New Year’s Resolutions Update! Get Back On Board with Fitness Goals with Misty Tripoli’s Groove Method!

It’s now March and April is fast approaching. While the weather may not seem like it, spring is right around the corner.  While it’s easier to clean out a closet or two (or more), fitness and healthy habits are harder. For most people, it’s easier to engage with healthy habits than it is to dive into working out. Healthy habits can be as easy as drinking water while working out seems to mean WORK-ing out–doing things that really make you sweat and/or encourage you to use your muscles and engage your whole body in movements. People get started with working out but then they table it for various reasons that range from the flu to getting home late for work. I KNOW working out feels like a time suck but it’s not really that way. It’s a way of giving back to yourself some love and attention. I personally love my workout time and I do it every. single. day. The time is essential for my mental health and my physical health. You might think I am crazy– and maybe I am. (OK!, YES! I am crazy but in a good way). I love how I feel post-workout.




Misty Tripoli

I was recently introduced to Misty Tripoli’s Groove Method workouts. Actually they aren’t workouts as just you moving around grooving to the beats/music she is featuring on her website or on videos (seen on youtube) or via streaming which is her latest way of delivering some very joyful fun dance/movements. The movements are easy and fluid. You don’t have to learn a specific routine. It will change every single time you do a workout. It’s not a regimen. It’s a practice. And practice makes perfect– as in a more perfectly happy you who
loves yourself more. It’s more than a workout. It’s better than a workout. It’s many things: self-acceptance, self-love, self-care and so much more.



Snippet of a Body Groove/Groove Method Workout

Here’s more about what the Groove Method/Body Groove is


What Is Body Groove/Groove Method?

The Body Groove is a revolutionary dance-based fitness program created by Misty Tripoli. While most exercise workout videos are based on one-size-fits-all choreography, Body Groove allows everyone to create a workout that is just right for their body. It’s a different way to work out that doesn’t have you mindlessly following an instructor’s moves. Instead, you’re given the basic choreography, then it’s up to you to make each movement “your own” by adding exactly the style that you want – whatever feels right to and for you at that moment. Not coordinated? No worries. Not a dancer? That’s okay. No rhythm? No one cares. Body Groove is designed to move your body in the way the music makes you feel. When you do it your way, it can never be wrong. So tune in and be kind to yourself! Be gentle and find your own style, your own groove!

“The moment I stopped following traditional workouts and started allowing my body to move in its own way, I started to feel awesome. The secret to getting a healthy body is listening to your body. When you listen to your body, you learn to respect your body! My stress levels came down, my eating disorder vanished and the more I danced, the faster my body melted away the unhealthy fat that had been bothering me for years. And now, years later, Body Groove has gone international and it has literally changed the lives of thousands of people,” smiles Misty.

Moving and exercising your body should never be a punishment. The Body Groove routines are completely different from anything you’ve ever tried. That’s the reason they are so successful– and why so many people absolutely love them! The Groove Method is the latest evolution of what was The Body Groove!






Video featuring Misty Tripoli about how Body Groove got started!



1. Realize and understand no one cares what you look like
“Everyone is so self-obsessed. We kill ourselves because we are so worried what others think. When you begin to understand the basic principle, it frees you up in so many ways.


Video with Misty Tripoli: You aren’t born to count calories



2. I am a Unique individual!
I should absolutely be different then anyone else! Revel in the differences! If we all were the same, this place (and our lives) would be so boring. Live it give yourself permission to do it your own way, With that “self-permission” to be unique, you will discover your own unique self.
There is something about learning to be authentically yourself, that open you up to heal. Then you increase your range of motion, etc.



Groovin’ Baby with Misty Tripoli!



3. No one is going to do it for me. The happiness outside of yourself is your responsibility for yourself!

Stillness practice:
More important than any exercise… going into your inner world! You will feel fucking fabulous. The power is within yourself- and you can do it for yourself all the time!
If you want peace, harmony and inner joy, it’s your responsibility . You have to make a commitment to yourself to find peace, harmony and inner joy.

Honor what your body needs, your heart needs, your mind needs- and keep reminding yourself that “no one is going to do it for me”!
We are looking for “the quick fix” or the magic pill. When you take a step back for a moment, you realize its a lifelong journey! This requires your patience, your kindness, your gentleness with yourself. This is the “bit by bit”, “day by day” that accumulates over time. It is creating that healthy, holistic self-care we give our selves.



Misty Tripoli “Super Funk”



4) It is absolutely impossible to get this wrong!
When I do it my own way, I cannot get it wrong. It is impossible to fail when you are your authentic self. This is what groove allows you to do!
You get to move your body your own way. (My body is happy to) just be me and do it my way!
You can not get it wrong- even if it looks ridiculous! “You cannot fail” is another truth that became very real for me.
You don’t have to be fit. You don’t have to *know* anything. You don’t have to dress a specific way.
You get to be YOU!



The Groove Movement




5) Tying it all together
Put these components (mental and physical) into practice. You might not understand anything until you apply it.
These five simple truth are what makes Groove. You get to practice being your creative self, your vibrant self, your authentic self!
Once you apply it/them (the body groove movements), you will never go back.
It’s impossible to go back once your body, mind, and emotions have experienced the Groove. The truth is too powerful and it alters you at such a level!
Groove is so powerful because it’s so simple. It’s a shift in your perspective- and it feels different!
When you try to explain it- it sounds different because you are connecting to yourself.
You will see that it when you apply them in the physical structure, and you will see/feel them start to seep into all areas of your life.
These things are only ideas until you start using them in your life. With Groove, it goes far beyond an at-home workout.
We are creating a global movement for people out there who are seeking the same things.
Challenge yourself. Tell yourself the truth, then apply it. Practice it every day to remind yourself.
Control your thinking/over-thinking and choose kindness and say kind things to yourself. it is so simple– but you have to practice it!
Build and create health, give yourself time to be patient and to be kind to yourself



Misty Tripoli Body Groove Boo Bitty!


Who is Misty Tripoli:
Hi, I’m Misty, I’m a keep it real, say it like it is no holds barred warrior of truth and sometimes a naughty vixen of delightful decadence. I totally get off on really good coffee, cool people and creating sick-ass, super-fun high-vibration experiences for people like you.. whether it’s through workshops, keynotes or hiding out and dancing in the jungle for 10 days.

I have been an addict for movement and dance (as well as many other yummy things) my whole life. 10 years ago while living in Los Angeles, wrapped up in the Hollywood life, severely bulimic and overworked, I cracked. I was at the top of my “game”. I was under contract with NIKE as a Global Elite Athlete, I was the director of the top Health club in Cali, I was in demand- working with companies like Reebok, Sketchers, YogaWorks, Equinox and more. I thought I was the shit.

Now I spend an exuberant amount of time making and enjoying mind-blowing coffee beverages (for my healthy coffee tips: and green smoothies while I continue traveling the world, igniting communities and inspiring hearts to come together to be authentic, creative and have as much fun as humanly possible!


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Thanks to Misty Tripoli for allowing me to share this content and “her-story” (Think History but as a HER-Story instead.) This is most certainly a crazy great workout with such great results in so many different areas.

Stevie Wilson,




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