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This is a time of weddings, Mother’s Day, graduations, and seasonal changes that often make one reflect on the "state" of your personal situation–particularly if you are "in love"; in a budding relationship or a more solid one; planning a wedding or newly married; or perhaps have a long standing relationship or marriage in place. No matter what, love is something that should be expressed because it creates a deeper bond between both partners.  There is no one gift that can really  create or nurture that sentiment or feeling better than music.

Recently released from Astonish Entertainment is the debut CD of gifted musician David Martin. He may not be a singer or musician you have heard of yet, but  he’s going to be burning up the airwaves and the concert trail pretty quickly. Don’t let the "eye candy" looks fool ya! He’s got the musical chops to drive you to tears with some of his songs. Lyrics are phenomenal and the music itself is amazing. This singer, song-writer, musician  did all the composing and even produced his own CD to make sure it had the right "feel" while working with top notch musicians behind him.

Martin– known in the industry as a rising star– was asked to open the show for Bill Boards Annual event. The headliner was Sir Elton John– so it was quite a coup to be asked and then actually get up there on stage and rock the house with his gentle melodies and harder edged tunes.

Something In Your Eyes is a collection of love songs– some ballads, some uptempo, some with serious rock and roll vibes and some acoustic tunes. Gifted in crafting lyrics, particularly love songs and ballads, Martin displays a talent that has "legs" (longevity) and this debut CD displays this distinctive talent best because making a love song sound "real",  "authentic" and "genuine" isn’t the easiest thing in the world. This CD is a "diary" of his marriage of 10 years and how much he treasures his wife and the life they have built together.

Consider this a CD  to be a collection of "love letters" to the woman he adores and it encompasses the good and the bad– the hard times and the  fun and "off the wall" times of being married to a musician who is essentially a traveling troubadour always on the road.

The title track racks up an impressive orchestral arrangement that would work equally as well with just a piano or a guitar. Check out the video because it’s a real heart breaker (links below). The model in the video with him, isn’t just a model… it’s his wife. When I first saw the video, I had nothing more to go on but the music. I had very little information. I watched the video and saw that this was no "usual" video–sparks were flying between Martin and the girl in the video and I was betting that it was his wife– but hesitated to put it into a blog.

I was able to interview David Martin via phone (such a nice guy too!) and we talked about the ins and outs of that video (interesting side note: the director was the actor who played the Cobra Kai karate champ in the Karate Kid movie. If you haven’t seen No More Kings, check out the reference), where it was made, and I asked a lot of questions — all of which are answered on the podcast which will be posted soon. (You didn’t think I was going to give you all that 411 NOW did you?) 

More than a musician,  Martin is a husband who is passionately in love and wants to express this to his wife in the only way he really knows how– that he loves her more than the first bloom of passion.

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The other songs present different aspects of their relationship and there are the rough patches where they have to be strong. Stand is one of those songs as is Be Strong. The song that hit me the hardest and told me the most about David Martin’s ability  as a musician, a writer of significant poetic ability, and a producer (no mean feat that– producing his own CD), was the song Connected. You will have to wait for the podcast to hear the details but it’s more acoustic in flavor, but it’s about what we all need to "know" and "do" if we are in a relationship. While we are busy with our lives, sometimes we forget to take the time to "connect"  one on one, eye to eye, and reach the core of the other person’s soul and heart. Martin does just that in that song. He reaches out and touches you and tells you  how and what it takes to make a relationship work. For a musician who admittedly is circling the globe and spends not nearly as much time at home as he would like despite the use of the cell phone, there’s nothing like being face to face with the one with you love .

If you are  in a new or long-standing relationship, whether engaged or newly married, or maybe not married at all but in a partnership/relationship, this is a CD for you. It’s a CD of hope and anticipation for those who aren’t there yet– because you too can have this sort of passion in your life. Just realize that this type of relationship requires work and it’s not always easy and there is that rollercoaster ride of ups and downs. You can do it.

I highly recommend this CD. While I spend a lot of time reviewing music and cds in various genres, I make sure that I spend a lot of time listening to each  CD– immersing myself in the music –to get a feel of what each musician brings something to the plate that’s unique.  I have a deep appreciation for what each musician communicates in his music yet I listen, evaluate, chart the evolution of the music  with a  slightly detached perspective. Very few musicians dig a hole deep in my heart with their lyrics. This guy is one of them.

No matter who the special person is in your life, when you give this CD to them, note the changes in them as the music hits them that you are showing your partner that you really appreciate what you have together.

David Martin’s SOMETHING IN YOUR EYES CD. Song entitled I Will Love You

Check out David Martin at DavidMartin.com

Visit him on myspace at www.myspace.com/davidmartin

Sold already? Want to buy this record? Check out Itunes for a download to your iPod.

Or you can buy it at Amazon.com.

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