Luscious Lips, a Lip Plumper That REALLY Works! Results in 30 days (+/-)

Recently has featured some posts about lip plumpers: the various treatments or procedures that one can purchase/use/have done that may or may not enlarge your lips– topicals and injectables are what’s been out there and discussed in magazines and on TV.
What you may not have seen is LUSCIOUS LIPS which has been featured on a number of sites with reviews on the product.
On the product’s site, there are a number of testimonials that are well worth reading. What’s really more important is that product developer, Cynthia Rowland went to plastic and cosmetic surgeons to have it tested to see what they thought! Two surgeons– one each from UCLA and USC Medical Centers– tested this product out on patients. One of the doctors is a woman and she tried it on herself — after all –seeing is believing and what better scientist than one who tests it on herself.
The before and after photos were pretty impressive. No one had particularly thin lips, but all had distinctly fuller lips after using Luscious Lips!
Newspapers, websites and tv/radio have picked up on this product simply because of what is
Fuller Lips: How Lip Enhancement Works.
( politely called the “Angelina Jolie” lip phenomenon)
Savvy Magazine
The Beauty Lounge.
I spoke to product developer Cynthia Rowland about the device.
What is the device — what is the mechanism of action?
Luscious Lips uses a natural vacuum process to gently coax fluid into the lips, plumping the lips while increasing circulation in the lip and mouth area.
What can someone expect with proper and consistent usage of Luscious Lips?
Luscious Lips can increase your lip size by 50% when the specially designed vacuum engages the lips. Increasing the circulation to this area dramatically increases the lip size and enhances the entire mouth area by plumping up small lines that invade the lip line in mature women.
How does one start out using this product?
In the beginning, the lip tissue must be gradually enhanced by using the device sparingly for the first two weeks. We recommend five two-second pulls per day for the first two weeks. After the initial two-week conditioning period, you may increase the duration of the pulls to five five seconds pulls for a few days. By following this conditioning routine your lips will stay plump longer and you will minimize bruising or discoloration of the lips that can result from over zealous users.
** Note to all of you– overzealous use will give you a bruise. (ahem.. been there, done that) Even those of us who are beauty junkies can get carried away– so be consistent but don’t go crazy.
How long does it take to use this device?
After the initial period, Luscious Lips works in just a few seconds each time. Experienced users can achieve a Hollywood plump with 3 thirty-second pulls, a total of 90 seconds. In general, we recommend that pulls do not exceed twenty seconds and that total time does not exceed 120 seconds.

What about using Luscious Lips more than once a day?
YES! Most women find that using the Luscious Lips device several times a day keeps their lips plump and full. We recommend several medium plumps each day rather than one prolonged plump. Exceeding 120 seconds in total (4 thirty-second pulls) is not recommended.
Ok so how does all this work? Here’s a video that shows you how to use it with a real person (not a model) with a before and after shot.
Tristan– before using the Luscious Lips

Tristan — “AFTER” using the Luscious Lips for about 3 -4 weeks.
I thought that was impressive. Nothing convinces me more than trying it myself. After all, if something can screw up, it would be me who does it. I had a lopsided lip line– (not top to bottom, but right and left).
Here’s the before:
Stevie Pre-Luscious Lips (note that the one side of my lips is sort of thinner and the M isn’t very defined)
Stevie — Post Luscious Lips in 2 weeks!!
Now that’s pretty impressive. I like that fuller lip and it balanced out my mouth. I have been using it since and I am waiting a bit – a month — to see what the lips look like but I can tell you that using it daily, you will SEE the difference!
The device is easy to use. The directions are straightforward. The lip balm/hydrator is terrific and really works (makes a nice gloss) and is soothing at night. Considering this device is only $60.00 and lasts 2-4 years (not months, years!!), I would say this is affordable and worthwhile investing in to give you fuller lips. Fuller lips are also younger lips — more bloodflow and more collagen which is why young women have fuller lips and as you get older, lips thin out.
Excuse me while I go back to my Luscious Lips device. It’s time to practice again!
Stevie Wilson

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