Psych’s Dule Hill and James Roday Talk about Season Premiere on 10/12!

USA Network brings back America’s favorite fake psychic team with all new episodes of PSYCH for its sixth season on Wednesday, October 12 at 10/9c. James Roday (“Shawn Spencer”), Dulé Hill (“Burton ‘Gus’ Guster”), Corbin Bernsen (“Henry Spencer”), Timothy Omundson (“Detective Carlton Lassiter”), Maggie Lawson (“Detective Juliet”) and Kirsten Nelson (“Chief Vick”) all star in this cult and fan favorite series. PSYCH is currently USA’s longest running series on-air.

From vampires to super heroes, hippie communes to mental institutions, season six of PSYCH will thrill and delight fans of Santa Barbara’s favorite psychic crime-solving team. A bevy of top names in entertainment will make guest appearances this season, including pop culture icon William Shatner as Juliet’s father; Danny Glover and Wade Boggs in a baseball escapade; Kristy Swanson and Corey Feldman in a vampire episode co-written and directed by James Roday; John Rhys Davies in an Indiana Jones inspired episode written and directed by Steve Franks; plus Joey McIntyre of New Kids on the Block fame, Malcolm McDowell, Jason Priestley, Molly Ringwald and WWE Superstar The Miz. This season, when it comes to Juliet, Shawn is making some grown up moves in their relationship and best friend and partner Gus deals with being a third wheel. Also, whether or not Shawn is a “real” psychic is questioned.

While you start to pre-order those fresh pineapples, check out
James Roday and Dule Hill, who a were participating in a round-table phone interview to talk about the 6th Season of the hit series Psych, This fan favorite is USA’s longest running series on air and this season offers some of the most fun and exciting episodes to-date.

Dule Hill: How’s everybody doing?
James Roday: What up, what up?

Dule Hill: I’m giving everybody a warning, if I keep coughing in your ear, my apologies, I guess my body is starting to shut down because we just wrapped like three days ago. But I’m taking my Buckley’s right now, my Buckley’s cough drops, so I should be good to go.
James Roday: I’m not coughing in anyone’s ear, so I’m not making any apologies.

Operator: The first audio question is from the line of Dru Moorhouse.

Dru Moorhouse: Hi guys.

Dule Hill: How you doing Dru?

James Roday: Hey.

Dru Moorhouse: I’m good. First of all I wanted to hear about the fan appreciation day, what’s going down and how did that come about?

James Roday: Well you know, last season after we wrapped we did a little, we did like a little four-day college tour where we kind of hit every major region of the country and said, “Hi,” to some of our fans at a couple different universities. And in lieu of something like that again, we’re kind of centralizing the whole celebration to one location, which is the Ziegfeld Theatre in New York City.

So Thursday we’ll be kicking it at the Ziegfeld, and we’ll get to hang out with about 1000 of our fans that will be attending from all over the country. And we’ll screen the premier and we’ll do a little Q&A and we’ll give away some swag. And it should be fantastic and a great opportunity for us to say, “Thank you.”
Dru Moorhouse: Since you just finished – geez Dule, give us a break. Hope you feel better. Since you just wrapped, is there anything you can dish about the season finale, is it a cliffhanger?

James Roday: Yes, there’s – that is fair to say. There is a shocking ending that I hope our fans will not soon forget.

Dru Moorhouse: All right, I don’t want to hog the air time but one last question, “I heard two different things from you and Andy Berman about the Clue episode; is it definitely off?”

James Roday: It is not off, it’s just not a part of our 6th Season. It’s still very much in the hopper and all of the key players are still committed, we just weren’t able to shoot it this season because of various scheduling conflicts. But it’s on tap for next season — knock on wood — probably the first or second episode.

Dru Moorhouse: Okay cool. Have fun at the fan appreciation day.

James Roday: You gotcha, thank you Dru.
Dru Moorhouse: Thanks.

Dule Hill: See you soon.

Operator: The next question is from (Jean Jackal).

(Jean Jackal): Hi James…

James Roday: Jeannie.

(Jean Jackal): …hi Dule, how are you?

Dule Hill: All is well, how are you doing?

(Jean Jackal): Good. I talked at length with you James when we were at the TCA meet…

James Roday: We did; we got some quality breakfast time together.

