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Perhaps you have walked by beauty   counters at Neiman Marcus and Bergdorf Goodman and looked at the array of lines and been confused. Maybe you have shopped online and wondered at all the different products and seen perhaps one or two that you might be interested in– particularly since the name sounds so familiar– NATURA BISSE. It’s familiar because so many magazines have touted  the amazing line of products and just how darn effective they are.  The question you might be asking is why is this line so special? There are several collections and how does one choose what to use?

What –or rather who– is NATURA BISSE?
NATURA BISSE, a family-owned luxury skincare company from Barcelona, Spain, was founded by Ricardo Fisas in 1979.  Since then, NATURA BISSE has emerged to become a brand of great prestige and respect  in
the luxury skincare market. Now available in 35 countries with a loyal following of celebrities, fashionistas and top dermatologists throughout the world, NATURA BISSE has dedicated itself to R&D to provide the latest technology and delivery systems coupled with amazing ingredients that  create a unique skincare marriage that will turn back the clock.
NATURA BISSE has developed over 12 distinct products lines
including  anti-aging products for the face and body, sun care products  for men and women.’s Beauty Buzz had a chance to  ask some questions of Begona San Juan, one of  NATURA BISSE most knowledgeable spokespeople.  Lucky for us, because we had LOTS of questions to ask!

Begona San Juan

Beauty Buzz: What are "essential" products that a customer should have as basics from the NATURA BISSE line?

Begona: There are six steps that we recommend to our customers seeking younger looking skin:
1. Cleanser and toner
2. A complex serum
3. An expression line treatment (Inhibit, Inhibit Dermafill, or Inhibit Tensolift)
4. A moisturizer
5. An eye contour treatment
6. Diamond Drops to provide skin with a DNA Shield Protection

Beauty Buzz: Since this line is a high end line that features a number of cutting edge anti-aging products, how should a customer sift through what they would need beyond a cleanser and a moisturizer?

Begona: This all depends on the customer’s skin and the specific concerns they want to address. In order for one to determine his or her specific needs, he or she should visit the nearest Natura Bisse counter and speak with one of our skincare experts. Our experts can give the customer a professional skin evaluation to determine what  products suit their needs.

Beauty Buzz: There are a number of new additions to the line that are unique. Can you explain the mechanics/ delivery system/ effects of the following products?

a. DIAMOND DROPS(DNA Shield) 1.7oz

Diamond Drops is an ultra high-performance serum that “targets the nucleus of aging” with a lightweight, silky texture to counteract and repair the visible signs of aging.  One of the best formulations available to date, it is comprised of:
• Marine DNA — renowned as the “Life Essence” of the Skin — a macromolecule whose double helix structure allows it to bind 10,000 times its own volume of water, giving it hydrating properties beyond comparison.  It delivers intense hydration, protection from UV radiation, and restores existing DNA and protects it from future damage. 
• CPH-4 (a Natura Bisse exclusive complex) – binds moisture, calms & soothes the skin
• Wild Lavender Essential Oil – decongests, soothes, distresses and relaxes
• Beta  Glucans  – stimulate the immunological system
• Grape Seed Extract – provides powerful anti-oxidant properties, enhances collagen regeneration, and improves microcirculation.

The double helix structure of the Marine DNA allows it to penetrate deeply into the skin to obtain maximum benefits.
Apply a thin layer over your daily treatment moisturizer, as the last step of your skincare regime.  Allow 2-3 minutes for the product to penetrate and form the protective shield before applying make-up.

Diamond Drops provides an immediate skin lifting effect due to its cellular regeneration activity; it also intensely repairs, hydrates and soothes skin; and it reinforces the skin’s natural defense system and protecting against free radicals, UV radiation, Urban Pollution, and extreme weather conditions.

Beauty Buzz:  GLYCO-PEELING PLUS 50% (NEW) 30ml Pump (obviously more than the 25%) and what kind of results would one expect and how to apply? What tips/technique should one use with this product?

Glyco-Peeling Plus 50% is an intensive exfoliating treatment with a 50% concentration of Glycolic Acid and other natural AHA’s, including citric acid, lactic acid, malic acid, and tartaric acid. At the cellular level, the peel works by dissolving the gluelike bonds that hold dead cells to the skin’s surface, speeding up the natural exfoliation process and increasing the moisture retention of your skin. As the dead outer layer is exfoliated, younger and healthier skin is revealed.

