LeBootCamp.com’s Valerie Orsoni Tells You How to Look Hot This Summer!

Valerie Orsoni, celebrity trainer and author of Le Personal Coach and founder of LeBootCamp.com has some great summer tips for getting into shape- fast!

When celebrities and friends go vacationing at the beach, they enjoy, like the rest of us, spending their day on a towel on the beach, reading the latest best seller or listening to some music.

Let’s face it to keep their body all toned our dear people friends don’t spend their whole day like a whale on the beach. They take advantage of being at the beach to exercise, sometimes very discreetly (and sometimes less).

Celeb Coach Valerie Orsoni is sharing with you their summer tips to get in shape like a star without sweating it too much. And then you too will enjoy a heavenly body when summer ends….

Cameron Diaz: she is not the only one to use surfing to burn the calories of her rich American-style diet ((Kate Bosworth, Elle MacPherson, Evangeline Lilly, Kate Hudson, Courteney Cox, and yes even Jennifer Aniston have tried to tone their body using this approach as well).

Coach’s Feedback:
Surfing is a highly physical activity that will engage your entire body, thereby burning more calories. Because you need to work on yrou balance, too your deep abs will work more than you simply do crunches and you will get this oh so sexy flat tummy.
To truly burn calories quickly make sure you start with a few classes (group classes work fine for this sport). Otherwise, by trying to find the perfect way to glide you will end up spending so much time in the water that you won’t burn so many calories

Summer Rx: Sign up for surfing classes if you plan to go to the beach this summer. Two hours a day and with a healthy diet you can lose up to 4 pounds of fat a week!

Sarah Jessica Parker uses LeBootCamp fave ab-toning technique: the plank! While at the beach and every 20 minutes or so she discreetly goes into a plank position and holds the position for 1 min. This is perfect to tone your deep ab and get a sexy flat tummy without getting a manly looking six-pack.

Coach’s Feedback:Regularly engaging one’s body is the best way to see quick results without sweating off your waterproof make up! It is also almost impossible to injure yourself by just contracting your muscles.

Summer Rx: When you are on your towel, enjoying some good-mood sun rays remember to regularly go into a plank position. Don;t overdo it though. Start with 15 sec segments making sure your body is totally engaged and flat. If you start arching your back it is a sign you need to rest. No need to go over 1 min. It is best to do several sessions as opposed to one long one.

SummerRx #2: you can also add a few complete stretches of your body, inhaling while stretching your arms above your head and pointing your toes and exhaling when your hands come back down on the sand while your feet flex.

Jessica Alba’s perky breasts: when she does not have her dumbbells with her,she uses whatever she finds, usually magazines and holding them in her hands (while she is lying down on her towel), she brings then up towards the sky and back down towards her torso and repeat.

Coach’s Feedback:An easy exercise that won’t over tone any of the engaged muscle groups thanks to the fact that the weight is not heavy.

Summer Rx: Lying down on your towel, back is straight with your lombars well on the ground (to avoid back pain) and not arched, take a full bottle (make sure the cap is screwed on tightly!) and, with one hand on each side of the bottle, bring it upward (almost straightening your arms but not blocking them) and bring it back down towards your torso. Repeat until it burns (go slowly) then add 5 reps.
Summer Rx2: If you don’t go to the beach you can get the same results with the Hindu prayer (Lindsley you have the description for this one)

Eva Longoria applies one of LeBootCamp’s fave booty-toning technique! When on her towel, she sits at a 90-degree angle, her legs straight with toes pointing and back straight as well. She then contracts one cheek, lifts it from the towel and puts it down a few inches forward and repeats on the other side then again and again until she reaches the end of the towel.

Coach’s Feedback:
Easy and efficient exercise to tone our tush. No warm up necessary.

Summer Rx: repeat 5 times per day. If you don’t go to the beach you can also do it at home while watching TV: during the commercials just jump off the couch and sit on the carpet and “walk with your booty”

Summer Rx#2: you can also tone your booty by doing my fave exercise: the Brazilian Move!

Monica Cruz (Penelope’s sister) also follows LeBootCamp‘s tip about walking in the water at the beach with water at thigh level: nothing beats it to reduce the aspect of cellulite and tone your thighs into gazelle thighs!

Coach’s Feedback:
Another free way to tone your body walking in moving water will also help burn more calories than simply walking on the ground, improve blood flow and because the water is usually colder than 37 degrees, your body needs to expand some energy to keep your body temperature, and the sand creates a welcome massage of the sole of the foot

Summer Rx: If you go to the beach aime at 30 min walk in the water (at thigh level) on an empty stomach every morning (after your morning green tea and sobacha).

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Stevie Wilson,

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