to Fig@7th for an Easy , FUN Night with Food & Free Outdoor Concert! $5 Parking!

On Friday, August 1, LA’s premier shopping, dining, and entertainment destination FIGat7th presents the third of six FREE outdoor concerts at the FIGat7th Downtown Festival.

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