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Sources say that BOULEVARD3 was THE place to be during LAFW. I mean THE PLACE to be. 944 Magazine was there and snapping photos — and the photo credit definitely goes to them for sticking around and taking photos of the guests. You won’t find me and the bffs there– we weren’t "anyone" that they recognized.

What was funny was that good friend and PR extraordinare AVO YERMAGYAN of Gaudy PR was hosting an event at BOULEVARD3 on Thursday, March 26 which was a SMASH!

Yermagyan’ s Pinque Cirque featured BLOKE by Jerell Scott and House of Doll by Brett Bailey was building such a  buzz during the week that people were calling offering bribes to get tickets to attend this "must see and be seen at" event.

I was assured by Avo that I would be in VIP section– so I made sure I got a couple of friends to go too and it was LINES out the door and around the block to get into the club.

Parking was a freaking nightmare. By the time we got to the door. and got waved in (the checker was just wiped out. She only asked if Avo invited us. *big duh)– so we were in.

Avo Yermagyan/Gaudy PR and Kim Kardashian (in order of appearance) Thanks to Kevin Parry, photographer! (big hugs)

Inside was a courtyard with a fountain and right smack in the middle of it, a 20 foot woman in a room-filling black gown.  It was an incredible sight.  She did have a companion — an equally tall man in gray pants — but he was mobile, while she was confined to the wading pool.

On the edges of the pool stood male models in scruffy couture. Sort of contemporary grunge mixed with some couture effects– I think one of my friends described it as “Derelique”– a la Zoolander. Since we missed the first runway show, we weren’t sure whose designs they were but we figured they were Bloke designs.

To the left, was a cotton candy machine  which Jennifer could not resist! Girls with trays strapped around their necks were handing out energy drinks which we passed on those items.   There were also little cubbies or niches where people could sit.  These were occupied by models and artwork, the most notable of which was a religious scene with a gorgeous male model meant to resemble Jesus, sitting on a throne. (Comment reserved here because we don’t want to offend, but the guy was gorgeous. I gotta stop there.)

Since the first show was over and the second one had yet to start, the room was filled with peopl–there was no longer any room to get into the VIP section–there was no longer any room to move!

It was PACKED. P _A_C_K_E_D!!!  I knew that it was going to be about a thousand people, I knew I could find Avo out of a 1000.. that’s not hard. But THREE THOUSAND? NOT A CHANCE IN HELL could I find him.  So my promise of showing up was for nothing (and I missed out on a goody bag too)

I left my bff’s — "the Jalapeno" and her friend — there to party on and enjoy the show. ( I was driving just over an hour each way so it was not worth hassling the crowds), So the description that follows is based on a detailed note and more questions from me to the Jalapeno about what happened.

We made our way inside, which felt like Charlie’s first view of the Chocolate Room in Willy Wonka.  There were three enormous chocolate fountains — one brown, one white, and the largest one pink!  There were marshmallows, pretzels and juicy strawberries to dip.  There were also big bowls of red licorice, hot tamales, jelly beans, all kinds of candy.  It was a nightmare (only because I’m dieting!)– or it was a candylovers dream.. which now makes me (Stevie) sorry I left). 

The main room was a long rectangle with a second floor balcony all the way around–shaped like a huge U.  The runway jutted out into the middle of the room.  The VIP area was upstairs in the balcony.  The only celebrity I am sure I saw was the guy from Borat (Ken Davitian).  My friend thinks she saw Maria Conchita Alonso, but we’re not sure (and I could not verify–Stevie).

We paid for our cosmos and looked around for goodie bags.  I saw one pink bag and snuck a look inside but it was empty.  I’m not sure what we missed out on there. Sad -huh!!

Almost right on time, the House of Doll show started.  All I can say is:  WOW.The show featured Cirque de Soleil dancers which were amazing. First, two impossibly gorgeous male models walked to the end of the runway.  Then a ballerina came out, which would have been interesting enough, but was made more so by the mouse (or pig?) nose taped to her face.  She moved in a way that suggested she was a “wind-up” doll from a jewelry box.

