Tarot with TruthinHand! 11/26-12/2: Life’s Love Story

If your mind still reels from the Full Moon Thanksgiving, you aren’t alone. Reports are flowing in and this was an emotional get-together for many. Old stories and struggles could take a slightly removed back seat to the sheer happiness of being in community. Pets were affectionate, friends supportive, family on the tame side. Is that a sigh of relief I heard?

For a few the ghost of painful past trauma visited and tried to scare you into better behavior. Did it work? This appearance was to encourage you to let go of the victim/persecutor, rescuer scenario and get a better playground like a real Life Love Story. One not full of hazards lurking at every corner. Remember how much influence you have now on how you interpret anything. The story you tell drives the emotions which trigger actions. So where you dialed up the feel good oxytocin connection in spite of risk you got the connected tribal holiday.

If you told a story where you were not in the driver’s seat, no matter what happened, you got the ghost of holiday past. For some people it was walking a line down the middle. That was my experience. Those old reactions lurked right beneath the surface and I felt them. Each time I did, I would breathe into it and ask myself, what’s a better way to see what’s happening. The Universe served up more than a few opportunities to practice, which I’ll share in another post.

What’s important this week is a cosmic push in the direction of a new Life Love Story. Jupiter spends the next year in Sagittarius with a grand invitation for you. Can you start to see the loving gift in anything that happens to you? Even those things that aren’t anything close to what you wished to happen? Because if you get that, you win the grand prize. Happily Ever After is sitting right in the middle of that scenario. I’ll tell you more about that in the coming weeks.

For the next few days, you get some fun little practice runs where you can sail out of any mental storm and into calmer waters. It just takes the strength to hold formation space while things reveal themselves to you. Add a little optimism to that effort and voila, magic! So get ready to ditch the downside of love as a big part of your story.
The Cards and Stars will help.

Thank you,

Lisa Greenfield


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Card of the Week: Six of Arrows- Transition

The definition of this week’s Transition Card is “evolution from one form, stage, or style to another”. The arrows are the mind’s realm, which signals a shift from one thought form to another. Mars is triggering a cosmic domino topple that began with last week’s Full Moon. All of next year we watch them fall, one after another. When you focus, gather your thoughts and send them down an evolving pathway, you get entertained and collect on bigger rewards for retooling what things mean.

You’ve had moments where you’ve done it already. In fact, it’s been leaking into your consciousness for several months. Now you get to put the puzzle together in a way that leaves the stormy mind behind. The calm is in front of you and it looks good. Something unwanted happens and it’s easier to believe there’s a hidden benefit in it. You don’t ignore or wallow in disappointment. Instead you acknowledge it, empathize keep moving. Feels strong, powerful, capable.

There are lots of those moments this week to anchor your gratitude practice, trust that what it looks like now isn’t the end result. Every time you affirm that, another domino tips in your favor.


Monday: the Hooded Man


This solitary figure holds a lantern to symbolize how inner reflection lights a lamp within and without. From this light you can pick your way forward and others can follow your example. There is a cosmic cornucopia of transition today. Whether you breathe into the tension or rage at it, it will effect change. Watch for power struggles outside of you which are really a reflection of a bigger internal battle going on inside of you. Each situation or person holds up a mirror today.

See your version of whatever it is that stares back at you from their behavior. Better to pay attention to the plank in your eye versus the speck in someone else’s eye. The tug or war outside of you is the measure of resistance your mind has to giving up unhealthy thought patterns. The bigger or hotter the exchange, the more fight there is in you to preserve old beliefs. How comfortable are they? Let that be your guide. Familiarity can be edged out by the discomfort of believing small about you or others. In the absence of certainty, can you let yourself imagine a kind and exciting new possibility or two may be ahead?



Tuesday: Seven of Stones- Healing



Good work, being willing to entertain fresh options for beliefs has a profound affect today. The heavens above line up today to help launch new dreams that couldn’t happen with ease in the old straightjacket interpretations of things. Set intentions today. Better and more reachable than dreams, intentions include what you will risk to create the life you love. This life requires an internal integrity matched by external action. When intentions anchor those sky high goals, your limitless dreams begins to get solid form.

Seven of stones has the Green Woman in front of the wounded man, bringing endless resources with her. The feminine brings bounty, flow and endless resources to the masculine flat on its back. Before we jump into action, let those wounds of falling short heal. Those failures, disappointment in results and denials of opportunity are the past and past performance is no measure of future performance. What determines that is your willingness to heal and try again. Try a different way or with different collaborators this time.



