Wonderfully Weird Visits The Unique Fashion Style Of Recyled, Organic, and Vegan Couture!! Kanarian Kindred, Guest Blogger

Guest blogger Wonderfully Weird (Kanarian Kindred) takes us to the newer world of organic, natural and vegan fashion and beauty products. Given that so much has gone on in this realm, to get an independent thought about what works in her aesthete and what doesn’t – and still remains true to the natural/organic and/or vegan thesis is valuable

In today’s society it seems everyone is chasing the next big thing, especially in fashion. Whether it’s the new Jordan’s, Prada slippers, or Louboutin’s, everyone wants a piece of top products. This is fine but what about those with a weird sense of style? The person marching to the beat of their own drum, and straying from the normal fashion market.

Have no fear because Wonderfully Weird has arrived. The weekly blog posting various fashion items including: clothing, jewelry, shoes, and styling tips considered odd by others. My style is different from most because it focuses on funky, different, and classy pieces others tend to shy away from.

This week focuses on the art of recycling and living organically. Therefore, these pieces include items natural, organic or vegan-made. These pieces range from clothes to beauty item. Enjoy…

We begin with The Natural Store based in England. According to their website:

“Here at the Natural Store, we aim to make shopping a pleasure. You’ll find all the departments you’d expect, in one of the world’s finest stores, simply brimming with gorgeous goodies – Ladies’ Fashion and Beauty, Gentlemen’s Clothing and Grooming, a Foodhall, Pets, a Baby and Children’s Department, Gardening and Home Interiors, and more. Each and every item at The Natural Store is luxurious and ethical – embracing design and sustainability, is beautifully finished and simply delicious. To this end we work with many unique artisans and designers, as well as a selection of high quality well-known brands. At the last count we had over 3000 products and 200 brands from around the world to choose from, and our relationships and products are growing fast.

The Natural Store is a different type of Department Store – dealing only with suppliers who operate on a Fair Trade basis, have high ethical and moral values, or who try to minimize their impact on the environment. So whether you’re after individually made organic chocolates endorsed by the Soil Association, sensual underwear in organic cotton and hemp/silk or a wind-up radio so you can tune to your favorite station, we’re the natural choice.”

Source: The Natural Store

Elena Garcia Satin Cutwork Bolero (Pond Green)

Elena Garcia Satin Cutwork Bolero (Pond Green)

Multifunctional garment in organic silk satin with delicate and intricate cutwork throughout, backed with silk georgette. Featuring shell buttons and ribbons on the cuffs.

Elena Garcia Satin Poncho with Ribbons (Pink/Antique Gold)

Elena Garcia Satin Poncho with Ribbons (Pink/Antique Gold)

Tie-dyed Organic Silk Satin Poncho has ribbons placed in the side and shoulder seams to make an asymmetric silhouette, and may be worn as a dress. Hand-dyed in pink and antique gold.

Elena Garcia 'Angelina' Silk Cutwork Dress (Deep Aubergine & Coral Red)

Elena Garcia ‘Angelina’ Silk Cutwork Dress (Deep Aubergine & Coral Red)

Knee length dress in organic silk satin with line of shell buttons at the back and cutwork neckline detail. Length of dress can be adjusted. Garment can be worn in several ways according to the placement of buttons.

Elena Garcia Silk Cutwork Kimono Dress/Tunic (Coral Red & Deep Aubergine)

Elena Garcia Silk Cutwork Kimono Dress/Tunic (Coral Red & Deep Aubergine)

Traditional kimono shape from Elena Garcia in beautiful silk satin. Tunic length, can be worn as a top or as a minidress. This is an exquisite statement piece, incredibly flattering and delicate. The breast panels have chiffon and satin cutwork. Made from 100% organic silk satin.

PET:cell Jewellery 'Tarantula' Ring (Brown)

PET:cell Jewellery ‘Tarantula’ Ring (Brown)

A stunning and unique hand crafted piece featuring oblong attachments and pheasant feathers. Measures approx 4cm x 4cms. Produced in the medium of PET (plastic bottles), and the ring band is acrylic. Upcycled jewelry is on trend and ethically aware in our ever eco-conscious society. Even the ring packaging is PET.

When it comes to organic shoes, what better place than Olsenhaus-PureVegan. Olsenhaus- Pure Vegan was founded by Elizabeth Olsen in August of 2008 in New York City.

The mission was to merge passions for design, fashion, function and being a voice for animals, the environment, transparent business practices and unwavering values in ethical and social responsibilities. Elizabeth has been an outspoken advocate against the use of animals for food, clothing, experimentation and entertainment while assisting in movement towards a higher state of consciousness for planet earth and all of mankind. Through Olsenhaus she is able to speak for the animal kingdom specifically, but also about the connection of all living beings on this planet and the collective consciousness beyond.

Source: Olsen Haus

Olsen Haus-Pure Vegan Spring 2011 Collection

Olsen Haus-Pure Vegan Spring 2011 Collection


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