Suddenly a slew of scantily clad dancers came running onto the stage.  I could never describe the way they danced, you’d have to see it.  It was almost violent.  They were like angry muses– all dressed in black, thrashing and kicking.  Their hair and makeup lent to this perception:  they had enormous black eyelashes and huge hair that resembled black or blond flames (think 1980’s but not cheesy, more artsy).

When they retreated backstage, the ballerina who had been watching all along, opened the huge runway door and the models appeared one by one, which made the ballerina look very pleased.

The models were stunning, with enormous eyelashes and fussy hair — most had their hair fashioned into huge bows!  (I am sure the hair-bows were hair extensions but they looked very real.)  Their makeup was very bold, very pink.  They wore tags on their wrists that said Doll.

I’m sure you want to know about the designs, but unfortunately, most have escaped my memory.  They were beautiful, interesting and artistic but  wearable pretty much for parties or red carpet only.  There were a lot of unfinished seams, heart-shaped appliques, intricate straps.  One dress that stuck with me was a blue and yellow striped gown that was almost like an upside-down daffodil.
(the dress was actually a riff on an umbrella upside down–Stevie)

House of Doll Designer Brett Bailey Busses his Muse, Kim Kardashian. Photo by Kevin Parry . (We heart you greatly)

After the show, I (the Jalapeno speaking) saw a flamboyant guy in patent leather platform boots, wearing a t-shirt that said “TOUCH ME, I’M PLASTIC” on the front and “I’M FAKE” on the back.  I thought it was Bobby Trendy but can’t be sure. ( It was Bobby Trendy–Stevie)  I did try to touch him for a photo but he ignored me.

Before we left, we decided to see if there were goodie bags left in the VIP area.  We walked right up the stairs without anyone stopping us, but most of the crowd up there had cleared out.  Tons of people were lingering by the fountain though, so we stayed there for a while then headed home.

It was a really great night.

Who was there:


Kim Kardashian,

Kourtney Kardashian, Kris Jenner, Kim (again)

Tracy Bingham,

Bai Ling,

Ken Davitian (Borat),

Phoebe Price,

Bobby Trendy

Missing the photo for: Katherine Bayliss, Matthew Fashion,

Carolina Baccardi–she walked the catwalk for the shows,

Chudney Ross  who hosted the Bloke Show,

Alex Quinn

Here’s a "photoshopped image" of the  Jalapeno– photoshopped to protect the innocent — and the guilty. She’s really quite stunning   

Let’s put it this way.. this party was smokin’ haute and hot. EVERYONE was talking about it the next day because it had three thousand people.

Food? Was there food? I gather there was food: imported peanuts and Peroni Nastro Azzuro,  cotton candy cocktails, cotton candy and chocolate covered confections in several colors. (Who knew there were that many colors? Did Yermagyan leave any for anyone else in LA?) 

DJ Splyce had the music cranking so hot that people did not leave till  3AM and it was smoking haute partying in the  room. People didn’t want to leave because the music was too fabulous.

What was funny was that Paris Hilton  walked the 944 Magazine show featuring  2 Be Free on Monday for the opening of LAFW.  It was nice  party.
However this party closed LAFW and this one exploded into a frenzy of amazing buzz and fun
which I gather now blew the lid off the Paris Hilton vs Kim Kardashian friendship which seems to have gone kaput .. since this event.

*Shrug* Who knows why? Could it be that this event where Kardashian walked the runway for Pinque Cirque coupled with the release  of her "sexpose’ tape" hitting the streets beat Paris at her own game? It seems that Kardashian "out-walked" Hilton on the runway –both for fashion and for PR spin. Thoughts? HMMMMMMMMMMM? 

Stevie Wilson

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