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Are you a NARSissist ? Marie P Discusses NARSissist, the Latest NARS Shadow Palette. #Podcast

Courtesy of Marie P, I Am THE Makeup Junkie blogger, we have a podcast between Marie P and me talking about the latest and very interesting shadow palette from NARS: NARSissist !

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Sipping with Celebs: Cocktails Fit for the Oscars! Specialty Cocktails from Ciroc, Baileys & Johnnie Walker!

Welcome to the world of CÎROC Ultra Premium Vodka, Baileys and Johnnie Walker the ultimate sophisticated red carpet experience! Diageo and its portfolio of spirit brands, is one of the official sponsors for the 86th Oscars ® Governors Ball. They are proud to announce that three cocktails -one from each of the above brands – was named an “official specialty cocktail for the 86th Oscars ® Governors Ball”. #OfficialOscarsGovernorsBallSpecialtyCocktail

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Cocktails Worth an Oscar– or an Oscar Mixing with Fabulous Tastes Courtesy of Robert Lambert!

It’s going to be Independent Spirit Awards and Oscar Sunday before you know it. So let’s get the party started a bit early here.
At least to give you some cocktails in case you took my suggestion on Sunday to WATCH some movies. If not, you can put together an amazing array of cocktails for a party. Give each guest a specific movie and give them a cocktail tied to that movie (like the ones I have listed below) and have them bring the ingredients. This doesn’t require a ton of spirits given the number of movies, so most cocktails only have to be a total of a couple of ounces. We don’t want you driving home impaired!!

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Pre-Oscar Preview: How to Get Ready for Oscar’s Winners + Losers and Watching the Oscar Show!

The easiest and most fun ways to be ready for Oscar night is to make sure you see all the movies!
WAIT!!! I am not suggesting you go to the movies every day or night for a week and spend all that money on movies and popcorn!

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Eating by the Book: Reviews on 3 Different Beauty & Weight Loss Regimen Books!

I have had these books for a while now. I have tried almost everything in these books as a diet or eating plan. Some actually have beauty tricks and others have workout tips as well .

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LBD for Spring/Summer 2014: Little Black Dresses that Take You Places

While spring and summer might not seem like a time for wearing a “little black dress” (otherwise known as LBD), there are always events were a great LBD is useful to have in the closet and often it’s the fall-back position in case the outfit doesn’t work for a specific event. What’s a girl to do when she needs to hunt down a great LBD?
Turn to me, a stylist who has worked with celebrities and consumers about how to tune up their wardrobe. Who couldn’t use a new LBD in their wardrobe? I have 3 that are basics and work well for any event but I saw these dresses and thought that they would be a great fit for just about anyone. Plus given the type of dresses I am showing here- it’s a smart move to buy them now because it seems like they will be a hot ticket later on (plus you have an opportunity to share your fashion savvy early).

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Music with an Upbeat Feel: American Authors, Making Waves with Hit Single “Best Day of my Life”

Upbeat music seems to have taken over the airwave and digital devices these days with Pharrell’s (Pharrel Williams)
HAPPY song and video. Love this video- the background people especially the little girl make this a must watch video along with the magical hook of this tune. Love it.

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