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Party Hosting Without Hassle: Tips and Tricks to Throw the Best Party and Have Fun Too!

Where was Mark Addison when I was dying from my last party? I was/am known for being a very social creature. My parties are somewhat legendary– for a while I was doing 3-4 parties a year inviting 75-100 people in an informal fashion and having a lot of repeat guests who loved showing up and bringing friends who were always welcome. The biggest issue was that I was the driving force behind the parties from inception to reception to clean-up and I wanted to have the fun everyone else was having.

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Jack From Brooklyn Delivers a NEW Liqueur for Holiday Cocktails: Sorel! Perfect Fourth of July Cocktails!

I love it when I run across an entirely new brand/segment of cocktails. It makes life interesting. Whiskey is amazing, scotch is good, vodka and gin are terrific, rum and tequila put a bit of a different bite on things. But when you find an entirely new liqueur to play with, one learns to run with it!

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Celebrate Hot Summer Days & Nights with Fun Parties. Lifestyle Expert Elizabeth Mayhew Tells You How!

Who doesn’t want to have a party or two (or more) over the long hot summer? Why not make it a fun time that won’t break your budget! Lifestyle Expert Elizabeth Mayhew has the scoop on the latest, greatest ways to throw a perfect summer bash.

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