Glyco Peeling Plus 50% can be applied as often as twice per week for six weeks, a break of 4 weeks is suggested in between each six-week treatment. Apply the peel directly after cleanser and toner. Apply 4 pumps to the T-zone (insist on fine lines and wrinkles around the lips); apply 4 pumps to the cheek area and facial contour; and apply 6 pumps to the neck and decollete gently massaging in a descending motion. Leave on for 15 minutes. Remove with warm water and Natura Bisse cleansing sponge.  Continue by applying the serum and moisturizer appropriate for
your skin.

Results are noticeable from the first application with dramatic results appearing in two weeks. Glyco Peeling Plus 50% removes the build up of dead skin cells; renews damaged, dull-looking skin; diminishes the look of fine lines and wrinkles; stimulates cell renewal, encouraging the growth of young, healthy cells; increases hydration and reveals younger, healthier
and smoother looking skin; facilitates penetration and absorption of other products; and visibly reduces pore size, helping to regulate oily skin and prevent breakouts.

Always test a patch of skin before using, especially if you have a past history of skin sensitivity or have experienced adverse reactions from skincare products. Also, do not combine Glyco Peeling Plus 50% with abrasive products such as scrubs, astringent toners, or retinoids.

Beauty Buzz: C+C Vitamin C Cream and Fluid. Obviously one is for very dry skin and the other for more oily skin. What separates this product from the other Vitamin C products on the market?

Both products include a combination of 4 different types of Vitamin C specifically proven to give the skin a maximum dose. These include
• Pure ascorbic acid (water soluble Pure Vitamin C);
• Pure Vitamin C Glycospheres–to remain stable and effective;
• Orange extract (citrus aurantium dulcis); and
• Magnesium ascorbyl phosphate (lipid soluable Vitamin C).
Additional ingredients include:

Vitamin E , which fortifies the antioxidant benefits of Vitamin C, allowing it to work at its maximum capacity;
• SGF Complex (Skin Growth Factor), which provides pronounced healing and regenerative benefits;
• Highly refined Natural Collagen Amino Acids in their free form, to restore moisture and suppleness.

The C + C Vitamin Cream is a firming cream for normal to dry skin and contains 3% Vitamin C and SPF 10. It restores skin firmness, elasticity and radiance, while providing solar protection. Rosa Mosqueta Oil, which delivers pronounced healing, regenerative and moisturizing benefits to excessively dry and damaged skin, is added to restore moisture and suppleness.

The C + C Vitamin Fluid is a firming fluid for normal to oily skin and contains 3% Vitamin C and SPF 10. It is an oil-free fluid specifically formulated to restore the skin’s firmness and elasticity while providing a matte finish and sun protection. Glycoproteins are also added, which enhance hydration and restore suppleness.
DELIVERY SYSTEM: Both products can be incorporated into any existing skin care regime. If currently using Retinoic Acid or products containing Alpha Hydroxy Acids, use the product on alternate nights. Otherwise, apply daily to clean skin, and gently massage into the face, neck, and chest until completely absorbed.

Both C + C Vitamin Cream and Fluid neutralizes free radicals, promotes the growth of healthy tissue, stimulates collagen production, prevents visible signs of premature aging, restores firmness and elasticity, and has pronounced healing and regenerative benefits.

Through in-depth research, Natura Bisse offers the best of the most powerful antioxidant: stabilized, pure Vitamin C. With the combination of the four Vitamin C varieties included with both products, the skin is supplied the maximum amount of Vitamin C it needs, which is impossible to achieve through food intake alone.


The Top Ten Complex, Top Ten Cream, and Top Ten Eye are all formulated with high concentrations (4%-15%) of Skin Growth Factors (SGF). Naturally derived from complex proteins, SGF’s are
a principle component of cell renewal and differentiation known to provide pronounced healing and regenerative benefits to the skin. The high concentrations of SGF contained allow the skin to perform as young and vital, resulting in a more youthful appearance. Additional ingredients include:
• Highly refined Natural Collagen and Elastin Amino Acids in their free form to penetrate and restore elasticity, suppleness, and hydration;
• Vitamins A + C + E to provide revitalizing benefits and anti-oxidant protection, while preventing visible signs of premature aging;
• Rosa Mosqueta Oil, rich in Vitamin C and essential Fatty Acids, formulated to deliver pronounced healing, regenerative and moisturizing benefits to excessively dry and damaged skin; and
• Muccopolysaccharides to prevent moisture loss and promote deep hydration.

