Getting Gorge Hair Through the Power of Magnetism: Giovanni Magnetic Hair Care

It’s getting into late fall and almost winter. If you are having bad hair days, maybe you need to think about changing up your hair care routine in a serious way. Go MAGNETIC!!
You may not understand now but once you use Giovanni Magnetic Hair Care products 1-3 times, you will see a huge difference in your hair.
How It Works
MAGNETIC DENSITY LEVEL (MDL)™ Each Giovanni Magnetic Hair Care Product has a specific Magnetic Density Level. The higher the number, the greater amount of Magnetite used in the product. So, a Level 10 has twice as much Magnetite as Level 5. The greater the level of Magnetite the greater conditioning properties the product possesses. Also, with increased Magnetite comes increased benefits from magnetic therapy for your hair and scalp. Of course, Giovanni uses only the highest quality Magnetite available to ensure pure, sustained magnetic energy.
E = Magnetic Potential Energy
= Magnetic Moment
= Strength and Direction of the Magnetic Field
*Based on Maxwell’s formula – physicist James Clerk Maxwell who worked on electromagnetic theory.

This is the Giovanni Theorem…your formula for beautiful, shiny, more manageable hair.*
Science unlocked nature’s secret to beautiful hair.
Giovanni Magnetic Hair Care products include microscopic particles of Magnetite (Fe3O4), a naturally occurring ore, as well as a magnetic metalloprotein, which acts together to deliver magnetic fields to your hair and scalp.
A magnetic metalloprotein is a protein containing a magnetic ion, which acts as a tiny bar magnet. This tiny bar magnet can be represented by an arrow pointing from its South to North pole. This arrow is what is called a magnetic moment. A magnetic metalloprotein is shown schematically in figure 1.
The magnetic particles are in fact small magnets, about 1 micron (1/1000 mm) in size. These create myriad microscopic domains of magnetization.. Within these domains the magnetic moment of a metalloprotein lines up with the magnetic field. This is shown in figure 2.
While the matalloproteins interact with the magnetite, aligning with the field, the metalloprotein, in turn, interacts with your hair and scalp, mediating the exchange of magnetic energy.
Fact: As hair grows, it acquires a stronger negative electrical charge. Moreover, daily combing, brushing and blow-drying further increase the negative charge (-). Chemical products such as hair-color, relaxers and permanent waves compound the negative charges.
Solution: Magnetite Fe3O4. This mineral has a natural magnetic charge. We have taken this mineral and imbued it with proteins and conditioners. These are called Micro-Magnets. The Micro-Magnets (with a positive (+) electrical charge) are naturally attracted to those portions of your hair that have a negative (-) charge. The Micro-Magnets (and its proteins and conditioners) attach themselves only to those areas on your hair that need conditioning. These properties ensure you of a strand-by-strand, customized hair conditioning treatment.
Technically, this patent -pending invention of Giovanni Hair care should be referred to as a superparamagnetic suspension. But don’t be distracted by these technical details. You will certainly see how effective if you just try the products and judge for yourself.
Check out this NIFTY hair care line. I adore it for the deep conditioning and I am brutal on my fine curly hair that I blow dry, color and spend time outside. (after all this is Southern California!). Curly hair gets damaged easier and faster than any other hair type because of the greater amount of exposed cuticle.
So if you want GREAT looking hair, check out this line.
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