Heading for a Summer Vacay? GlamGlobetrotter’s Sara Evans Has Your “Must Pack” List!

Sara Evans for is an expert at traveling. She’s been luxe and luxurious places as well as some of the more typical destinations. No matter how you get to your destination: car, train, plane, or bus, there are things you should have packed that are “must have” items.

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Spring & Summer Spell Vacation! Save $$ by Hitting the Road! Check Your Car First!

In a large part of the US, when the seasons change from winter to spring, most cars are covered with a thin layer of salt and packed with shovels, snow brushes and extra blankets in case of the unexpected snow storm. Even in California, while we haven’t had quite the amount of snow, there’s been a lot of rain and wind. Now that we’ve gotten a little taste of spring, it’s time to start thinking about getting your car ready for any upcoming travel. One of the best things you can do is make an appointment for a multi-point inspection to assure yourself that your car is in tiptop shape for spring and summer driving. Given the cost of airfare these days, while gas is fairly expensive in the major metro centers of San Francisco, New York and Los Angeles, most every place else, it’s less expensive. Given that road trips often do not the distance of most flights, you can cut corners by driving to see some destinations you haven’t seen at all or have not visited in quite a while. If you rent something with a kitchenette, you can cook at least 1-2 meals per day.
Even in California, there’s a lot we can see just by packing up the car and driving maybe 4-6 hours and voila, something new to see and do.

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Bobbi Brown Talks Her Fall 2011 Collection & Her Inspiration

Just like the changes I am seeing in various stores and collections, I am seeing a shift in the mainstream beauty brands– thank heavens!! Bobbi Brown (and Bobbi Brown Cosmetics) has been slowly making that shift but how amazing is it that you can see Bobbi Brown talking about bold colors and not just neutrals; featuring glittery lip gloss and not just subtle shimmers.

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Vacation Travel: My Favorite Things to Pack!

Packing for me is a NIGHTMARE!! I want to take a lot of stuff depending on where it is I am going. If I am going somewhere like Kauai (last year) or upstate New York (the last 3 years in a row), I need swimwear (x 3– why 3? I don’t know why 3. It just sounds like a good number and each has less coverage than the one before.)

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