All products can be incorporated into an existing skin care regime. The products can benefit those with thin skin and wrinkles, have a lack of vitality or loss of elasticity and firmness, or those who have undergone surgical procedures, glycolic, and/or retinoic treatments.

All products speed cell renewal, and offer healing and regenerative benefits, dramatically renew skin texture, and increase elasticity and firmness.

The Top Ten Complex is an intensive cell repair treatment and is designed for all skin types. With a 15% concentration (the highest concentration on the market to date) of SGF, it allows for deep penetration and optimum absorption for immediate results.
• The Top Ten Cream is a cell renewal cream and is designed for dry skin. With a 4% SGF, it renews elasticity, texture, and suppleness. It also has and SPF 10.
• The Top Ten Eye is a cell renewal eye contour gel and is designed for all skin types. With a 5% SGF, it renews elasticity, retexturizes, repairs and targets expression lines of the eye contour area. In addition, the Top Ten Eye effectively reduces the visible appearance of puffiness while providing solar protection.

Beauty Buzz: Special Lift Serum and the Diamond Ice Lift Masque.
What are the differences in this product and how would you choose which one is for you? What should the customer expect to see? I know that the "lift" is something special and I hear you can actually "feel" it.

The Diamond Ice Lift Mask is first real hybrid that takes the best of conventional masks and the transdermal patches to create an exclusive membrane delivery system that instantly provides a long-lasting cosmetic
"face-lift" with an intense cooling sensation. This luxury ritual with high concentrations of Marine DNA nourishes and hydrates throughout the day to maximize the benefits of the Ice-Lift effect. Much more than a conventional mask, Diamond Ice-Lift provides an immediate lifting effect and an intense cooling sensation by utilizing three fundamental factors:
• Freeze Factor
• DNA Factor
• De-Stress Factor

As soon as the product is applied to the skin, the Freeze Factor — an icy, fresh sensation is experienced.  What starts as a gel weaves itself into the texture of a patch, creating a membrane delivery system to ensure that the active ingredients are being absorbed into the skin. There is also a tightening as the skin is lifted and the gel is morphed into the patch state

The unique matrix design of the patch presses the ingredients into the skin, leading to the DNA Factor.  One of the main reasons for aging is the damaged sustained by the skin’s DNA, which prevents the reproduction of healthy cells.  Natura Bisse targets the “nucleus” of aging by providing an instant dose of Marine DNA that gives the skin the ability to repair and protect itself, while also providing intense hydration and regeneration.   

Finally, the De-Stress Factor takes over your senses.  Diamond Ice-Lift is the first skincare product to combine neuropeptides (which are produced naturally by the body in times of wellbeing) and aromatherapy to create the most advanced cosmetic approach to the sensory system.  Neuro-aromatherapy, a state-of-the-art concept created by Natura Bisse, combines the benefits of neuropeptides with the essence of relaxing essential lavender oil to calm and soothe the skin. 

Designed for all skin types.  DIAMOND ICE-LIFT begins as a gel and morphs into a transepidermal patch that infuses the ingredients into the skin.

The Diamond Ice Lift Mask restores radiance and a healthy glow, re-sculpts and redefines the contours of the face, immediately tightens, lifts, and redefines facial contours.  The Marine DNA goes directly to the nucleus of aging to protect and auto-repair, while the exclusive Neuro-Aromatherapy elevates the well being and diminishes any discomfort of the skin

The SPECIAL LIFT serum is a fantastic make-up primer that provides an instant lift that lasts approximately eight hours.  It is comprised of macromolecules that work on the surface of the skin.

Beauty Buzz: Inhibit and Diamond are your top lines– is there anything new launching in these collections?

Begona: Yes, we are launching our newest product —Inhibit Tensolift– August 1, exclusively at Neiman Marcus.  A serious alternative to cosmetic surgical procedures, it is comprised of 71 percent active ingredients with a remaining 29 percent of carefully bio-engineered emulsion, which acts as an enhanced delivery system for all the active ingredients.

