Television Brings Giggles and Smiles for SNL , Jon Stewart Show + “Begin Again” Trailer!

I love! I love the great videos that are so large on the page and I love that the content is fresh and interesting.

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What the Girls Want to Know: What’s Going on Inside a Guy’s Head? #romance #relationships

Like most women I wonder what goes on inside the minds and hearts of men– my partner, brothers, friends, dad, even business colleagues. I am sure that guys wonder about women too. Do you wonder what a guy thinks about when he’s engaged in the online dating search? I do and I know many women who would be curious to know too!

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Talking to Gracie Gold, Olympic Skater about Winter Olympics in Sochi Russia 2014 #Podcast

When I get asked if I want to interview someone, I think long and hard about the deadline, relevancy and if the content will be engaging. Given that the Winter Olympics start TONIGHT, 2/6/2014

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Super Bowl Commercials & Ads Round-Up – 4th Quarter + Hulu’s AdZone Voting Reveals TOP 5 Favorite Ads!

The game is over and have you seen all those ads? While you might have seen a few, most haven’t seen them alll. Even if you did watch a few commercials during every quarter, those I know that had the game on, recorded it so they didn’t miss an ad. Instead of watching the game too, why not just see the ads without the football to interfere?

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SuperBowl Scoop: Third Quarter Ads Getting Hot! Courtesy of!

Now that the game is over, did you make time to see all those ads? Maybe not if you really into the football, food and spirited beverages that are often part of this event. Even if you did watch a few commercials during every quarter, the chatter about the game definitely would keep you from seeing and comprehending the depth of these various ads.

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