Get the “Odds” on Who Dies First in “Game of Thrones” via SportsBetting.AG! Game of Thrones’ Season 8 – 4/14!

SportsBetting.AG, a gambling service and oddsmaker, has posted a bevy of entertaining odds surrounding Game of Thrones final season! I jumped on sharing this information because any Game of Thrones fan can track what’s happening each week. Of course, any of these odds will change as these last few episodes play out.
I would like to thank SportsBetting.AG and their representative Scott Cooley for sharing this very detailed list of information!
Also, I have broken up the various “odds lists” with photos and videos that are available online at HBO’s Game of Thrones website as well as photos from the premiere in NYC!

PHOTOS  are courtesy of HBO’s Game of Thrones website. Videos are courtesy of Game of Thrones  youtube channel! 

All odds are listed from smallest to largest, or favorites to longshots.

First Lannister to perish
Cersei 2/3 (-150) — means a bet returns $10 on a $15 wager, this is the favorite
Jamie 2/1 (+200) — means a bet returns $20 on a $10 wager, this is an underdog
Tyrion 5/2 (+250) — means a bet returns $25 on a $10 wager, this is an underdog

Additionally, for the “Ruler of Westeros” and “First to Perish” odds, total percentage of bets for each character are below the odds in a separate list.


Season 7, Episode 7: Inside the Episode!



Teaser for Season 8!

Game of Thrones – Season 8 odds via SportsBetting.AG

Real-time odds that will update through April 14:






Is Bran the Night King?
No 1/4 (-400)
Yes 3/1 (+300)

First Greyjoy to perish
Yara 1/1 (+100)
Euron 3/2 (+150)
Theon 2/1 (+200)

First Lannister to perish
Cersei 2/3 (-150)
Jamie 2/1 (+200)
Tyrion 5/2 (+250)

The Starks look to the past

First Stark to perish
Arya 5/7 (-140)
Sansa 2/1 (+200)
Bran 5/2 (+250)

First dragon to perish
Rhaegal 1/1 (+100)
Undead Viserion 7/4 (+174)
Drogon 2/1 (+200)

Who will perish first?
The Mountain 2/5 (-250)
The Hound 17/10 (+170)

First to perish
Yara Greyjoy 9/4 (+225)
Tormund Giantsbane 9/4 (+225)
Theon Greyjoy 4/1 (+400)
Euron Greyjoy 6/1 (+600)
The Mountain 7/1 (+700)

The Hound 12/1 (+1200)
Bronn 14/1 (+1400)
Brienne 14/1 (+1400)
Gendry 14/1 (+1400)
Davos Seaworth 16/1 (+1600)

Jorah Mormont 18/1 (+1800)
Cersei Lannister 20/1 (+2000)
The Knight King 20/1 (+2000)
Varys 22/1 (+2200)
Arya Stark 28/1 (+2800)

Samwell Tarly 33/1 (+3300)
Sansa Stark 33/1 (+3300)
Tyrion Lannister 40/1 (+4000)
Daenerys Targaryen 50/1 (+5000)
Jamie Lannister 50/1 (+5000)

Bran Stark 66/1 (+6600)
Jon Snow 66/1 (+6600)



First to perish (percentage of bets)

Euron Greyjoy 10.0%
Daenerys Targaryen 9.6%
Jamie Lannister 8.2%
Yara Greyjoy 7.9%
Tormund Giantsbane 6.9%

Jon Snow 6.5%
Theon Greyjoy 4.8%
Cersei Lannister 4.5%
Sansa Stark 4.5%
The Mountain 4.5%

Bran Stark 4.1%
Davos Seaworth 3.8%
Jorah Mormont 3.8%
Varys 3.8%
The Hound 3.1%

Samwell Tarly 3.1%
Tyrion Lannister 2.7%
Bronn 2.4%
Brienne 2.1%
Arya Stark 2.1%

Gendry 1.0%
The Knight King 0.7%



Who will Arya Stark kill first in Season 8?
Ilyn Payne 2/1 (+200)
The Hound 5/2 (+250)
Cersei Lannister 13/4 (+325)
Jamie Lannister 5/1 (+500)
The Mountain 6/1 (+600)
Bronn 10/1 (+1000)

Who will kill Cersei Lannister?
Jamie Lannister 2/1 (+200)
Arya Stark 5/2 (+250)
Tyrion Lannister 4/1 (+400)
Sansa Stark 5/1 (+500)
Daenerys Targaryen 6/1 (+600)
Brienne 12/1 (+1200)
The Hound 14/1 (+1400)
Field (Any other character) 4/1 (+400)
None (Cersei does not die) 6/1 (+600)






First character to speak in Episode 1
Cersei Lannister 9/4 (+225)
Daenerys Targaryen 5/2 (+250)
Jon Snow 7/2 (+350)
Tyrion Lannister 7/2 (+350)
Sansa Stark 11/2 (+550)

Arya Stark 6/1 (+600)
Bran Stark 12/1 (+1200)
Varys 14/1 (+1400)
Jamie Lannister 16/1 (+1600)
Samwell Tarly 22/1 (+2200)

Bronn 28/1 (+2800)

Last character to speak in Final Episode
Daenerys Targaryen 9/4 (+225)
Jon Snow 5/2 (+250)
Bran Stark 3/1 (+300)
Sansa Stark 5/1 (+500)
Arya Stark 6/1 (+600)

Tyrion Lannister 6/1 (+600)
Cersei Lannister 8/1 (+800)
Varys 16/1 (+1600)
Jamie Lannister 18/1 (+1800)
Samwell Tarly 25/1 (+2500)

Bronn 25/1 (+2500)

Ruler of Westeros at end of Season 8
Bran Stark 3/2 (+150)
Daenerys Targaryen 11/4 (+275)
Jon Snow 7/2 (+350)
Sansa Stark 9/2 (+450)
Arya Stark 8/1 (+800)
Gendry 8/1 (+800)
The Night King 8/1 (+800)
Tyrion Lannister 10/1 (+1000)
Jamie Lannister 12/1 (+1200)
Varys 12/1 (+1200)
Samwell Tarly 16/1 (+1600)
Cersei Lannister 25/1 (+2500)
Euron Greyjoy 28/1 (+2800)
Davos 50/1 (+5000)

Ruler of Westeros at end of Season 8 (percentage of bets)
Jon Snow 12.5%
The Night King 11.6%
Tyrion Lannister 11.4%
Sansa Stark 10.9%
Arya Stark 9.4%
Gendry 8.3%
Daenerys Targaryen 7.6%
Bran Stark 7.1%
Cersei Lannister 5.6%
Samwell Tarly 5.1%
Jamie Lannister 4.2%
Varys 3.8%
Davos 1.3%
Euron Greyjoy 1.1%


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