Wednesday: Three of Vessels – Joy




Mercury is the only one of the Gods that could travel into any part of creation and get back out. Even Jupiter himself could not enter into the hell realm, because he could not be sure of a safe return. This Mercury Retrograde you have the opportunity to get yourself out of the dark underworld and up into the light. You can do it in a single thought that begins a chain reaction. One after another, ideas and meanings lift you out of self doubt, disapproval and isolation.

Today’s aspects involve adjustment. So it takes a little effort to come unstuck, but once you do happiness rolls in on waves of laughter and merriment. Three is Mercury’s number and communication is key. Heartfelt communication since we have vessels involved. Gather with those you love and trust and see where you can make light of some of the darker moments. When you can laugh with those you love about those foolish human moments hell seems far, far away.



Thursday: Knight of Bows- REVERSED!




After yesterday’s pick me up moments we must watch out or we put ourselves right back into the fire today. This bravest of Knights gets a little hot under the collar and can’t quite contain it when he’s flipped upside down. There’s an implosion or explosion brewing. Watch for tensions and overly sensitive responses to things. Whether you go into over-functioning mode or under-functioning, the key is patience. Things aren’t quite ready. So turn the heat down, let things simmer.

If you are tired, you’ve gotten ahead of yourself and the Universe wants to slow you down. Rest a bit. Pause the forward momentum. The Moon opposes Mars to illuminate where fear still drives our knee-jerk reactions. It’s particularly evident as the day unfolds. If you can’t catch yourself before you act, then call a timeout anywhere you can to step back and get back to solid ground. You do that when you get fear to take the foot off the gas pedal. Chill, relax, slow down a few breaths worth. Give opportunity a chance to catch up with you.



Friday: Ten of Bows – Responsibility





Remember those intentions you set on Tuesday. Time to live up to them with a few concrete actions little steps today. This is not a rush to the goal line, rather a try on the imagined outcome you want and take a lap in it. Act ‘as if’ there was some of those big dreams at stake. Speak your Truth, change how you do or say something when you have witnesses to the fresh start. Look yourself in the mirror and say your intentions out loud.

It’s also a great day to ask the Universe for signs. If you show up to do your part, there is nothing wrong with looking to be met there with some Magic offered up as help. Your job is to be willing to see magical moments when they do pop up. What begins as opposition or obstacles can end with a major breakthrough when you stay on the adult path. If you find yourself caught in revenge fantasies or irrational impulsive desires, those are prime breeding ground for alchemy to take the lead and turn it into gold. Just add personal responsibility, broad vision and a willingness to invest yourself. Then give the results time to fully form.



Saturday: Seven of Bows – Clearance



This is the second seven this week and it heralds an unexpected mental or spiritual experience. This seven highlights places where the battle rages inside us when change doesn’t suit us. Whether there is too little or too much change around you, we battle with impatience for change we want or resistance to change we don’t want. It’s a good day to clean house. Trust your intuition as to what area needs it most. For most people this week, the battle in our mind is in need of a thorough clean out.

We’ve emptied IOU’s and broke up with old relationship patterns the last couple of weeks. Check out November’s posts if you missed those updates. So today this second seven says it’s time to revisit those spots and be sure to sweep out the last of the lingering attachments. Mercury and the Great Awakener pack some surprise insights into what drove those patterns. Don’t waste time battling the information. Rather, you want to put it to good use mapping the edges of your broader perspective on the real you. It puts you in the best position to create more of the life you want to live.



Sunday: The Ancestor!




The Ancestor stands ready as the pathfinder on your new journey forward. After the adjustment, the new intentions and clearing out of old ties this week, we have a new beginning ahead. Rest assured, you have wise guidance to help you as you go. The Universe offers you all the strength, courage and wisdom you’ve gleaned from past struggles and challenges. Plus it has bonus signs, advisors and instinctive knowledge that inform you on your path.

Part of the journey is learning to trust what you feel and choose moment to moment. This is less about making the perfect selection or decision than it is about perfecting your own rhythm of being in the world. If results don’t turn out as expected, it doesn’t mean you screwed up. This is the most important lesson you can learn. Rather you can view it as good to know. If there is an adjustment of your input, speed or actions that need realignment, great. If it all felt right and you still didn’t get your results. Patience.

When you make Life a competition instead of an adventure you set yourself up for failure. Choose the adventure over dominance and everyone wins.

Good luck with this Mercury Retrograde!
Lisa Greenfield


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Thanks to Lisa Greenfield for this week’s reading!

Stevie Wilson,


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