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Marie Bargas is a writer with whom I have worked at least three years. She’s a friend and really savvy about all things Hollywood but also all things occult and alternative when it comes to health both physical and mental. Marie is a pretty smart woman and she knows how to work the LA channels of power like few people that I know. When Marie came to me with this article, I jumped on it because it’s interesting, fun and also ideal as a fashion accessory.
Hot on the trail of this month’s O Magazine feature “The Awakening Earth” which focuses a new take on some very old spiritual concepts incorporated with new ecological awareness; Hu Energy Products have emerged as the avant garde of the succession of fashion and jewelry collections tailored for the New Age of consumers who are turning to spirituality in order to cope with the world today.
For those of us who know that “The Secret” really works and that you really can “Change Your Aura: Change Your Life”, the Hu Energy Pendant is an updated supercharged step beyond the Kabala red string or the old fashioned charms against the evil eye. It is scientifically engineered to raise the human energy vibration and for all intents and purposes seems to do just that.
As I visited with the Hu Energy Pendant creator and designer, Shadow Sky, one sunny morning in North Hollywood, I was prepared to get an earful of four of my favorite topics: History, Mystery, Fashion and Beauty. He certainly did not disappoint.
Women’s pendant

The History:
Hu or (hue) comes from an ancient name for God that’s about 5000 years old. Man comes from the “mana” meaning mind. The two words united mean God conscious man (human), which fits in nicely with the increasing interest in raising personal spirituality and awareness.
Men’s pendant
In a nutshell, the science behind the design of the pendant is taken primarily from sacred geometry. Sacred geometry goes back about 2500 years ago to the Ancient Greeks. For those of us who aren’t science buffs, sacred geometry is best recognized in fashion and design as the geometric shapes visible in a snowflake, the cosmos, the pyramids, cathedrals and mosques that have survived from the ancient world. (Note from Stevie: want to know more? Check out the post/podcast about the proportionofblu denim brand here).
In many cultures, the “evil eye” is a simple explanation for the effects of negative energy. Most people equate this with luck. Good energy = good luck and bad energy = bad luck. Whether you carry around a lucky rabbit’s foot, a charm with a blue eye painted on it, or have a trendy Kabala red string around your wrist, you are one of the many who believe that luck can be changed by possessing an object.
Women’s Pendant
The design of the Hu Energy Pendant is based on the premise that luck is determined in part by vibration. Your personal vibration is the rate at which the energy particles that make up your body and the energy around it resonate. Electromagnetic resonance phenomenon, or simply that rate at which energy particles resonate is named after physicist Winfried Otto Schumann who predicted it mathematically in 1952. New Age theory reports that the typical person resonates at 7.4 hz. Shadow explained that the pendant raises a person’s vibration to 13 hz which is almost double that.
The Mystery: The mystery is explained in depth on the Hu Energy Fashion site:
The New Age Movement arising from the 1987 Harmonic Convergence believes that human race is undergoing a period of drastic change culminating in the end of the world, as we know it in the year 2012.
As a species our vibration is supposed to rise in connection with our evolution. The only problem is that all those handy dandy electrical devices that we just can’t live without: computers, cell phones, pdas, ipods, play stations etc., are interfering with the process. As a result, most people experience what can be referred to as “metaphysical growing pains” such as fatigue, confusion and emotional highs and lows.
The Hu Energy Pendant serves as an “Ascension Harmonizer”. On either side of the pendant there are three yin/yang symbols arranged in an upside down triangle formation. Each yin/yang symbol is adorned with two pinpoint cubic zirconium. The combination of the symbols placed on top of the medallions made of copper, enamel and gold is supposed to create an energy field that will allow us to adjust to the rise in vibration without too much discomfort.
The design is inspired by Ancient Egypt, the breath of life (Chi) and Atlantis, which put this History and Discovery Channel fan – moi – into ecstasy because I love this stuff. As the discovery of the a lost continent of Atlantis draws closer and closer, we have already verified the existence of Troy, identified the mummy of Hatchepsut and proven that the shape of a pyramid does sustain an energy field. The questions that remain if solved promise to reveal a mystical side to human history that may herald the renaissance of a profound respect for the ancients: the Egyptians, the Babylonians and the beyond the dust collecting relics in the British Museum.
Men’s Pendant
The Fashion:
I’ve been wearing a kabala red string off and on for many years. By the time it fades and breaks off I’m glad to throw it away because it just looks awful by then. The charms I have against the evil eye look great when I’m out in jeans and boots, but just don’t fit with anything that I have for evening and at times can look childish or dated. And just because I have a taste for exotic Middle Eastern baubles and bangles which you can chalk up to my love of movies (The Mummy, Lawrence of Arabia, 101 Arabian Nights, 7 voyages of Sinbad, The 300), it does not mean that I don’t also delight in a more sophisticated look.
My Hu Energy Pendant is a chic black enamel on one side, which I wear with almost anything and a saucy scarlet on the other side, which speaks to the Asian part of my heritage because red is the color of luck. The pendant hangs on a hinge and reverses easily. I’ve already replaced the standard black adjustable cord with a 14 karat gold ball chain, which makes this piece of jewelry as wearable as the diamond studs that I never take off.
Come to think of it, I’m going to order the larger men’s version of the piece for my fianc√©. The abstract design suits both men and women. All he would need is a thicker chain in a longer length and I’m sure he would wear it every day. He’s a grown-up hippie anyway.
The Beauty:
We are literally coming out of the Dark Ages so to speak and are rediscovering and relearning secrets that were burnt, suppressed or reclassified as superstition. Today, as more and more people are turning to acupuncture instead of prescription drugs for pain relief, oil of oregano instead of antibiotics for infection and purely organic diets for longevity it seems that in order to move forward, we need to take a step backward to find the answers. So, with all this re-evaluation in science and medicine going on it seems fitting that the science of beauty, which always strives to move forward, is taking steps backward as well.
Black Pendant in Gold.
We all agree that we are certainly more beautiful when we are stress free. The pendant helps accomplish and maintain a healthy, rested disposition. I know, I survived meeting my future in-laws, unpacking after a move and oh… did I tell you that I’m also planning a wedding? The restful sleep was a welcome side effect.
But, more than anything else, the discussions spawned by this attractive pendant have helped me polish my knowledge of history philosophy and science and I can’t tell you how attractive men find an intellectual woman.
Thank you to Marie Bargas for this multi-faceted explanation about the Hu Energy Pendant and how it fits into the world (both metaphysical and physical world) today. It’s interesting to note that while Marie was “test-driving” this pendant, she previously had not been feeling all that great and that she seems to have emerged from her fatigue, variety of allergies and illnesses so quickly that it’s got me thinking about this too. Who wouldn’t love to have double the energy with virtually no effort and be fashionable at the same time?
She’s lost weight, gotten more job offers, re-balanced her life and is healthy in the bargain. I think it sounds amazing.
Now I need to test this baby out.
This would make a great mother’s or father’s day gift (hint hint)
Stevie Wilson

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