(Jean Jackal): That was fun. But you hinted, not only about the Clue episode, which I understand is not part of the season now, but also about a Halloween episode I believe with vampires and also an Indiana Jones inspired episode as well as a Cuckoo’s Nest inspired episode. Could you talk a little…

James Roday: Yes, we did in fact deliver on those other ones. Those are in the can. Those are fully produced and being mixed.
(Jean Jackal): Okay and…

Dule Hill: We also have a Shining episode this year too.

(Jean Jackal): Shining really?

James Roday: Shining is what you get in place of Clue. So we still felt like we should swing big.

(Jean Jackal): Well, what about Halloween?

James Roday: Halloween is the vampire episode. And I think it’s airing the week of Halloween.
(Jean Jackal): And is there any special guest stars in that one or?

James Roday: Kristy Swanson, the original Buffy, and Corey Feldman, one of the Frog Brothers from The Lost Boys, and Tom Lenk, a regular on Buffy the Vampire Slayer TV Series.

(Jean Jackal): So it’s a lot of Buffy’s?

James Roday: Yes, we went Double Buffy.

Dule Hill: And Blacula makes a guest appearance also.

James Roday: Yes.
(Jean Jackal): Who does?

Dule Hill: Blacula.

James Roday: Guest appearances, Blacula and the Vampire Lestat.

(Jean Jackal): That’s hilarious. One more thing, James, how did you come up with those weird accents in the pilot, I just – I thought they were hilarious.

James Roday: Weird accents in what?

(Jean Jackal): The pilot – I mean the first episode of the season with Malcolm McDowell.

James Roday: You know what, our key Makeup Artist, Wendy Snowden — shout out — is British, and I literally sat, I sat with her that morning and was like, “All right, walk me through like, all the bad British, like regional dialects that there are and let me just butcher one.” And that’s how we landed on that.

(Jean Jackal): Well they were horrible…

James Roday: Thank you.

(Jean Jackal): …but funny.

James Roday: Thank you (Jeanie).

(Jean Jackal): Thank you.

James Roday: Have a good one.

Operator: The next question is from Jamie Steinberg.

Dule Hill: Hello Jamie.

Jamie Steinberg: Hi guys, nice to speak to you. Dule, it’s not your average chick, told you I’d be here.

Dule Hill: I saw. (Unintelligible).

Jamie Steinberg: First question is, “Maggie has Twitter, Dule has Twitter, Tim has pseudo-Twitter, when is James getting Twitter?”

James Roday: Twitter, now what is that?

Jamie Steinberg: It’s an online social networking Web site.

James Roday: You know what it’s – I’m not anti-Twitter, I just, I’m warming myself up. I’m just doing some pre-Tweeting loosening up exercises, making sure that my diet is in order. I just want to be in the best possible shape when I take this exciting journey into the Twitosphere.

Jamie Steinberg: Speaking of social networking, you guys are embarking onto some new territory with the Hashtag Killer, what is that – how do you guys feel about embarking on that new territory?

Dule Hill: I think it’s fun. I mean obviously, you know, that whole interactive and social network stuff is a big part of today’s society and our fan culture, so anything that we can do to engage them some more and keep them…

James Roday: Mama.

Dule Hill: …interested in our show, I think is a fun journey. And it’s something different. And I hope people are enjoying it. I haven’t had a chance to play it myself yet, but it seems like it’ll be a fun thing to play.

James Roday: (Unintelligible).

Jamie Steinberg: And…

Dule Hill: That’s Roday talking to his dog, in case you were wondering.

James Roday: (Unintelligible).

Dule Hill: He’s not losing his mind over there.

Jamie Steinberg: I was wondering if you could (tell us) a little bit about some of Gus’s upcoming nicknames this season.

James Roday: Oh wow.

Jamie Steinberg: Besides Blacula — by the way the chops look good on you.

Dule Hill: Thank you. Thank you very much, thank you. Make it a Bloody Mary. I don’t know Roday, what are some of the nicknames? I always – once they come and go, I kind of forget about them until they air.

James Roday: We did – the only one I can remember is because I just finished watching the cut for Shining yesterday and we do Eddie Adams from Torrance, which I believe is a Boogie Nights reference.

