Up Your Skin Game with Ageless Secret’s NEW Renewal Support Formula Serum!!


If you haven’t noticed that I dig deep into beauty products, then you haven’t been reading this blog for long. While makeup is great and fragrances are awesome,  but skincare gets my attention every. single. time! It’s the scientist in me that is fascinated with the way skin reacts *(or not) to certain products.  Granted that sleep (*or lack thereof), diet and how much exercise you get all have positive or negative affects on your skin.  If you have too much sugar or too much sun exposure,  there are negative effects that occur. Some might take longer to show up (like sun damage) but it does happen. What you use on your face to counteract the negative or be a positive addition to your regimen is pretty important.



If you have read any of my posts on skincare, you will note that some product lines show up a few times — that’s because those brands or products are solid-  meaning they deliver what they promise. One of those brands that I have featured before is Ageless Secret! I have featured that brand  5 times:
( 6/1/2013,





There is a lot of information in all those posts – and some are podcasts with the founder of Ageless Secret, Jim Kaszyk.  I have kept up with his website and was very curious to find out about a new — and huge improvement – version  Ageless Secret Gold.  The new version is called Ageless Secret Renewal Support Formula 

Disclosure: I bought the first bottle of Renewal Support Formula,  Kaszyck  gave me a bottle to continue the test  and share my results here.

More than just an improvement, the Renewal Support Formula is essentially an entirely new product!




Here’s a description from the Renewal Support Formula page:

Renewal Support Formula™ has 20+ ingredients famous for great anti-aging benefits and lots of Organics like: USDA Certified Organic Aloe,
Organic extract of Cranberry,
Organic Orange peel,
Organic Lemon peel,
Organic Bilberry,
Organic Sugar Cane,
Organic Sugar Maple extracts.
It also has lots of vitamins and anti-oxidants:
Vitamin E,
Vitamin A,
Vitamin C,
Alpha Lipoic Acid,
Vitamin B3,
Vitamin B5.
There is moisture quenching hyaluronic acid properly formulated with glycerin and our unique energy that creates micro particle water so skin is hydrated from the outside and the inside providing amazing hydration.
Plus you get rice peptides to support DNA synthesis with no danger of side effects.
There is Niacin to promote circulation and a nice glow.

For more help to look forever young there is Ho Shou Wu, the most popular anti-aging herb in China and Helichrysum Italicum, known to aroma therapists as Immortelle because of its legendary anti-aging benefits.

You also get the extra benefit of more than 25 years of research to infuse all these ingredients with a special energy that multiplies their effectiveness many times.  This provides enhanced performance and support for innate renewal cycles to also help you look forever young.
It Works or Your Money Back!

I was really intrigued by all the added ingredients. There are significantly more ingredients in this serum than there is Ageless Secret Gold— the original stand-out product.  If you compare both products the Renewal Support Formula is hands down a better product because most of those ingredients are synergistic.

There are specific directions for using this new Formula product.

Directions for Use:

SHAKE WELL before using.  On clean facial skin, spray 8 sprays in the morning and 7 sprays at night.  Spread over face, neck and upper chest.  Rub it over your hands too!  Using a blow dryer (optional) 2 times per day, on mild heat, enhances tightening and results.


Additional  comment s + first stage review:

The use of a Light Stim device (or other similar tools)  will be really helpful in making this Renewal Support  Formula or the Ageless Secret Gold work better. It activates it even further.  It was suggested I try using my Light Stim for 15 minutes on a section to get the fastest results- and that really works. (It also requires a lot of time!).  The use of the LED Light Device in the anti-aging presentation (Red Light)  is not news to me. I used it and mentioned that I had used it in a couple of the articles.  It’s useful to have to speed up your results.
The commitment to doing this every night is well worth your time. I do it when I watch TV.  It’s easy and the timer keeps me on track.

When I used Ageless Secret Gold, I had great results with fading lines and wrinkles. My face perked up quite a bit and I didn’t need any neuromodulator injections (Botox, et al) or any filler injections.  While I am using this  Renewal Support  Formula,  I am already seeing lines fade and I am thinking that maybe I don’t need to spend the $$$ to get the neuromodulator injection.  Since I have had this product for  3 months. I am loving that the   Renewal Support Formula has more  ‘good for my skin” ingredients that will help boost hydration, plumping and help diminish the formations of lines and wrinkles.  Yes, I could go back to Ageless Secret Gold, but the Gold formula is in the Renewal Support Formula along with the other ingredients –and it’s the same price.  Why not try  the newest improvement?


I bought the first round, Kaszyk gave me a bottle to continue the test and share my results here.  This is just staged one of the results because, over time, things get really good.  I know that from having used the Ageless Secret Gold for well over a year. Now I want to see what this product will do.



If you buy a  bottle of Ageless Secret Renewal Support Formula, you will be gifted a free bottle of the Ageless Secret 109 when you mention my name ” Stevie Wilson” at checkout.   You have the chance to stop time or even turn back the clock by using this new Renewal Support Formula.  
This offer is for consumers in the USA only!  This offer ends on 12/29/2018 so hurry up and make your purchase!



What is Ageless Secret 109?

The Formula No. 109 is unique because it is an energetic, USDA-certified Organic Aloe, microparticle water, ‘deep-hydrating’ mist that feels like a skin lotion.  Retail value is $10.


About Ageless Secret and Jim Kaszyk

In case you don’t know the story behind Ageless Secret Gold, read about it here:  https://www.agelesssecret.com/product/ageless-secret-gold-2oz/. I have used and tested this product many,  many times  (both with some test product as well as the product that I have purchased).

