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Happy New Year.. Welcome to 2006 (oops.. started to type 2005. My bad) What is it about new years and the change in dates that’s positively scary yet also exhiliarating?
I think it’s the chance of change and newness and everything else.

New Year, New You and new things to try and to wear and to do. Given that January is just really  the opening salvo for winter (with a capital W), this post and the accompanying podcast are about helping your hair survive the winter weather–regardless of what coast or area you live in. It’s crazy but winter makes your hair duller, frizzier, drier and not as beautiful and manageable. Given that  we go back andf forth between cold and warm air, it’s no surprise that hair color fades and tresses become less "tress like" and more straw-like. Ugh. What’s a girl to do?

Two words: DEEP CONDITION! The trick is to  do this every month at the very least and more often if your hair is currently suffering (mine is thanks to coloring, and the wonderful weather we are having here in LA)

Having spent some time in the last year interviewing a number of hair stylists,  I have learned that deep conditioning is essential to healthy hair–regardless of hair type.

Here’s what Juan Juan Master Stylist Barry Reitman  says

Deep conditioners are the “superhero” of the product world when it comes to caring for the cuticle and repairing damage.  Hair cannot repair itself, that’s why these conditioning treatments are essential to maintaining the health and appearance of hair.
Color and cut often get the most attention but, day-to-day, women tend to overlook caring for the health of their hair. Unfortunately he majority of deep conditioning treatments out there will not maintain themselves for more than one or two shampoos.”

What can deep conditioners do for your hair? What won’t they do?

“Another myth is that clients think deep conditioners will have an effect on the scalp. Not true,” says Reitman. “Oil treatments are the only products that help with dry scalp issues. Dry scalp problems occur frequently during the cold winter months.”

Talk to your stylist about deep conditioners. According to Barry, they should last  longer than a couple shampoos. If not, then don’t spend your dinero! There are salon treatments that make a huge difference:

“I am crazy about a breakthrough, salon-only treatment called Intense Conditioning Fortifier by Kerastase,” he raves.  “It utilizes Nano-emulsion technology and natural ! Oils  emolliate the follicles and the silkening effects last up to seven shampoos. This treatment is like a day at the spa for your hair.”

“I recommend clients do this every two months or after each color service if hair is color treated. In cold weather it really helps to combat dry, lifeless hair. At Juan Juan Center, in Beverly Hills, the cost for this  Kerastase treatment is $45.00" 

Find Kerastase at fine salons near you for some in-salon treatments OR for some take-home products
check out Kerastase.com or diamondbeauty.com or Drugstore.com .

But what if you can’t find Kerastase at a salon near you?  Or perhaps that’s not in your budget?  If you listened to the podcast, you heard about products that make a huge difference in your hair. Here they are in hard copy so that you can print this out and take it with you!

Rene Furterer products are the bomb (and balm) for your hair. These naturally based botanicals make a huge impact on your hair and will help correct a number of cold (and warm) weather conditions including dandruff, dry hair, breakage, color fading and more. For those wishing to protect color-treated hair,  try:

  • OKARA PROTECT COLOR Protective Radiance Shampoo CPF : +70%
    Treatment shampoo for colored, highlighted and bleached hair which will enhance color and protect against fadiing.

  • OKARA PROTECT COLOR Restructuring Mask CPF : +80%– this after shampoo treatment will help repair colored hair and improves the detangling action. Leave on for about 3 minutes and then rinse out. It can be used daily if needed but is no substitute for regular deep treatment.

  • OKARA PROTECT COLOR No Rinse 2-Phases Conditioner CPF : +80%
    Shake this bottle up and spray onto hair for detangling  then proceed to styling. This is a "leave-in" treatment!

Need something more intensive?
  Try the  Karite  line from  Rene Furterer  for serious deep conditioning. Karite is another name for shea butter and it helps nourish, soften, hydrate and protect hair against environmental damage.

If you want an oil -based treatment, try the  Karite Intense Nutrition Oil which is applied to hair and scalp before  shampooing and left on for about 10 minutes. Rinse out and then shampoo with the Karite shampoo.   Want a more creamy, deep treatment that is done post shampoo? Check the KARITE Conditioning Cream which will  deeply restructure very dry, devitalized hair. It provides a gorgeous softness and hair regains its ability to be soft, supple (flexible) and detangles easily. Use this post-shampoo, pop on a shower cap and stand under hot shower or get under a dryer for maximum benefit for at least 10 minutes. The magic number that I heard from a number of stylists was 20-30 minutes.

Find Rene Furterer products at salons or beauty supplies near you or check out their website at ReneFurterer.com

Want to try  another line? Ouidad  is the Queen of Curl and knows how to handle curly hair and that means she knows all about conditioning. You don’t  have to have curly hair to benefit from her recommendations or her product line.

Her  Deep Treatment is a miracle in a bottle and definitely is a great conditioner to use at least once a month and can be used  weekly if needed. Wash hair, squeeze out excess water and apply generous amount of conditioner to saturate stands. Go for that shower cap and get thee under a hair dryer for maximum penetration for THIRTY minutes!  Read a book or magazine or give yourself a manicure. ( Make sure you follow the rest of the instructions on the bottle or website)  This is a bit of a pain–but it’s a worthwhile pain because this treatment works!!! I know it does because I do it every 3-4 weeks. My hair loves this product  (my hair loves the entire Ouidad line. )  Find Ouidad products at select salons or at Ouidad.com

Another product that I can highly recommend as a deep conditoner is  Hamdai Shea Hair Masque.  This is pure shea butter with a touch of essential oils and other great stuff that can be used similarly to the Ouidad and Rene Furterer products. It improves hair and you will see a marked improvement in the look, feel and bounce of your hair. Again, heat helps speed things up and your hair will love you for it. Find Hamadi products a fine beauty salons, boutiques, Beauty.com and Sephora.com

Have more questions about hair problems? Let me know! Barry Reitman, Rene Furterer specialists and Ouidad are always available to answer YOUR questions. If you have tried  any of these products, let me know how they worked for you

See you at the beauty counter!



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