Dule Hill: Okay, okay. I’m kind of blanking out. I’m sorry I don’t have the – a better answer for you right now. I can’t remember some of the names I’ve been called this year.

Jamie Steinberg: Okay, thank you.

Dule Hill: No problem. See you in the Twitosphere.

Operator: The next question is from (Rutha Cordero).

(Rutha Cordero): Hi guys. It’s so great to speak with you.

James Roday: You.

Dule Hill: (Yes).

(Rutha Cordero): Okay so you guys made my dream come true watching you guys do the pendulum with Joey McIntyre in a video yesterday.

Dule Hill: Yes they released it on Entertainment Weekly Roday.

James Roday: Oh nice.

(Rutha Cordero): Yes, that was a dream come true right there. So I want to know, “What are the possibilities of seeing the remaining members of High Top Fade Out with the – all the members of New Kids on the Block on the show one day?

Dule Hill: It would be a fun Psych-Out. I don’t know – I mean that’ll be – I don’t know if that’ll ever happen; that’s a lot to ask. I think we can maybe work it out where we can get some members of High Top Fade Out, our (Quarterblack), and a member of New Kids on the Block all in one season. I think we can make that happen this year.

(Rutha Cordero): Oh my God, that’s just too much for my heart here. I’m wondering if you can tell me a little bit more about the Joey McIntyre episode.

James Roday: That was the super – our Superhero episode. There’s like a vigilante superhero like combing the streets of Santa Barbara, cleaning them up one bad guy at a time. And it may or may not be Joey, we don’t know.

(Rutha Cordero): Now that you guys are done shooting, what are you going to get into during your free time?

James Roday: Well if Dule will allow me to sing his praises, he will be appearing on Broadway in New York, starting in December, in a play called Stick Fly opposite Mekhi Phifer and Ruben Santiago-Hudson and a trio of wonderfully rich Broadway stage actresses that everyone should make a point to circle in their calendars and get to New York to see the man on stage.

Dule Hill: It should be a good time. And it’s produced by Alicia Keys, who I just (found out)…

(Rutha Cordero): Wow.

Dule Hill: …is doing the music for the play. So you know, even if we are terrible the music will be good.

(Rutha Cordero): That’s awesome. Thank you so much again. Good luck with the season. And feel better Dule.

Dule Hill: Thank you very much.

Operator: The next question is from the line of Jamie Ruby.

Jamie Ruby: Hi, thanks so much for talking to us today.

James Roday: A pleasure.

Jamie Ruby: Now that – the last person mentioned it and made me think, what’s your favorite Psych-Out that you’ve done? They all seem like so much fun, but what’s your favorite?

Dule Hill: For myself it would be either the one we did with Joey, which because when you start involving real, you know, musicians and real singers and real artists singing their own songs with you, you can’t really top that.

Jamie Ruby: Well sure.

Dule Hill: It would be the one that we did with Joey, and then it would be the original one that we did in the pilot, Man in the Mirror, because that’s kind of what started the whole machine going with the Psych-Outs. And that was just really just Roday and I having a lot of fun off camera. And then we got to the final shot just, “You know what, let’s put it on tape. Let’s just do it.” And it turned into this whole big Psych-Out phenomenon so. Those are…

James Roday: Yes and in the spirit of doing Psych-Outs with the original artists, I’ll mention a drunken rendition of Head Over Heels that we did with Chris Smith.

Dule Hill: Yes.

Jamie Ruby: All right. What do you guys think – is there anything this season that you kind of learned about yourself or just in general, do you – since this season started?

Dule Hill: That I learned about myself?

James Roday: That it takes less takes and less stairs for me to get winded when we’re in pursuit of bad guys.

Dule Hill: I probably learned something about the – I mean I like Vancouver but the love kind of starts to fade as my seasons go on. You know, the rain gets a little worrisome.

Jamie Ruby: Yes, always a lot of rain. All right and, what’s something your fans would be surprise about you?

James Roday: They’d be surprised?

Dule Hill: This one’s a hard question because I mean, you don’t really – I mean, you don’t really know how much people know or people don’t know or what they (unintelligible).

Jamie Ruby: Like a hidden talent or something like that maybe or a funny hobby, I don’t know, something different.

