Not Just For Moms: White Trash Mom Handbook Good for All Sorts of Purposes!!

Michelle Lamar
and Molly Wendland
( scratchin’ this comment now. Molly just commented below that she now provided a photo on her site. Yay!! Thank you Molly!! We Heart the book. We need you here in LA!!
It is nice to put a face to the name of one of the genius authors of this book.) are the masterminds behind the book entitled White Trash Mom Handbook.
Thankfully – as the title impies– these are not the perfect moms seen in schools from K-12 (what I call PTA Moms; I aspired to be one, but didn’t quite fit the mold). They are not “white trash” either– it’s a metaphor, an aphorism, a joke (sort of like “My Name is Earl” ). These ladies have lives outside being a mom, busy creative lives as business people, writers,and moms with children, husbands (St. Timothy? Is he clone-able? Don’t forget Molly’s wonderful partner as well!)
This is a book that will help you cope with life as a person– separate from (not the apendage of ) children. Your life does not revolve around being a mom of a school age child. Actually, it’s the other way around- Molly and Michelle tell you how they have learned to cope with all that parenting.
WT Mom’s Fashion Tips – Stay Under the Radar
The Fake Purse Escape— this one is hot!
There are tips and tricks that these ladies give you on how to play the game so that you can be involved in your own way and stay in the loop without driving yourself, your husband or your children stark raving nuts. (Wish I had this book a lot sooner!)
Here’s the table of contents for the book:
Chapter 1 Perfect versus White Trash (Everybody has a Little WT Inside)
Chapter 2 Are You a White Trash Mom?
Chapter 3 Every Mother is a Working Mother
Chapter 4 The Zen of the White Trash Mom
Chapter 5 School Talk
Chapter 6 The Muffia
Chapter 7 School Volunteerism and Your “ROI”
Chapter 8 Fakin’ it for the Bake Sale
Chapter 9 After School Activities for the White Trash Family
Chapter 10 Your Kids will be in Therapy…Get Used To It
Chapter 11 Commando is Good for You and Lies
Chapter 12 If the Health Department Isn’t Coming, It’s Clean Enough.
Chapter 13 Boring Summer Vacations (and other Ways I deprive my kids)
Chapter 14 At the End of the Day
–Do not miss this part of the book. It’s so cool!
White Trash Mom Hall of Fame
White Trash Mom Bookshelf
White Trash Mom at the Movies
Cookin’ with the White Trash Mom

If you have just read this– and are a parent, or know a parent– you know that you can identify with at least some thing in that list– particularly since it’s summer!
For those who are SAHM, this is a great book for you– because you are working too!! So go forth and buy this book– because these moms know where you are coming from. They will help you cope, deal, adjust and fake it so that your life works for you– because without MOM there is no kid or family.

Comments from other *notable* White Trash Moms – and Dads! who give you their *true* feelings about this book.
“Take it from a Yellow Trash Dad that The White Trash Mom Handbook is a book that you should read. Actually, you don’t have to read it. Just buy it. Michelle will be just as happy either way–as would I be.” Guy Kawasaki, Co-founder of Alltop as in, Author of The Art of the Start, founder of Garage Ventures
“Michelle totally strips the veneer off the ideal mom and tells you to knock it off already if you are spending time and energy trying to be perfect, or even good enough.” -Melinda Roberts, The Mommy Blog, Chief Blogger for MomBlog Network, Author
“Some clarification is due here: Michelle is being ironic when she uses the term White Trash as in ‘My house doesn’t look like the pages of Martha Stewart’s Living — I guess we’re White Trash.’ Or ‘We were in a hurry, so the kids had a drive-thru lunch today — I guess I’m White Trash.’ If you are looking for decorating tips for your doublewide trailer, this book is not for you. But if you’d like some real advice on juggling motherhood and work, navigating the hierarchy of your kids’ schools or how to deal with the PTA, you will enjoy Michelle’s book.” -Donna Schwartz Mills, Blogger for Socal Mom and Momocrats
“This handbook is a LIFESAVER. Now I can Fake It For the Bake Sale and Blend IN at the PTA meetings. Michelle Lamar’s irreverent handbook is a must read for all mothers. It’s a reminder that no mom is perfect and offers tips and tricks even the trashiest Mom can use to help navigate the mess of love that is parenthood. ” -Erin Kotecki, Vest-Queen of Spain Blog, Huffington Post
“Buy it for your sister-in-law who gives you the stink-eye every time you give your kid an unthawed eggo. Buy it for the woman in your mommy-and-me group who makes you feel like crap for not making your 3 year old go to Violin/French/Juggling lessons and send another copy to the bitchy chick down the street. The White Trash Mom Handbook is not about money or status or education. It’s about giving yourself the freedom to be yourself, and that is a good thing indeed.” -Jenny Lawson, Houston Chronicle and The Bloggess
“Every mother out there who doesn’t have a full-time nanny, chef, chauffeur, agent, personal trainer and masseuse should read this book! The White Trash Mom Handbook is mommy self-help at its finest and funniest.” -Lash Fary, Celebrity Gift Guru and Author
Whether you need help faking a tray of “homemade” brownies for the bake sale, or coming up with outrageous lies to tell your children for their own good, the White Trash Mom Handbook is a veritable encyclopedia of common sense wisdom. In a world that seems to continually reward style over substance, The White Trash Mom Handbook is a modern-day 95 Theses nailed to the pre-school door.” -Christopher B. O’Hara, author of Great American Beer, Senior Vice President,
I could give you more, but I think you get the drift.
As a mom who learned how to be invisible and stop volunteering to be micro-managed by others who don’t have the same skill sets that I do. It’s either let me do what I do best or just don’t work with me. I love this book. I think Michelle and Molly have the right attitude! Don’t take parenting so seriously. There is no owners manual– till now and this is it. Use it as such and relax into the moment because your kids are going to roll their eyes at you no matter what. This book will give you your sanity and then some. It’s that easy and simple– thanks to Michelle & Molly!
What do I think you should do? BUY this book!!
It’s available at bookstores everywhere but also on HERE.
Buy a couple and use them for birthday gifts, mother’s day gifts, and donations for school and church silent auctions.
These ladies have their heads on straight– and you can relax and be a human being and not “super mom” .
Lovin’ every minute of this book.
Stevie Wilson

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