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Amani Pure’s Advanced Hyaluronic Acid Serum Review + Giveaway

I was offered an opportunity to review the Amani Pure Advanced Hyaluronic Acid Serum and given when I knew about the Vitamin C Super Serum, I wasn’t going to turn it down. While they are running a campaign through, I was not approved to review that product. (Odd, right?) I thought this would give me a chance to check out the consistency of Amani Pure and see how this product works with the Vitamin C Super Serum.
You can check out my review HERE on the Vitamin C Super Serum.

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Beverly Hills Color Bar Hits Allure Magazine’s Beauty Directory for HAIR!

Do you read Allure Magazine? I don’t typically read it any longer but maybe I should start subscribing again. I was visiting a friend, Malcolm McAlpine of Beverly Hills Color Bar.. If that salon sounds familiar, search this blog for other posts about “Beverly Hills Color Bar” and you will see I know them well.

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LA Musician Jenni Alpert Talks about Music, Art, Causes She Believes In + Lots More! #Podcast!

One of my favorite PR people happened to reach out to me about the musician I have featured today. I looked at the pitch and immediately opened up several new links and was floored at the sound of her voice. It wasn’t what I usually hear from the current singer/songwriters. Her jazz-informed presentation gives you a bit of modern presentation while still keeping the old school vibe. It’s unique, fun and edgy. She is based in Los Angeles just as I am and despite some disconnects — we finally did connect for this conversation. We started talking… and it was quite unlike most conversations that I have with musicians but fun.

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Weekend Focus: Hot Cocktails to Cool Your Summer Weekend Courtesy of Belvedere Vodka!

This post was in queue last weekend when disaster struck and the back-end went down on Thursday. * I am writing it off to the universe or an off-putting alignment of the stars. (Just Kidding!) It’s apropos that this goes live 7 days later!

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Guest Blog! Jaha Knight Tells An Airline with Horrible Customer Service + Little Investment in Just doing the Right Thing !

I have a guest post from someone who needs this to be seen as soon as possible as widely as possible- particularly by the airlines! Jaha Knight had a really poor experience with Delta Airlines. Her experience might mirror one of yours or might remind you of another airline who did something similar to you or someone you know. Please read the entire post (it’s on –or was on- Jaha’s Facebook page.) (The content is exactly as Jaha Knight had featured it. I added the images!)

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Dr. Howard Murad Invites YOU to a Summer Skin Event! July 15! Reserve Your Spot Now!

How’s your skin doing? Are you happy with the look, texture and activity of your skin? If you are here in So. California, it’s been alternately hot, humid and downright cool weather. Is your skin acting up due to the swings in the weather? Are you finding that your frown lines are showing up even when you are smiling?
Now’s the time for you to be pro-active and do something. You might be wondering what you should be doing.

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