Clash of the Titans: Not What One Expected from Geek– oops– Greek Mythology!

The Clash of the Titans — 2010 — is a movie that is a remake of the incorrect version of Greek mythology. Hollywood and most film-makers take a great deal of liberty with the facts (facts? we don’t need no stinkin’ facts!) or basics of the true story of Perseus. It seemed that while this huge cast had been filmed, virtually no one was featured but Hades, Zeus, Perseus and Io. Poseidon was mentioned in there along with Athena, Hermes, Juno and the rest of the Olympian contingent of gods but none of them got more than a couple of frames at best.
This movie focuses pretty much on Zeus (Perseus’ father), Hades (who had no role in the original myth), Io (again had nothing to do with Perseus) and the king of Argos (not the right city according to legend) who was not involved in the original Perseus myth until after all the death of Medusa. Weird, bizarre and twisted tale, that’s just the beginning of the strange things that go on with Clash of the Titans 2010
sam + shield and sword.jpg
Sam Worthington as Perseus with his unique shield which is not according to legend.

Clash of the Titans Trailer
Here’s where I am going to tell you some honest truth because I spent some bucks seeing it on Friday.
1) Knowing going into the movie that the this film had not been filmed with a 3D treatment in mind and actually was changed after the film had completed shooting. So, the 3D effects aren’t very good. Don’t waste your money on the 3D version because it is disappointing.
2D will serve the purposes should you choose to waste money on this film and the popcorn & sodas to go with it
ralph fiennes  hades.jpg
Ralph Fiennes as Hades
2) The film makes a lot of hash out of the original Clash of the Titans, has had a huge cast and features almost none of them, put roles in play that totally are out of sync with the mythology: Hades and Io had zip to do with Perseus and if the Kraken was a sea creature, he wasn’t a child of Hades, it would have been Poseidon which would have made more sense here — because he had originally pursued Medusa, a handmaiden of Athena.
liam neeson zeus.jpg
Liam Neeson as Zeus
3) Every man in this movie has long hair and some have grey hair. Even Liam Neeson has a poorly done long black wig with grey streaks and an equally sad beard. Some men in the army had braids, but all had longer hair– except for Perseus who had a very very short hair cut. No one had that sort of haircut in the entire film including his adopted father.
The Kraken

4) The kraken wasn’t part of the original myth but there was another monster, nor were there giant scorpions or Gians (JINS)– ancient mystic magicians involved in this movie but not anywhere in legends unless it was the Arabic version.
5) Everyone spoke regular English or had some sort of Middle Eastern accent except for Worthington who had an Australian accent. According to every legend and even the other movie, Perseus was Greek, not Australian.

Medusa and Perseus
The part with Medusa and Perseus was awesome– probably some of the best stuff going on in the movie. Io , well-played by Gemma Aterton (Quantum of Solace), was out of place mythologically and really was not the woman Perseus was to end up with according to legend–which was Andromeda.
Some of the special effects like the crossing of the River Styx were good but was this worth $8 bucks a ticket (I went to a matinee) plus some snacks? No!! I was much happier watching Lost and Sparticus last night than what I saw in the theater. I know I am bored when a small box of popcorn can’t keep me busy (and the SO got the “large combo” and I sent him back for candy mid-way). Yes it was that bad. Sam Worthington is great except for his accent. He’s cute but his toga doesn’t fit him well when everyone else is wearing long pants or longer toga/robes.
My recommendation: wait for DVD and don’t spend the money on 3D!!
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