With the introduction of Inhibit Tensolift, Natura Bisse is now offering a product that not only RELAXES (40% Octamioxyl) and FILLS (12% Dermafill Complex) expression lines, but has a revolutionary CUMULATIVE LIFTING EFFECT (19% 3D Lifting) which ultimately results in a natural internal lift that
reshapes the skin from the inside out. This innovative “3-Dimensional Lifting Technology” is the answer to those seeking a more youthful appearance without having to undergo painful aesthetic surgery or Botox cosmetic treatment.

Beauty Buzz: How much time does it take Natura Bisse to create such amazing products? Where do you get your ingredients?
Begona: Quality remains the single most important aspect of product development.  Each ingredient is thoroughly researched, then after extensive testing; only the very best, most innovative ingredients are used in the highest concentrations.  Thus, our products can take years of research before being marketed to the public.

Natura Bisse also marks a point of difference by developing the very best emulsions to act as delivery systems for the top-notch ingredients and yet the texture is a pleasure to apply.   We have over 300 products that are researched, developed, and formulated in a 50,000 square-foot office, lab, and manufacturing facility in Barcelona, Spain.

Beauty Buzz: What is your skin care regimen–what products do you use every day and what do you use seasonally?

Begona: I truly believe in the products that Natura Bisse creates, and the best testimony is that I use Natura Bisse exclusively.  My skin tends to be on the oily side and I prefer the Facial Cleansing Gel with the Stabilizing Toner, especially during the summer for cleansing the skin.  You absolutely have to begin with clean skin, especially when you have the tendency to be oily.  If oily skin is not kept clean, it very easily develops clogged pores, white heads, milia, and blackheads. 

Once I have clean skin, I begin with the application of the new Inhibit-Tensolift, from the top of my forehead to the decollete.  I use a small circular massage on any wrinkles or expression lines, then extend the product to the surrounding areas.  Then I finish with a lifting massage technique where both hands alternate upward lifting motions.

No one should ever be without eye cream, as this is the first are of the face to show premature signs of aging.  So, I am religious with my Diamond Bio-Lift Eye Cream.  Then, I apply Diamond Drops to create the DNA Shield.  Most people do not realize that aging occurs because our DNA becomes damaged and loses some information needed to reproduce healthy, youthful cells.  That is why I never go without my Diamond Drops.  Besides, I love the light-weight texture of this product.

Finally, no skin should ever be exposed to the sun without protection.  I wear the Sun Defense Fluid SPF 30+.  A small amount goes a long way.  I use about the size of a pea for the entire face.

I know it seems like a lot, but once you get into a routine, it becomes second-nature and the routine is very quick.  I wouldn’t say that I spend more than 5-6 minutes in front of the mirror each morning.

I am truly passionate about skincare, so I will try to keep it brief when responding to the items I use seasonally.
Stabilizing Cleansing Mask — I use it daily as a cleanser, during times when I am excessively oily (during summer months in Texas).  I also use it once a week as a deep pore cleansing treatment.

Diamond Ice-Liftthis is truly a beauty ritual.  I urge you to try it.  Not only to reap the benefits I mentioned above, but it is 20-minute infusion of Marine DNA and neuropeptides.  The lavender aroma absolutely carries you away to a blissful relaxation.

GlycoPeel 50% — I use this 2x per week throughout the year.  Everything works better on exfoliated skin.

I also can’t forget about the SPECIAL Fx LINE.  Five colorful, little tubes that travel perfectly in my bag, ready to address any skin emergency.

BLEMISH FOCUSfor the unsightly blemish.  This potion works overnight.

RED DIFFUSEaddresses redness and broken capillaries.

EYE ILLUMINATEgreat for under-eye circles that give-away the fact that you stayed out too long last night.

LIP BOOSTERmakes lips plump and luscious.

LINE REFINEThis product is meant to create the soft-focus of the camera lens that diffuses imperfections.  It fills in surface lines to create a perfect facade.  I must also tell you that it works wonders on a shiny nose and forehead. 

Thank you to Begona San Juan for her time for this very informative interview. Now go out there and SHOP!!!

For additional information on NATURA BISSE please visit ,, , , Neiman Marcus and Bergdorf Goodman stores.

You know where to find me– at the NATURA BISSE  counter!


Beauty Buzz.


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