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wait to see where they go next. This is sort of like my 12 Drinks or Christmas.. only it’s music and it’s sort of taking 2 musicians or groups that are pretty close in genre that I am reviewing and actually trying to take you into their world of music. .This is the second edition. In case you missed # 1, it was the Synth/Techno pop review of the Black Eyed Peas END and La Roux’s self-titled cd, La Roux. I find it interesting that in the course of my music bonanza from Interscope of several cds that were dropped into my lap to tap into musical worlds I don’t usually visit. True music junkie, I am now hooked on a couple of cds and am playing them a lot– while I dive into the other cds. Band members are Rich Luzzi, Julien Jorgensen, Dave Agoglia, Matty McClosky and Rikki Lixx.
Rev Theory
Light It Up CD cover– which pretty much explains the cd in a photo.

This is but a taste of this heavy metal band that really lives up to the branding and title track “Light It Up”

Hell Yeah Click on HELL YEAH for the OFFICIAL Version of the video.. and do realize.. these aren’t X rated but they are pushing a certain envelope..I think it’s interesting.
This cd is full of “hell bent’, better be better than Jack Daniel’s whiskey music. It’s cranking from Hell Yeah which opens the CD quite effectively. It’s rock that keeps it pumping. The guitar work on this CD smokes. The lead guitarist might be the next Van Halen because the guitar is so sharp it could slice right through skin and bone. It’s that hot and it’s sets the pace for the entire band. Keep up with him because he’s part of the dynamic.
The lead singer is backed up nicely with another counterpoint of voice by one of the other band members. They trade vocal leads and typically the secondary lead starts up the softer ballads.
The interesting part about Rev Theory that keeps me coming back to this CD is that the lyrics are darker and more truthful and meaningful than what is normally seen in a metal band. This one looks down inside the man who creates the hell that he lives and isn’t sure he can or wants to extricate himself. Not only are the songs about the metal life and “addiction: to a woman, to a lifestyle, to whatever demon that drives him, but it’s also about the broken bones of relationships. and where is their life going.. and when they look back 10 years will they feel that it was wasted. There’s a lot of instrospection that’s typically not found in metal which is always about sex, drugs and rock and roll. Rev Theory in their third album out of the gate have been touring a while. They have the musical chops and the street cred to keep this going and the difference between them and other metal bands is seen in Broken Bones, Ten Years, Falling Down Far From Over. This is serious music– and serious musicians– who actually have feelings, a heart and a soul bound up in more than just metal. They have courage to put it out there in a presentation that is accessible yet is still incredibly meaningful– not often found in metal-heads.
It’s enchanting (weird word to use huh) to see a band with this sort of musical story/thread/lifestyle to create something that has real meaning, depth and soul. I am a sucker for great lyrics.. and mix it with interesting music and voices it’s intoxicating. While some would be surprised that I would like this band and this CD, it’s the lyrics and the different presentation of the meaning of them against a metal background that makes this band and CD stand out. “Just Kill the Headlights I want you to see all that’s in sight to get what you want. Take our hands off the wheel… Turn up the radio” and feel the music pulse through your veins and pump the blood throughout your body and create but musical buzz in your brain.,
It’s definitely worth the ride– and it’s that kind of rollercoaster that will have you sinking your teeth into this CD and Rev Theory. They have evolved and polished this metal sound to their best presentation and I can’t let go of this one because it’s a serious steps beyond what is traditionally “metal” musicianship and presentation.

Similar yet amazingly different is a new-ish band on Interscope called Brand New. You might miss that name because at some point every band has a “brand new” single, cd or break-through moment. However Brand New is new to MY scene and so it fits. Their lastest CD is called Daisy and you can find it on itunes, as well as facebook fan page on

Brand New: Daisy
It took me a few listens to the entire cd before I could really figure out what was going on with the music. These guys are really different– alt + metal + soulful lyrics = ? . Don’t quite know where to put them but then maybe they really defy categorization. They have that metal aspect of screaming/yelling lyrics which to me (Ms indie/alt softer soft) really didn’t grasp at first. Now I get it and Brand New has something to say and it’s really got a cult following to the point that one fan indicates she listens to it before she goes to sleep because it relaxes her. (hmmm wonder what her dreams are like.) The CD starts out with and mixes in throughout the cd various vintage (read 1900 era) songs and it’s really weird to hear that open up the cd and various other tunes.. and then segue into a guy kicking it into high gear and screaming at you in VICES. This hot octane song finishes off as fast as it starts and then BED comes up with an emo flavor tinged with some religious overtones (where did that come from?). It’s very very different. This is one trippy sort of album like running through Blue Velvet the movie or Matrix without visuals. Hard to follow and it’s as intense as Alice falling down the rabbit hole into an entirely different world. Brand New takes you on that ride and walks you through the world that is their music. I have to say the CD evolves through a series of different songs and I can’t say which ones I like the best– though I do like Gasoline and I think that Daisy is interesting– it’s very evocative. The lead singer and back up really rev your motor– whether they are playing full tilt or softly taking you through a ballad like Daisy. Can you dig that?

The guys in the band: Jesse Lacey, Brian Lane, Vinnie Accardi, Garrett Tierney. Do I know who is who? Nope- -not yet. Working on getting a podcast with them BEFORE they head off to the UK or Australia in January.

Brand New “At The Bottom” (Live In Studio)

Brand New | MySpace Music Videos

Brand New Talks about their music

Brand New – Jesus Christ (Daisy Session w/ Kevin Devine)

Brand New | MySpace Music Videos

The song Jesus Christ with Kevin Devine– though the name has been changed
Definitely bands you should be seeing and buying their CDs. Follow them and listen to them. Their music is cutting edge.
Stevie Wilson
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