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Ever been accused of having a "smart mouth"? Used to be something your parents would say to "correct" your behavior.
Now it’s a good thing to have a "SmartMouth" because it means you are smart enough to beat bad breath 24 hours a day with twice daily applications of this liquid product.

Why is it important? No more need for gum, mints, strips that have mouthwash but don’t last. No more worry about garlic or even medication causing bad breath.
Now you can get close enough to talk without worrying about your breath–thanks to Smart Mouth .
According to Dr. Marvin Cohen, DDS and Dr. Susan Cohen, DDS, this product’s key technology  was invented through SUNY (State University of New York), a leading dental university


Here’s the 411 on this product. Bear with me on the tech jargon because you really need to know how bad breath starts out and why SmartMouth  is so different.

At least 90-95% of all bad breath, also known as halitosis, is caused by certain bacteria, or germs, living in your mouth. The specific type of bacteria that causes bad breath and periodontal disease (gum and bone disease) are called Gram-negative anaerobic bacteria. They reside in and on all oral surfaces including the teeth, the tongue (mostly the back 1/3 of the tongue) and in between the teeth.

These bacteria have receptors on their surface that attract protein particles (amino acids) that naturally exist in your saliva and come from foods as well. These amino acids release sulfur gases as by-products. There are specific amino acids which break down to cause the odor.  Hit the SmartMouth website to learn more about how these amino acids and other compounds  cause bad breat

Dry Mouth and Bad Breath

A dry mouth (xerostomia) can actually cause or worsen bad breath. Therefore, certain activities that cause a dry mouth can create very embarrassing bad breath situations. People involved in such activities can include sales people, speakers, singers, actors as well as people who are exercising and sleeping. SmartMouth™ rinse can prevent the bad breath associated with these activities.

Chronic Halitosis  or Bad Breath

Chronic halitosis is a condition that creates constant, never-ending, severe bad breath state. People who suffer from chronic  bad breath find that it  affects every relationship and every aspect of their life. SmartMouth™ has been a life-changing experience/treatment for people who suffer from chronic halitosis.

What’s the Key to Curing Bad Breath? Zinc Ion Technology

There have been many attempts at curing bad breath and either are ineffective or don’t work for long. Zinc ion technology is a radically different presentation/treatment that WORKS!. Zinc ion technology provides a long-term solution, helping to prevent bad breath for an extended period of time and is the basis of the SmartMouth products.

Zinc ion technology  stops bad breath at the source— the bacteria or germs in your mouth. Bad breath is caused by certain bacteria that bind protein particles on their surface, eat or metabolize the protein particles and produce sulfur gases.

Free, available zinc ions bind to these protein receptors on the surface of the bacteria, thus preventing the creation of the bad breath. Zinc ions act like a barrier around the bacteria, preventing the production of new bad breath gases.

Oxidation/zinc ion technology

SmartMouth™ rinse is the only SmartMouth™ product that contains the oxidation/zinc ion technology. It works in three ways:
The oxidizing agent, sodium chlorite helps eliminate existing odors at the time of rinsing.
The free, available zinc ions, which are produced when zinc chloride is mixed just prior to use with an oxidizing agent, helps prevent new bad breath odors from forming.

In the SmartMouth™ rinse, the combination of zinc chloride with sodium chlorite creates an immediate environment that forms and preserves for a short time, free, available zinc ion. When you brush your teeth first, using SmartMouth™ toothpaste, you are putting additional zinc in the mouth, which ionizes in the presence of the mouthrinse.

The oxidizing agent and free zinc ions work together, synergistically, to increase the natural oxidaton state of the mouth over time. As the oxidation increases, the zinc in the SmartMouth products work more effectively and for longer periods of time.

How do you know this works? The best way to test for bad breath is to breathe on someone and have them give you direct feedback. This is also the best way to test the effectiveness of SmartMouth™.

As you use SmartMouth™, the environment  of your mouth begins to change, so that it becomes more oxidative– or more effective when the zinc ion technology is used on a twice daily basis. . It continues as you use the product twice daily– especially after eating garlic or onions.

Buy this two week supply and see how your mouth feels. It won’t stain teeth, fillings or  dentures. It’s alcohol free too. It may cause a brief ‘dry’ sensation but that’s how you know it works — but it if persists, reduce the amount of the product used in the mouth or the lenght of the rinse time.

Where to find this product?

Big Y
Brookshire Brothers
Clemens Markets
Cub Foods
Dahl’s Foods
Discount Drug Mart
Drug Warehouse
Duane Reade
The Face & The Body
Farm Fresh
Food City
Haggen Food & Pharmacy
Happy Harry’s
Harmon Discount Stores
Harris Teeter
Kerr Drug
Kinney Drug
Leader Drug Stores
  Marsh Supermarkets
Medicine Shoppe
P&C Food, Pharmacy & Fresh Markets
Quality Food & Pharmacy
Rite Aid
Scott’s Food & Pharmacy
Snyder Drug
Super D Drug
Thrifty-White Drug
TOP Food & Drug
USA Drug
Weis Markets 

Or call 1 800. 492. 7040 or hit the website a

You won’t be sorry! It will eliminate the need for mouthwash (since it is a mouth rinse agent) and the gum, mints, strips and other  oral supplements for fresh breath won’t be necessary any longer.

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