Weekend Focus: Hot Cocktails to Cool Your Summer Weekend Courtesy of Belvedere Vodka!

This post was in queue last weekend when disaster struck and the back-end went down on Thursday. * I am writing it off to the universe or an off-putting alignment of the stars. (Just Kidding!) It’s apropos that this goes live 7 days later!

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Dr. Howard Murad Invites YOU to a Summer Skin Event! July 15! Reserve Your Spot Now!

How’s your skin doing? Are you happy with the look, texture and activity of your skin? If you are here in So. California, it’s been alternately hot, humid and downright cool weather. Is your skin acting up due to the swings in the weather? Are you finding that your frown lines are showing up even when you are smiling?
Now’s the time for you to be pro-active and do something. You might be wondering what you should be doing.

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Gorgeous Jewelry + Watches to Make Your Summer ( + Beyond) Fashion Statement!

Summer is my favorite time of year. I love the summer warm temperatures, the long days and the fun things you can do in all that time! It’s a time when you can wear more clothing (or less) than normal and play more with accessories to score fashion points. I felt it might be great to curate some jewelry that I thought were a great tonal match for spring/summer 2014.. (I know spring is LONG gone. The idea is for next year as well as other seasons when LBD or outfits of neutrals need some “juice” or bite) . Wherever you see Sobral jewelry, don’t hesitate to buy it because pieces don’t last long in retail stores or online!

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Hot Summer Swimwear for Now + Later! Lybethras, Trunkettes & Voda Swim Make Waves!

We are now seriously into summer. And based on this weekend’s reports.. either you want to buy some new swimwear because you didn’t until you saw what all your BFF’s and others were wearing OR you did buy something and find that it looks sort of “meh” or it doesn’t quite fit as well as you would like! Good for you, because now is the time that swimwear goes on sale. Not all brand mind you, but stuff in department stores which you can go through a gazillion swimsuits and find something you like (good luck!) or you can head to your local bathing suit shop and test drive things there. While I can’t guarantee sales at all locations or on all brands, you can find something really interesting.. whether it’s on sale or not.

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July Fourth Fun: Mel’s Mini Mini Mart. A Fun Video for Kids of All Ages!

Brought to us by the creative minds at OREO, this video is perfect for kids (young and old). If you have eaten an Oreo, you might want to check this one out! This is the snack that I grew up with. It’s not the only cookie that I ate but it was the most in-demand, user-friendly cookie that kids wanted to eat. After all, you have never lived until you twist the cookie halves apart and eat the frosting/filling.

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