Too Much Chocolate got you? Use ALL Chocolate Easter Eggs by Making This Cocktail! Video by Simone Caporale!

Happy Easter, Belated Passover, Happy Spring and let’s get this party started! Now that the Easter Bunny has come and gone, you have lots of Easter eggs! If they are regular boiled eggs, then you can make deviled eggs, potato salad or even mix it as a dip with some dried soup mix and sour cream or yogurt! Leftover eggs make a great garnish for green salads too.

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Thinking Outside the Box or Easter Basket: Great Books to Give for Easter, Mother’s or Father’s Day ! #Gifts #Review!

I don’t dislike Easter. I like having kids around to make it more fun since it’s a kid’s holiday. Easter bunnies, peeps, dying eggs and all that. However there are times when you need to give a gift– whether it’s Easter, Passover, Mother’s Day, birthdays and anniversaries as well as even bridal showers. Or things for guys that they might like and really- there is a lot in these 2 books: one more geared towards the baker; another one who wants to get adventurous with doughnuts. These are fun but serious books for those who really want to bake, cook and do fun things in the kitchen.

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Not Just “Any” Chocolate for Easter and Not Just “Any Cocktails Either! A Taste of Both to Savor!

It’s Easter weekend and what are you going to do? Hopefully I can give you a couple of ideas to work around what I call the “junk chocolate” bingeing that people do. (Junk chocolate = drugstore or mass market chocolate.) I would prefer to eat just one piece of Chuao Chocolate or something rich like any of the artisan brands than eat a full bar (or bag) of junk chocolate, but typically when I am looking for a fast — and worthwhile– treat, I personally turn to Energems

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Hot Weekend Eats + Sips: Great Wines from Rioja & Fab Brunch at Paul Martin, Irvine Spectrum!

I am *always” looking for interesting places to eat. Keep tabs on this blog to catch the latest scoop on the under the radar places that you need to test drive.
Easter weekend is never a time to expect deals on brunch. Ditto that story for Father’s Day, Mother’s Day or Memorial Day. Clarity is important when it comes to brunch and cocktails (not necessarily in that order)

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The Lifestyle & Fashion of Coachella! Music Festivals Bring Out the Inner Child’s Playtime! ! #men #women #Fashion

When packing to go away for a weekend or a vacay might not be hard as it looks. You count up the days you are going to be doing touristy things and then add in comfortable shoes, pants, shirts, skirts & a couple of swimsuits and poof- you are done! With something like Coachella or any music festival, it’s time to put a bit more thought into it. While at Coachella you can buy more stuff to wear– which means you have to plan accordingly and not overpack but also pack for unforeseen weather circumstances too! Make sure you have some great luggage like a backpack and a duffle and you will be fine. Also make sure you have extra charges for cellphones and tablets along with earbuds and lots more stuff than you would need on a trip. Don’t forget accessories — sunglasses, hats, jewelry, watches (*yes you need one!) and things like scarves and “stuff” .

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Can’t Afford a Vacay ? Head to Nordstrom’s Beauty Trend Event at Select Stores on 4/18 + 19. #beautybonanza #fauxtheglow

“If wishes were horses, beggars would ride.”
Maybe you heard this bit of rhyme when you were a kid. It suddenly crossed my mind when I was starting to write this. While not everyone can afford Hawaii or Coachella. Some might not be able to afford a long weekend to someplace special.

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Do It Like Coachella Does: Moët + Chandon Imperial Ice Drops In for LaCoste Home’s Hot Times: #Music, #Fashions #Celebs!

What’s not to love about spring celebrations? It’s one of my favorite times of the year as I dig out my party planning schedule. “The desert” is an amazing place to check out of your ‘everyday rut’ and head into something with warmer temps, great places to eat, and even better shopping. It’s great for a weekend away with the BFF’s or even with your main squeeze for the weekend. However when Coachella rolls into twon, it takes over the space and it seems like the oxygen just got richer. The days seem long and the nights even longer and suddenly at this kind of event, it’s like you have known everyone “forever” .

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