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One of the things we all notice when we look at models or celebrities is their skin. If it’s on a  magazine, you know it’s been "photoshopped" till the skin has no lines, wrinkles, pores or any other discolorations. One would think that the person had perfect genes. Nope– it’s all courtesy of the photographer.

Celebrities  and models work hard to look good and sometimes they slack off and they eat, drink, smoke and work long hours which takes its toll on their skin.  So what do they do? They visit spas a  lot for treatments. From lasers to  plastic surgery, from  peels to microdermabrasion, there’s a lot that can be done to achieve perfection.  However what about us– mere mortals that we are– who lack the unlimited bank accounts that some have? How do we get better looking skin.

1) make sure you eat right– a balanced healthy diet along with vitamin and mineral supplements makes a huge difference

2) drink lots of water, refrain from alcohol whenever possible and make sure you skip the  carbonated beverages too.

3) investigate medi-spa treatments like peels, dermaplaning and microdermabrasion.

Now that sounds pretty easy till you hit number 3. That last one can be pricy and requires ongoing trips and treatments that can add it to a healthy $$$$  figure investment. I am not saying don’t go– but choose what you want to do wisely!

Here’s one thing you can do easily for a relatively small price tag– Crystalift.
What is Crystalift?

It’s a home version of the same machine used to perform microdermabrasion in a medi-spa or regular spa.  This little machine   is just like the lifting/vacuuming machines used in the spas and it’s so easy to use! You will be surprised at the difference you will see in the texture and quality of your skin in a month.

This is not a "daily use" machine: it’s a once a week treatment that takes 10 minutes!  What makes this machine so special? It’s the technology behind it and the micro-crystals that you use.   

Crystalift’s™ “Dual-Action” design  is revolutionary. It gently sprays a stream of micronized mineral crystals against the skin while vacuum-lifting the dead and damaged skin cells. This process removes surface cells which often contain pigmentation that emerge as age or sun spots.

Using  Crystalift™   on a regular basis allows  younger, newer cells to emerge to the surface and leaves skin radiant with less visible lines and wrinkles and a smoother, younger-looking you. It’s an "all in one" simple to use system available for home use for the same price as one visit to the spa. Now that is something amazing! For the cost of ONE spa microdermabrasion treatment, you can buy a machine and do it yourself at home.

By using Crystalift™  every week,  you will notice that your skincare become more effective. Why? Because it can penetrate into the skin better and faster and thus actually be more effective and thus you get better results.  You can order the refills of the micronized crystals as needed or you can join the Crystlift Club to get regular shipments  and you will see that your skin looks and feels better. Continued use can

  • diminishes fine lines and wrinkles
  • lighten age and brown spots
  • Improve skin tone while smoothing and softening skin
  •   Reduce some of the problems with acneic skin
  •   Makes nutrients and moisture more available to the skin
  •    Deep cleans the surface of your skin

Here’s the real kicker– if used regularly for a longer period of time, you will see some firming action. I can’t say how much and I am not saying use this daily for 30 days and you will see it. I am saying try using this with your skincare on a regular basis as suggested on the website and I have seen some differences in my skin, it takes the skincare better. It has a finer texture that my friends have noticed, the sun damage has been fading, and also there has been some firming.

Results may vary from person to person and I am not saying you will see the same results but I also know that someone who had some issues with breakouts saw a decrease in breakouts and less oily skin because she used this machine.

With regular usage, you will see improvement in the look of your skin– even sensitive skin types can (like me). The controls are adjustable and you can use less or more spray/suction power depending on your skin type. I started at the lowest and s l o w l y worked up to a stronger level
It’s definitely worth a look-see– especially since it is the same cost as a microdermabrasion treatment and it’s returnable.

Check out Crystalift!

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