Dule Hill: (Unintelligible).

James Roday: Well you know I think a lot is made of my affinity for horror films, which is absolutely true, and I think indicative of some of the episodes that I’ve written and directed. But I’m equally maniacal and fanatical about sports, which may not be as evident, especially since some of our sports episodes leave a little to be desired. But fantasy sports is sort of, probably my biggest vice in life, and it’s not something that I get asked about a lot, nor do I volunteer it. But in this instance I will.

Jamie Ruby: Okay.

James Roday: And right now, you know, we’re in the football season and I’m managing no less than five — that’s right, five — fantasy football teams. So there you go.

Jamie Ruby: All right, thanks.

Dule Hill: I think for myself it would be – they probably would be surprise that I have – I’m nowhere near tuned into the 80s as my character on the show. The majority of the references that we make on the show I have no idea what we’re talking about. It’s really afterwards I’m always like, “What is – Okay, what was that about? What are you saying now?” It’s Roday and Steve, they’re very much into the 80s, but I’m not really anywhere near as into as they are.

Jamie Ruby: Well, all right. Well thank you very much.

Dule Hill: But I do like pineapples though — I love them.

Jamie Ruby: Okay, that’s good to know. Well thank you, both of you. And feel better Dule.

Dule Hill: Thank you very much.

James Roday: Thanks.

Operator: The next question is from (Guillermo Pod).

(Guillermo Pod): Hi guys, how are you?

James Roday: Guillermo.

(Guillermo Pod): Hi, hi. All the way from Argentina here.

James Roday: Love it.

(Guillermo Pod): So one of the several traditional things in terms of psychos going crazy to watch every new episode is of course Gus’s nicknames, the “Gus don’t be,” they heard it both ways and the pineapples. What are you going to show us in those department this season?

James Roday: Well there’s definitely some nicknames, there’s definitely some Gus Don’t Bes. One that we’re particularly proud of that you’ll see in the Jennifer Lynch episode entitled Guillermo del Toro presents (Autopsy Turvy), which will air late in the season. So asterisk that one for a Gus Don’t Be. I don’t want to spoil it. And I believe there’s still a pineapple every episode. I think that’s just a machine that kind of takes care of itself.

(Guillermo Pod): Yes, great. And one of my favorite nicknames is (Gus Diddy Showbiz) with the extra T for extra talent, which is yours Dule?

Dule Hill: That one’s up there, but my favorite is always the original, I’m guess I’m a big fan of the original ones (unintelligible) Gus (Sillypants) Jackson; one, because it made Gus a Jackson, you know, and I’m a big fan of the Jackson’s so; and then it also caught me off guard when Roday first did it and I was like, “What did this cat just call me? Did you just call me (Sillypants)?” But that’s my favorite.

(Guillermo Pod): Great. You’re probably also the show with the biggest amount of pop references and stars, you’re getting Danny Glover and William Shatner, that’s probably pop references heaven. What is your favorite Season 6 reference?

Dule Hill: Again for me that’s – I’m going to have to like tap out on that one because I’m really blanking out on the references this year. And I don’t know if it’s just because we just finished and I kind of just dumped everything out of my mind. But as I’m going back and trying to think I cannot really come up with, just on top of my head. But that one I’m going to tap out on.

James Roday: There’s a visual reference in our vampire episode where we’re in a very strange vampire bar and we approach the bar and the bartender has his back to us and when he turns around to face us there’s a music queue and the actual casting of the bartender that comes together to create what I feel is a pretty delicious 80s visual reference. So I’ll go with that.

(Guillermo Pod): Great. And the last one for me so I don’t hold up you guys too much, “If you could have any crossover with whatever show, which would it be?”

Dule Hill: U.S. Network, I would want to do White Collar. I mean, that’s on the air right now, I would say White Caller, a show that was off the air, I would still go back to Monk.

James Roday: It’s a U.S. show or any show?

(Guillermo Pod): You can give me the U.S. show or any show, anywhere, anyplace.

James Roday: Well if it’s any show I would say we should crossover with The Walking Dead because I think we’re due for a zombie episode.

(Guillermo Pod): Cool. Cool. Well guys…

Dule Hill: And I would say…

(Guillermo Pod): …thank you so much.

