How to Deal with Life During a Mercury Retrograde? 7 Ways to Get Past It!

We are currently in the midst of Mercury Retrograde unitl 9/12 and it won’t entirely vanish until about the 15th. Here’s a piece from Marie Bargas who is quite knowledgeable about these things on how to get past the hassle, issues, arguments and crashes (electronics, relationships, business dealings) that are part of dealing in a retrograde.


On the day Mercury turned retrograde I lost a very important document that I had been working on for days. One stroke of an extra long French Manicured fingernail on the wrong key sent the spread sheet into another dimension forever… and I remembered… “Today is the first day of the Mercury Retrograde.” I wanted to scream but I couldn’t. I cursed under my breath. Imagining a hot bite of cinnabon melting slowly in my mouth gave me momentary sugar addict relief and then… my shoulders dropped in defeat and I closed my laptop in anguish.

At that exact moment my computer sputtered, made a sound like a goose yodeling in the Swiss Alps and shut itself off. My first instinct was to hunt for a cigarette in my purse. I found the cigarette, but no lighter or matches. I put my purse on the floor in disbelief and it fell over and spilled my make-up, perfume, cigarettes and God knows what else on the floor. The sound of a footfall crushing an eye make-up case caught my attention and I looked up to see the apologetic face of someone passing by on their way to the Men’s Room. I nodded politely at their acknowledgement and returned whatever contents of my purse into my designer sack.

A computer sputtered and died across the office from me and the lights dimmed for a moment before everything turned itself off and on again in the air conditioned atelier of a designer client I was working for. The sounds of the muttered curses from the executive office sank below a frantic tirade in Spanish coming from the work room. I looked out of the panoramic window beside my desk and tried to focus on the cars driving fast on Sunset Blvd., but it was no use. My mind was able to drift away from the chaos for a few short minutes before the sound of someone screaming, “Carlos is locked in the bathroom!” brought me back to reality. But by then the series of events had become a farce and I laughed until the tears started rolling down my cheeks.

That was just the beginning folks. Today, as type this closeted in my bedroom where my air conditioner struggles to combat the 105 degree heat, I am determined to give you my friends, a working manual of how to survive the Mercury Retrograde because I can use all the good karma I can get. Good karma is not a shield against the Mercury Retrograde by itself, but it is good leverage with the Gods when begging for mercy, which I am doing wholeheartedly this evening under the full moon. I will not, however, be seen dancing naked under the stars, unless my air conditioner explodes and there is no other way to combat the heat. I prefer to do my rituals with my clothes on thank you and most of the time I am very well dressed.

For those of you who are not aware of my continuing interest in the occult and my pronounced intuitive abilities, consider this my “coming out of the broom closet.” I have studied the occult for almost 20 years following a fatal car accident in which I died and came back with the ability to forecast trends and events. I do not worship Satan, sacrifice animals or commune with demons. If I did I would have my own reality show. But, in my travels I have come to dread the Mercury Retrograde like the return of a nagging ex-boyfriend who I know I will fight with incessantly until he leaves. So read on and take notes because I’m giving you the benefit of my experience with this troublesome astrological phenomenon.

Author: Stevie Wilson

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