You can watch this video of Jim Kaszyk talking about his research into his original formula and how it works. It’s been proven to be true via independent testing. I  personally did  ALL of the simple “sticky water” tests too and the water really does get sticky.  I was even part of his photo gallery because I had dramatic results from trying the Ageless Secret Gold. I have been using his products off and on since 2011 and honestly, they are bomb.




Here’s a bit from the Ageless Secret Website about the development of his collection of products and it specifically talks about the Ageless Secret Gold attributes and what makes it so unique.  If you check out the information below where HUGE DISCOVERY is bolded  (and hopefully in red), you will find detailed information  about  “expanding water”  and “Subtle Energy”. The key ingredient of the new Ageless Secret Renewal Support Formula   is the Ageless Secret Gold. The Ageless Secret Gold was a break-through product that has been tested so many times by both clients  and scientist to see if it does what it says it does.

From Ageless Secret Website and the WATER Journal. :

–A VERY UNIQUE PRODUCT:  We have proven that the Creation Energy, Scientific Name, Subtle Energy,  in our Ageless Secret™ GOLD product CAN EXPAND WATER. As far as we know, no other product, treatment or device has ever done that.  This is important to you because collagen and elastin, like DNA, are helical molecules that are bathed in water. Think of them as tiny springs and when we expand the water within you see superior tightening, plumping and lifting.  This energy also makes water feel more slippery.  It transforms the water within to act like a lubricant.  Think of the water as “oiling up” your tiny collagen and elastin springs, which you see as elastic skin.

Creation Energy,  Subtle Energy declines with age and children have more than adults.   The Ageless Secret™ GOLD Formula…  Creation Energy That Makes You Look Younger!

What is Subtle Energy?  It is an energy that theoretically can slow or reverse aging. (You can learn more about it in the Science Section on this page.)  Until recently this energy was never really understood.  For example, we have shown that it declines with age and children have more than adults. This company, The Ageless Secret, pioneered the research. By proving the Creation (Creation- the act of causing to exist) aspect of this energy Five labs have proven we have a technology that infuses Subtle Energy  into liquids. No other company can make this claim and it allows our products to deliver results never possible before.  For more, click HUGE Discovery. This will open a PDF with several pages of proof! Then use your back button on your browser to return here. The products give great results and we have loyal customers who have been purchasing for more than 10 years.  Questions?  Contact us.


Another key element about the Ageless Secret Gold is that there is proof now that the water-based product can be infused with energy.  Skeptical here? I was initially until I read this review from the  scientific journal, WATER that featured this peer-review on the Ageless Secret Gold.

Two things that are major scientific breakthroughs…  Click here to view the published report

“Kaszyk created a process using proprietary catalytic towers that work energetically to interact with matter when it is coupled with the subtle energy field.  The result is Kaszyk, unknowingly concentrated a new form of subtle energy…”

“At this point we realized that the Kaszyk treatment process does significantly affect our sealed control waters…”

“Kaszyk’s commercial product, Sun Lovers Mist (SLM), is Arrowhead Spring Water after Kaszyk’s proprietary treatment has been performed.”

“… Sun Lovers Mist was sprayed onto the side of the sample cell.  The sprayed fluid tightly coated the wall and drained down the side of the cell…  The fluid had a visual appearance that was unusual.  Its viscosity when it runs down the walls appeared greater than normal water, almost oily.”

“The absorbance values for the sprayed sample are higher over the whole wavelength range…”

“Some kind of extraordinary water structure has been revealed in the bulk water treated remotely using subtle energy…”

“It (the spray experiment) has led us to consider additional experiments to show that the Subtle Energy in the sample causes the formation of a new kind of droplet…”

Prior to Kaszyk’s bottling the elusive energy, researchers who were trying to prove that Subtle Energy existed used the human body to generate it or test for it.  This always led to frustration because critics would say how can you tell your results are not wishful thinking or due to the placebo effect?

Kaszyk and the co-authors Walter E. Dibble, PhD and William A. Tiller, PhD discovered a way to indirectly measure the new organizing energy independent of humans.    Finally, after more than 40 years of scientists trying to prove Organizing Energy is real, science now has a way to conclusively prove the existence of it and measure it.

The reason why the new discovery was published in the journal “Water” is that the new energy has the amazing ability to structure water.  This structuring occurs because the new energy is an organizing energy. This is important because this organizing energy creates the same kind of water, which Gerald Pollack, PhD of the University of WA and author of “The Fourth Phase of Water” says is in the human body.  In the body, Kaszyk has shown that Life Energy, also called Chi or Subtle Energy, is the organizing energy that creates this type of water in us.  Now we have a new organizing energy that mimics Life Energy.  An organizing energy is also an Anti-Aging Energy and has tremendous implications for health and beauty.


 The great thing about Kaszyk  is that he is always doing research on improving the ingredient list to make a more effective anti-aging product  with an easy to use delivery system – in this case, spray-on treatments  for twice a day applications.  One of the great things about Jim, is that he’s  aware of other products/tools that will improve the efficacy and delivery of his products.   He and I had a long conversation about the use of  Ageless Secret Gold  with a  tool like LightStim!

If you noodle around the AgelessSecret.com website, you will find tabs on the bar  for testimonies and before/after  comments and photos.

Thanks to Jim Kaszyk for his patience on this review as well  as his time as we covered lots of information to get this very detailed post correctly done!

For more information (and there is a TON of scientific studies and information available to read) please visit the Ageless Secret Website.
Website:   AgelessSecret.com

Follow Ageless Secret on these social platforms:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AgelessSecret
Twitter: https://twitter.com/agelesssecret
Blog: http://theagelesssecret.blogspot.com/
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/TheAgelessSecret


Stevie Wilson,

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