Dule Hill: For myself I would say if it’s any show I would say, “Modern Family,” because I just love the show so much. And I think it would be fun to have Shawn and Gus interact with all of those characters over there.

(Guillermo Pod): Okay now we need to make that happen guys. Thanks so much.

Dule Hill: All right.

James Roday: Thanks man, thanks (Guillermo). That’s a fun name, it’s just a good name to say.

Dule Hill: I was going to say, “You just like saying that man.” (Unintelligible).

James Roday: Guillermo.

Dule Hill: You know, didn’t he get all happy when he first came on?

James Roday: (Guillermo).

Dule Hill: (Unintelligible). You see what I’m saying? Hey (Guillermo). All happy over there. Wait till a Jamaican comes on and watch how I act.

Operator: The next question is from (Heather Dunmoyer).

(Heather Dunmoyer): Hello.

James Roday: Hello.

Dule Hill: Heather.

(Heather Dunmoyer): I have a question, “Now we all know that the Blueberry is almost a stable character of the show itself, but at one point is Shawn’s wooing of that girl, he said that he’s been thinking about getting a car. So do you think he would ever abandon Gus and the Blueberry in that way and actually get a car of his own and lose the motorcycle?”

James Roday: No, I think he was just – those were just – that was just sweet nothings. That was just sugar talk.

(Heather Dunmoyer): Just sugar talk. You break a girl’s heart.

James Roday: You say what you’ve got to say in the moment, you know what I mean?

(Heather Dunmoyer): Of course. Of course. So what was it like, tell us a little bit about what it was like working with William Shatner.

James Roday: Unbelievable.

Dule Hill: Right.

James Roday: The man is – I mean he’s an icon obviously but watching him work was an honor in and of itself. I mean he’s a machine. He was totally invested. He had – and I say this – this is not me editorializing or exaggerating, he had the heaviest load that we’ve ever given a guest star on our show. He pretty much drives the entire episode. He had the same schedule as Dule and I. And it was just remarkable. I mean not only did he know everything, he had questions, he had thoughts, he had concerns. You know, he was modulating his performance and he just – he really, really wanted to knock the role out of the park. And then to top it off, when the weekend came and you know, and Dule and I basically beach ourselves and recharge our batteries so that we can get back to it Monday morning, (Bill), flew to Calgary and did two live shows on Saturday and Sunday, and then flew back to Vancouver and was back at work at 6:00 am Monday morning. The man is 80 going on 20. And like I said, “It was humbling and it was a really honor just to watch him work and pick his brain and be around him.”

(Heather Dunmoyer): Awesome. Well thank you very much. And Dule, I hope you’re feeling better. And I’m really looking forward to a great new year of Psych.

Dule Hill: Sounds like a plan.

James Roday: Thank you.

Dule Hill: Thank you.

Operator: The next question is from the line of CJ Allan.

CJ Allan: Hey guys, how’s it going?

Dule Hill: CJ Allan. Now before you ask me a question, I want to know, is Dorkina Maxima with you?

CJ Allan: As you heard from the giggle, yes she is.

Dorkina Maxima: Hi Dule.

Dule Hill: How’re you doing? How’s everything?

Dorkina Maxima: Good, how are you?

Dule Hill: All is well.

Dorkina Maxima: Good.

Dule Hill: Roday (unintelligible) that you would be able to partake in Roday if you were part of the Twitosphere. But being that you’re still…

Dorkina Maxima: That’s right.

Dule Hill: …on the sidelines, you have no idea what’s happening right now.

James Roday: I’m the last guy picked for kickball. That’s cool.

Dule Hill: It’s good to talk to you.

Dorkina Maxima: You’ve got to get on there.

James Roday: I’m moving…

Dule Hill: (Unintelligible).

Dorkina Maxima: Say that again, I’m sorry?

James Roday: I’m moving in the right direction.

Dorkina Maxima: Good.

Dule Hill: So, who’s asking the question (unintelligible).

CJ Allan: Yes, anyway Dule, I’m still not your friend anyway (unintelligible) because I’m British.

Dule Hill: (Unintelligible).

CJ Allan: I said I’m not your friend because I’m British. You don’t like the Brits for some reason.

Dule Hill: Who me? That’s not true at all, one of my uncle’s – my uncle is a Brit.

