Vedic Astrologer Howard Beckman Weighs In on Election 2016! Trump Vs Clinton!

This post comes at time when clarity about current events is very hard to come by. It’s a time of much discomfort and discord. I turned to Howard Beckman, Vedic Astrologer, to give some insight into this election. There’s too much mud in the water to see things clearly. He’s just the person to be able to shed light where there has been little. This is not a political post about one candidate or the other. Howard Beckman has done a reading based on birthdates and has the results from that. We are not telling you who to vote for. Howard is sharing what the horoscopes of these two candidates reveal. I really am grateful to Howard Beckman for making time to do this reading. As a side note, Howard does readings for just about anyone!

The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.”
Martin Luther King, Jr.

Here we are right smack in the middle of interesting times again, as I’m sure most would agree. A most unusual presidential election, myriad conflicts around the globe and millions of displaced citizens who have lost everything and become refugees. There is great insecurity for the future in the minds of many people around the world, including Europe and the USA.
So what shall we do? Take every day as a new day, try to gain knowledge of the path before us that we may make fewer mistakes, and with our eyes on the road and hands on the wheel, drive ourselves forward to success. In the words of Sir Winston Churchill “A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty”.

The Two-Ring Circus of Election 2016
By Howard Beckman

I have never seen an election so mired in controversy, nor where both candidates are so unpopular with the majority of the voting public. There are always party diehards, who will support any candidate their party nominates, but this time we have a situation never before seen in a presidential election. We have on one hand a political outsider, Donald Trump, who has already been nominated by the Republicans, continually acting in such an outrageous and volatile manner as to foster mistrust, even fear, of his winning the election by stalwarts of his own party.
On the other hand for the Democrats we have the first woman ever nominated by a major political party for president, also a successful and savvy politician, who has held high office herself, besides being a former first lady. She is a political insider. The party is behind her, but anger and controversy abound, especially over the question of voter fraud and the intentional marginalization of Bernie Sanders. The e-mail scandal pales in importance compared to that!
Even the media admits that in voters’ minds this election may be all about voting against the most despised candidate, rather than voting for the one that you actually like. So many things are hidden. According to most Vedic astrologers, the US is now in its Rahu period. Over the next 17 years or so, there is going to be a lot of conflict. Those in power will try to keep it, and expand exponentially, at almost any cost. I hear much about the dishonesty factor that people feel about these two candidates, but were you somehow expecting to have an honest politician running for the highest office of this country? Using both those words together is a dichotomy. All successful politicians in this day and age are dishonest. Otherwise, they would not be successful politicians!

Hillary Clinton


The horoscope of Hillary is somewhat uncertain, as two birth times are given, 12 hours apart, at approximately 8AM or 8 PM. I am one of those that lean towards the morning time, as it gives her a Libra ascendant (some astrologers have said she has a Scorpio ascendant, but I do not agree as the planets in the 12th do not indicate such a public life to me). Venus, ruler of Libra posited in the 1st house, gives rise to Malavya Yoga, giving her a powerful reputation and success in her endeavors. Mercury is also in the ascendant, so there is also a raja yoga created by Venus and Mercury combined. She commands considerable wealth, is known around the world and by most materialistic standards she is very successful.

Sun is also in the first house, being lord of the 11th house of monetary gains, which seems very good in principle…BUT. The one problem is that Sun is debilitated in Libra. Not only that, but he is at his weakest degree. When the election is being held in November Hillary will be running Sun period and Rahu sub-period. Rahu is in exaltation, but is in the 8th house of death. We wouldn’t normally expect her to be winning such an important election at this time, at least not just under her own steam. She’ll be running a very difficult 8th house transit of Jupiter at the time, as well, nor does Saturn’s transit promise an easy time over the next few years. When I looked at her varshaphal (yearly Vedic solar return) neither was particularly promising of her winning an election to rise to the office of president. There is going to be a lot more than meets the eye to this election and both controversy and cloak and dagger accusations will abound.

Donald Trump


Now looking at Donald Trump’s horoscope, it is also very powerful (obviously). Mars creates raja-yoga (King’s combination) in the first house, with Leo rising. His Rahu is also exalted conjunct Sun, ruler of his ascendant, in the 10th house of career. Mercury is in his own sign Gemini in the 11th house of desires and material gains, along with Jupiter in the 2nd house of earning make him a wealthy man. He has material power and he has monetary wealth.

As to his personality, it is his debilitated Moon in the 4th house conjunct an exalted Ketu (south node of the Moon, as Rahu is the north node of the Moon) that makes him so explosive, constantly putting both feet squarely into his mouth, often acting like a petulant child in his verbal attacks. Let’s face it, most people will shun a person that is always singing his own glories, criticizes vehemently anyone who dares to oppose them for any reason and is totally cut-throat when it comes to business. He’s also an angry guy, and not a very nice or happy one. Talk about a life of pressures! I think anyone would agree that he does his best to live by it’s “my way or the highway”.

At the time of the election Trump will be only days away from entering his powerful Jupiter dasha. However, I do not see it taking him to the oval office. More wealth and power in business will come to him, but not the highest political office in the land.

Jupiter moved to Virgo on Aug 11th, exiting Trump’s ascendant and therefore removing his protection from Saturn’s full aspect on his ascendant. That itself should curtail a Trump victory, but that Saturn is transiting over Trump’s natal Moon should also insure he cannot win this election.

Neither of the candidate’s charts looks strong for a presidency, but due to the malefic aspects for Trump on election day (and being that his birth time is said to be more reliable than Hillary’s) I believe that if the two of them run on November 8th, she will be declared the winner.

I feel that this election will be a volatile time. Nothing will be as it seems. We could even see something no one imagined, like one of the candidates dropping out and the next president being someone not as yet nominated for the office! However, if come election day it’s still Hillary versus Donald, rest assured Hillary Rodham Clinton will become President of the United States.

Will that change anything for the better? Hardly! 2017 will be another roller-coaster year.

The two big factors will be conflicts increasing and economies faltering. I expect the markets to have some kind of big readjustment, from my study of next year’s new moon chart for the USA. Of course, how these things will affect our personal lives is down to our own karma.

Your own horoscope will give you the knowledge you need to prepare, both for the successes and the challenges to come. As I always say, “to be forewarned is to be forearmed”.

Howard Beckman, Vedic Astrologer

Bio: Howard Beckman

The lessons that Howard has learned throughout his amazing life has helped him counsel countless individuals to come to terms with their lives and develop healthy identities. He overcame drug abuse in his twenties and went on to become a World-renowned Vedic astrologer and teacher of the ancient philosophies of India. Including Ayurveda, Bhakti Yoga and Vedic Astrology. He has authored four books on these subjects, but in his latest “Tempting the Devil in the Name of God – The Heavy Hand of Fate” he shares his memoirs, his deep struggle with heroin and how he achieved physical, mental and spiritual freedom to not only survive, but thrive.


Howard lives in Ocala, Florida and is a Director of The Vedic Cultural Fellowship and Ocala Equine Rescue. He can be contacted for Vedic astrological consultations at or to book him as a speaker at


Thanks to Howard Beckman for such amazing insight, awareness and detailed explanations. His information and insight into this election is meaningful.  It’s  been a difficult election period for the  US citizens to make decisions about who  and what to vote for.

If you are looking for guidance from the stars (astrologically and astronomically), you have landed in the perfect spot. You can obtain guidance on the potential events in your life for 2016 courtesy of Howard Beckman‘s guest blog. Author and Vedic Astrology expert Howard Beckman can help you get a bead on the general tenor of the VEDIC Astrological year which will help you get the bead on this unique astrological system.

Stevie Wilson,




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