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I also post on Gather.com (.stevie.gather.com)
There has been a a good sized chunk of writers and musicians joining the site to participate in a more conversational approach– from a personal as well as more amusing perspective. (ah Pete Mitchell of No More Kings, I gotta love the joy you bring to the site). From MiG to David Martin to No More Kings, Paula Cole has recently joined the site.
A review of her new CD, COURAGE, was launched and a contest derived from that–which was called “What Songs Give You Courage?”– five songs– and five people would get an autographed copy of her CD..
I answered sort of haphazardly the first time.. more random off the top of my head but the thread of the review of her CD and the contest kept coming back .. it’s a personal thing because courage seems to be an elusive quality.. because it’s what you do when you least think you are up to it– but what you MUST do to accomplish your goals or dream or get past an obstacle.
So I went back and wrote this
Here’s my list.. I ammended it.. to reflect the the accurate names
Each of these songs has helped me look back, look forward, look inward, look beyond myself, and to take the steps that I need to change — because the person that I was 10 years ago .. and the path I was following 10-12 years ago–no longer exisits. This new path has been forged based on personal crisis and events beyond my control that forced me to change. Music helped me change that.. and understanding the philosophy of each piece and each musician has helped me surmount the challenges in my life. So head onto the extended page to see what I submitted.

Everything by Keaton Simons giving back to the world rather than focusing on taking. It keeps me focused on those who don’t have.. and how I need less — and to give more.
The Great Divide by The Kin it talks about standing and bridging the gap of where you are to what you want to be– and that you can be there and know that the person you want to be .. and that the partner (other half, significant) will be there on the other side of the great divide.. you just have to cross that great divide..
100 Years by Five for Fighting because it tells me to live in the NOW and go for it rather than waiting for tomorrow or the “eventually” mode that I slip into–when *(and why I dropped off there, I have no clue but I think it’s because sometimes even I become stumped, see defeat where I should see challenge and learn to overcome those obstacles before life dances right by)
Never Let Go by Josh Groban one of the few songs of his that I have burned to cd, on iPOD that is totally hits me on all cylinders. No matter where I am in my life, this applies and it’s about NOT giving up… there is always someone there for you — even if it’s just yourself.
Appalachian Spring by Aaron Copland because when you need to know that you haven’t run out of life, when you need to be immersed in the music and also the cinematic quality of a musical piece, Copland provides the depth, the musicality and the immersion that you need to be “somewhere else” as a respite. Might sound trite, but this piece has a spiritual quality for me that’s carried me for about 10 years though eons of serious events– life altering events .
Winning was surprising.. amazing…. and it makes me think I talk too much sometimes but then again, music does that for me. It’s something the musician is sharing with you and me emotionally via the music. I share my response & evaluation with you.
I listen to lots of music.. some eh.. not so great, others are more profound. These five– while maybe over done for some– have a purpose and a place because they speak meaningful volumes when one really listens!
Stevie Wilson


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