Hot TV Series “Gang Related” Preview Trailer Is Here until 12 M! #HuluPlus #Hulu Regular

Hot on the radars of many TV watchers it the new FOX TV series: Gang-Related. It debuts Thursday 5/22 at 9 PM ET/PT. Don’t miss this amazingly complex series!

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Lancôme Nat’l Makeup Artist, Darais Gives Tips for Changing Your Spring Beauty Routine! #video

Darais is a friend: not a stranger to this blog, he and I touch base periodically. Luckily I ran into this piece and it gives me a way to jump off into beauty themes for Spring 2014. This is a year of change- in products, textures, color presentations. While Darais says less is more, there are other areas where more is more- often in texture and how you make the look work. This is a video from CBS/KHJ that aired today, Saturday 4/5/2014.

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I love! I love the great videos that are so large on the page and I love that the content is fresh and interesting.

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What the Girls Want to Know: What’s Going on Inside a Guy’s Head? #romance #relationships

Like most women I wonder what goes on inside the minds and hearts of men– my partner, brothers, friends, dad, even business colleagues. I am sure that guys wonder about women too. Do you wonder what a guy thinks about when he’s engaged in the online dating search? I do and I know many women who would be curious to know too!

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Talking to Gracie Gold, Olympic Skater about Winter Olympics in Sochi Russia 2014 #Podcast

When I get asked if I want to interview someone, I think long and hard about the deadline, relevancy and if the content will be engaging. Given that the Winter Olympics start TONIGHT, 2/6/2014

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