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Giggles: Hot Clips from Cool Shows: SNL, Jimmy Kimmel Live + More! #TV

I love content. I find it timely and funny… mostly funny....

Sizzling Events NOT to Be Missed! Poet/Writer Derrick Brown Shares, KTown Night Market + Fig@7th !

Derrick Brown is often referred to as a “modern day Kerouc”. He...

Red Carpet Style: Rachel McAdams Gets Glam for Canada Walk of Fame Awards!

I love when I see a favorite celebrity do it right on the red carpet....

Supermodel Chrissy Teigen Talks about Life with John Legend.

Ever wonder what the “beautiful people” of the world do on their...

Jillian Dempsey Dishes on Kristen Stewart at “CAMP X-RAY” NYC PREMIERE !#BeautyBreakdown

I love to get insight from celebrity makeup artists on how they do...

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