Halloween Treats…They’re Gonna Get You!

A lingering crispness in the air..determined to coax you into a jacket.  Green is now brown + orange.  Less daylight, more darkness.  Bright moonlight illuminates the cause of a sudden noise…a swirl of fallen leaves in a gust of wind.  The Fall…moody, evocative, beautiful and downright eerie at times. Could there be a better season for Halloween?  Not a chance!

Halloween only begins with seasonal ambiance.   Treats parties, costumes, contests, mischief…oh yeah, and kids have similar fun too.

For some, it means gathering at a friend’s party for neighborhood kids, or parents Trick or Treating with youngsters.  There are horror movies with friends, or just you, or just you & a special someone.  There’s also BIG costume parties, clubs, contests, and…a spike in Pepto Bismol sales.

After receiving a Halloween Newsletter from celebrated food artisan Robert Lambert I decided to ask if I could share it with an LA-Story.com’s worldwide audience.  I even scored some added Halloween suggestions…

The Newsletter is a mix of treat recipes for kids + grown ups alike and two cocktail creations (The Vampire’s Kiss and Full Moon Rising) for grown-ups only.   The Melting Ghost Pie (simple fun and great for parents to make with kids) is like a giant upscale S’more with a theme!  The Autumn Apple Sticks are Lambert’s festive twist on classic Caramel Apples.  More here…

Newsletter (links out to the recipes):  https://madmimi.com/s/e23255

Autumn Apple Sticks Lambert Halloween Jeepers Peepers Cropped

RL The Vampires Kiss   RL Full Moon Rising Reshoot Final

Lambert Halloween Ghost Pie 3 Lambert Ghost Pie Touch Up

Robert Lambert Halloween Cake

When asked to advise those throwing a Halloween party or gathering, Robert Lambert offered this: “Elaborate recipe preparation doesn’t always look elaborate. Sometimes, a simple recipe can make you applause worthy without the added work.  As someone who labors for many hours making small batch artisan foods, I have developed an affinity for recipes like this.  I encourage people to have a peek at the Blueberry Mascarpone Cheesecake, Dark Chocolate Raspberry Cheese Tart and Cheese Platter recipes on my recipe page to see how simple can translate to a magical look…and taste!”  Links here: http://www.robertlambert.com/store/recipes.html

There’s also some great Hostess/Host Gifts and Halloween Treats for Kids here: http://www.robertlambert.com/store/gifts.html

Thanks to Stevie Wilson for letting me contribute here & there to her amazing (and NEW LOOK) lifestyle blog site!

Author: Thom Rafferty

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