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Hey! Stevie from Fashiontribes.com here .. hope you took a few minutes to listen to the podcast — because it will fill in the blanks about what I am talking about here. In fact if you wanted to download it to your MP3 or your IPOD .. do so and take it shopping with you and use it to refer to. Or print out a copy of this blog and take it with you to the counter at Neiman Marcus OR keep both windows open if you are going to surf over to Reviveskincare.com..

It’s holiday time and if you are anything like  most of my friends, business associates and me, you are already hitting the holiday party circuit. That means eating  yummy but not exactly the most healthy foods and drinks. (martinis are fab but they don’t do a thing for my skin; just for some attitude adjustment) . People smoke, stay up late, get a little crazy, not to mention the stress of dealing with shopping, shipping, family and events.. well it all takes its toll on your skin — and it  shows!!!

So what’s a girl–or a guy– to do? ReVive your skin with  ReVive Skincare. This uber-high tech line is derived out of the research of Dr. Gregory Bays Brown–plastic surgeon based in  NYC and Louisville, Kentucky.  His  research was on treatment options for burn victims but the results lead him to realize that these  same treatment options –growth factors and amino acids — would also help regenerate and revive aging skin– and help prevent a lot of damage to younger skin.

OK.. before you dive headlong into this post or podcast, let’s cut to the chase

1) you need to get Dr. Bays Brown’s Book  About FACE  from Ballentine. It runs about $25 dollars in paperback and it’s all about everything you can do to avoid plastic surgery (yes.. and this  is cutting out his patient load but there’s a method to his madness).  It deals with  different ways to approach having great skin through diet  (his approach does not require multiple doses of salmon daily), exercise and also good skincare. One of his most interesting observations is that while he would operate on patients, that he was limited to what he could do about certain things –like patient after care and the actual reversal of what the hands of time had done.  In the book, Brown also customizes the recommendations by age group and also by time of year so you can jump in at any point and get  some information relevant to you. It’s less than 200 pages and it’s a quick easy read.

2) Hit Neiman Marcus or the Reviveskincare.com website and get some information.  I found that the ReVive Research Renewal Results  pamphlet was  extremely helpful in describing the products and giving me a chart about where/when to use the products.

Aside from those two things, what’s important here are the ingredients and the technology behind the line. I have to tell you that in the course of my research (which happens to be ongoing since I first talked to Dr. NV Perricone as he was launching his line as well as Osmotics as they were doing the same)  years ago. Everyone wants to look younger. Dr. Brown seems to have found some crucial keys that will help stop that internal clock if not turn back time.

Key ingredients include the following

Epidermal Growth Factor a 53 protein/amino acid  block  that helps restore  the luminous texture and glow. It helps the skin to function better and heal fast!

Insulin -like Growth Factor (IGF) helps to strengthen the collagen layer and thicken the dermis so that your skin doesn’t thin as much and plumps up. Because of these actions, it helps decrease and prevent sagging and plumps fine lines.

Keratinocyte Growth Factor (KGF) is the newest  high tech molecule  and it does wonders for the skin. It helps to increase facial volume/plumpness so that the skin doesn’t  droop or sag but remains rich in moisture and thickens the dermis and helps speed cell turnover by up to  8 times faster. It means new cells come up that are plumper, work better/faster and look better. KGF also prevents free radical damage and DNA fragmentation that causes cells to go haywire. All this and it acts QUICKLY too.  (worth the $$$ since you really use this very sparingly.)

Metalloproteinase Inhibitor (MPI) helps skin to retain elasticity and collagen levels plus it rebuilds broken capillaries, decreases sun damage and helps control rosacea and fine lines. This is one super ingredient. It does a  LOT!!– much more than you realize in this little thing

Check the website or Neiman Marcus website to see which products you want to check out. Here’s a quick list

The Intensite Collection: this collection has the most of everything!

Intensite Volumizing Serum

Intensite Creme Lustre

Intensite les Yeux

Also Sensitif Cellular Repair Cream  and the  Moisturizing Renewal Cream

along with the Arrete Booster C which has stabilized C for application and provides effective activity for 12 hours!!

Dr. Brown has an all-encompassing line. It partners well with post laser, post-surgical and post peel patients in helping the skin to rejuvenate faster and help keep the skin looking younger while it works at the cellular and molecular level to help rejuvenate the skin. It works similarly on regular skin too.

I have seen a lot of skincare — I have tried a lot of skincare too… and so have you. I bet you have tons of bottles and jars that are half empty that you have tossed or hidden away in the back of some drawer that aren’t doing what they are supposed to. How much you spend on those products  that haven’t met your expectations can better serve your wallet and skin by being applied fiscally to  a trial of  ReVive Skincare.  Check with Neiman Marcus and get some samples. It’s worth test-driving this  line. It’s worth buying this line because this is the  only complete line  from a plastic surgeon with these kinds of high-tech ingredients that are complete molecules  that actually jump start the metabolism of skin that’s not performing in an optimal fashion.

OK…. are you done listening and reading my rave? I can tell when your interest is flagging.  What I say isn’t going to make you try it.. though I hope you check out the website and visit a counter. There is a GREAT gift collection for holiday!! It offers a tremendous value.


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