Liipstick+ Lead = ??? Does RED Lipstick Contain Lead? Discusses!

Recently on a number of beauty/cosmetic/women’s forums where I lurk and participate (and if I participate, you know who I am– at least I hope you do!), there has been some extremely LONG threads/posts about the risk of lead in RED lipsticks. (wish I could post in colors but alas, Movable Type doesn’t have that). The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics (a coalition of a variety of groups including environmental environmental groups) reported that lead was found in several well-known brands of lipstick.
There has been considerable debate about going to mineral lip colors or colors that were more natural/organic and without any lead. Some lipstick brands were capitalizing on the The discussion was going on for days/weeks
What confounded me was that idea that people were questioning the presence of lead as if it were factual rather than questioning the source as to where/how they got that information.
Seems like someone else out there had the same concerns that I did.’s Susan Trumpbour, former beauty editor, consultant and beauty wizard who wrote on her Dailly Flash email/post addressing the facts behind this tempest in a lipstick tube.
Given that red lips are the lip color de riguer for this holiday season…. it is something of a concern but’s Beautyflash addresses this neatly and succinctly
To begin, this isn’t the first time ‘lead in lipstick’ has caused controversy.
According to Stephanie Kwinsek, a spokesperson for the FDA and a
relevant source who has been quite helpful in deciphering through this
information, has mentioned, “It’s important to note that FDA analyzed
lipstick samples when this issue came up a few years ago; our data did
not support the reported findings.”

According to a report issued by the Cosmetic, Toiletry, and Fragrance Association
(CTFA), “The FDA has set daily levels for lead exposure for adults, children
and pregnant women. The agency also has set strict limits for lead levels
allowed in the colors used in lipsticks, and actually analyze most of these
to ensure they are followed. The products that were identified in the Campaign
for Safe Cosmetics Report met these standards.”
Additionally, the report states, “We get our dose of lead just by everyday
occurrences not even associated with lipstick usage. It is present in everyday
substances like air and water. The average amount of lead a woman would
be exposed to when using cosmetics is 1,000 times less than the amount she
would get from eating, breathing, and drinking water that meet the Environmental
Protection Agency drinking water standards.”
Now here’s where and I really agree. Both being mommies and beauty addicts, it’s still all about being aware and precautions. Knowing that you need to ‘baby-proof” a house, doesn’t mean that baby won’t get hurt or sick. There are many things that have a lot more lead in them than lipsticks. Try those Italian, Spanish and Mexican hand-painted plates, cups and bowls that you thought so colorful and chic: they aren’t lead free unless they say lead free. It means tehre is lead in it. ( found out the hard way..) Paint, toys, some antiques have lead in them. There are also other toxic chemicals out there that you need to be more aware of than lipstick unless you are eating the stuff.
However if you are concerned, you can monitor how much you use– apply with a brush. use a pencil first and then lightly coat the lips. The article from the mybeautyberry/flash has other suggestions. Take a look and see what you think
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