Dorkina Maxima: I know but I…

Dule Hill: I love…

Dorkina Maxima: I told you to treat him badly because he’s British (unintelligible).

Dule Hill: Oh right, right, I didn’t – right but I didn’t say that I would treat you badly; I love the British. I have a lot of family from there.

CJ Allan: And my first question for you is, obviously you both have a good relationship with each other, but have there ever been times where you’ve had a falling out and you had to do a scene together and kind of get through it?

Dule Hill: No.

James Roday: No.

Dule Hill: No.

James Roday: Not even once.

Dule Hill: And if it happens next season, then I’m really not going to like the British. It’s going to be your fault. I mean because I think we respect each other too much. We respect each other’s process and even as individuals there’s a mutual respect there. I really – I would be shocked to see that happen during the run of the show.

James Roday: Yes, I think the closest thing to any sort of real difficulty is I think we both had to fight our way through scenes when we were very, very ill. That’s about the worst of it.

CJ Allan: Great, well it’s good to see you always get along. And if you could – now this kind of goes against what you said, but if you could replace each other with a different actor for one episode, who would it be?

Dule Hill: Myself…

James Roday: For one episode…

Dule Hill: I would replace myself with Deon Richmond, who is the real “Bud,” to see if anybody noticed the difference.

Dorkina Maxima: “Bud.”

James Roday: I would – for one episode, I would replace Dule with David Bowie. It would be a different take on Gus, and I would get to work with Bowie. And I wouldn’t feel bad because I’d know Dule would appreciate the time off and he would be back the next week.

CJ Allan: You still alive over there Dule?

Dule Hill: I am. I’m hanging in there.

CJ Allan: (Unintelligible) could ask you a question as well.

Dorkina Maxima: What I wanted to know was, first of all Dule, you and I had a bit of a bet going on the Lakers and the Celtics, who were in the playoffs last year.

Dule Hill: Yes.

Dorkina Maxima: And I wanted to see if we can get that going again this year because – well not this year, but this coming season.

Dule Hill: (Unintelligible).

Dorkina Maxima: What?

Dule Hill: I was getting ready to say, “I don’t think it’s going to happen this year.” They’re going to be (unintelligible).

Dorkina Maxima: No, I meant next season.

Dule Hill: But in the coming…

Dorkina Maxima: We’ve got to up the stakes.

Dule Hill: I think I’m always down for a bet on the Lakers. The Lakers are the conference champs. So even though they didn’t win it this year, I know they’ll come back again and do it next year, you know? They’ll come back even stronger…


James Roday: Man, the Lakers aren’t winning crap. Kobe’s old…

Dorkina Maxima: Yes.

James Roday: …they haven’t replenished that team. You’re headed for some lean years my friend.

Dule Hill: All right. All right, know what I mean…

Dorkina Maxima: That’s what I was trying to tell him.

James Roday: Take it from me, my team got old and now the Lakers are getting old, and that’s what happens.

Dule Hill: But see, we have much better management over there and we’ll make our adjustments that we need to make to keep ourselves in the running at all times.

James Roday: That’s right man, (Shannon Brown), leading the charge to the rings, that’s it man. Don’t mess with (Shannon Brown) son.

Dorkina Maxima: (Unintelligible).

Dule Hill: You’re not ready…

Dorkina Maxima: I appreciate the trash talk.

Dule Hill: They call him “(Shannon), don’t worry about that.” But I’m always down for a bet on the Lakers, you know? Make it happen.

Dorkina Maxima: All right good.

Dule Hill: All right.

CJ Allan: Cool well we won’t take up anymore of the people’s time. So thank you for talking to us. And when you like to do accents, you need to attempt the British accent called Geordie, and the main phrase is you’ve got to say, “Whey aye, man!” So that’s something for you to try out in the future.

James Roday: Copy that, going to do some Geordie work, you bet you.

Dule Hill: (Unintelligible).

CJ Allan: Great, thank you very much guys.

James Roday: Thanks man.

Dorkina Maxima: Bye guys.

Dule Hill: Talk to you later.

This is the end of part 1 of the intervied with James Roday and Dule Hill. Check back on MONDAY to see part 2!!

Stevie Wilson,

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