Coming Back…Finding Happiness in this Life…and the Next! Howard Beckman, Guest Blogger!

Author and Vedic Astrologer Howard Beckman is back with a special post about lives you have yet to live — Reincarnation! I know it’s a large topic but leave it to Howard Beckman to show us the key points while making it easier to understand!

Coming Back…Finding Happiness in this Life…and the Next
By Howard Beckman


When I ask someone “what are you looking for in life?” invariably the answer is “happiness” or “peace of mind”. We’re all looking to feel some sort of continual inner satisfaction, though it usually isn’t clear just what that is. But to find it, we make all kinds of plans for living what we hope will be a happy life. So what is Happiness, anyway? When we’re young, it’s all about pleasure. We want every day to contain a thrill, simply put To Enjoy! Eat, drink and be merry, as the saying goes.

Our Pleasure, Our Passion

Most of us go through 12 grades of school, then graduate school or find our first job or career opportunity by our very early 20’s. We want to prosper in any way we can, but pleasure seeking is really our first prerequisite in life. That’s pretty much what fills our minds. And if we think we’re having fun, then we’re happy. That’s what we tell ourselves, anyway.

The next stage is when we find our Passion in life. Usually, it involves a career choice. I’m going to be a doctor! I’m going to L.A. to become a successful actor! Now we’re a little older and making plans for the next 30 years of our working life. We’re so motivated that we enthusiastically plan to do whatever we can to make our chosen career a successful one.

Now we’re starting to form very definite opinions about people and the world around us. There may be other things that we become passionate about, as well. We may also become passionate about particular lifestyle choices, watching or playing sports, debating politics or philosophy. We’d all probably have to admit, though, that most of our time is spent trying to advance our careers, and grow our bank accounts.
During these years we’re ready to settle down. So we start families. Now we only feel complete in happiness if our partners and children are also happy. Pleasure now has to take a back seat to our passions, and our responsibilities. So we go through life hoping to further our goals, and these achievements become all-important for us to attain.
Until the time comes when what I call the gateway years to the next stage of life roll on. They literally just sneak up on you! All of a sudden what you’ve been so passionate about all your life doesn’t hold any satisfaction for you anymore. You start to question everything, life, death, heaven, God, what it all means! We start to feel a more urgent need for something other than the material…but what?

Finding Our True Purpose


In a society where we are schooled from the very beginning to consider both the material and spiritual sides of life and are exposed to philosophy, religion, and spiritual thought, we inherently know what to do when we reach our late 50’s and 60’s. The problem is that for most of us, we’re just not. And most Americans today don’t know what to do…where to turn…or from who to seek answers at this crucial turning point in life.

Especially for men this gateway often takes the form of a Mid-Life Crisis. We look in the mirror and can’t deny that our body’s aging is real…very real. It happens to everyone. But too often we don’t do so very gracefully, creating so much trauma in our minds. All the symptoms that go along with the steady degeneration of an aging body become evident.
But this is a natural part of the process of life! Now we feel that there is more to life than constantly thinking about our libido! And we soon find out that we were never lawyers, doctors, actors, writers, businesspersons, or whatever we’ve done to pay for our lifestyles all these years.

Our previous Passion for this kind of happiness is gone! You’d never have imagined this, but why do you think the saying exists “if only I knew then what I know now”…. Life becomes irrevocably different. We’ve reached the final and most important stage of life, Finding Our Purpose.

Investing In The Purpose Earlier

Allow me to digress a bit, and acknowledge that for those that are more philosophical or inclined in their early years toward psycho-spiritual knowledge, this question of Purpose may start to come into focus during the years of sowing the seeds of, and reaping, the fruit of our Passions. Therefore, we have at least put some of our time into otherworldly considerations, though we are spending most of our time attempting to fulfill our passions.
But without question, every man and woman should put as much thought, care and effort into gracefully entering this most important stage of life: Finding Your Purpose. Due to spiritual ignorance, we have an ever-increasing percentage of society that gives no thought to finding a spiritual purpose in life. People are simply planning for retirement, what they fantasize will be their wonderful Golden Years.

The Grand Illusion


It’s an illusion! If we haven’t found any meaning to life by now, we’re certainly not going to find it trying to pretend we are having fun, just as we deluded ourselves to think 40 (or more) years ago! Yet there are so many old people that are living lives of spiritual oblivion. They try to continue doing the same things they always did, pretending that life is grand!

Let me give you an example. I live in central Florida and just south of us is a retirement community that to my knowledge is one of the largest, and the rowdiest, in the country. There are so many retired people trying to enjoy themselves that there are golf cart traffic jams all day every day. That’s not the kicker, though. It has the highest incidence of venereal disease in the country! That’s right, folks! There are even subtle signposts that a woman is interested in having a visit from a man, like leaving the garage door slightly open or other signals that others in the community will recognize.

I know what you’re thinking…ewwww! But if you only think about becoming a successful———, making lots of money, having as much sex as possible and living life from one thrill to the next, you’re not going to be well equipped for the inevitable. Old age must lead to our day of departure, just as it’s come for every single living being that’s ever existed in the universe!

Life Insurance


The Vedic scriptures of ancient India state, “Just as a man discards worn out clothes and puts on new clothes, the soul discards worn out bodies and wears new ones”. It’s a continual cycle from one life to the next. So what’s the secret to this birth lottery? How can we ensure  we will gain a good birth, one with sufficient resources in life to be happy?

The Vedas say “punya”, charity to worthy recipients, comes back to the giver many times over in the next life. But any progress on the path of uncovering our true spiritual nature and actual spiritual identity will bring us to a more elevated birth, eventually resulting in freedom from birth and death completely. Isn’t that really what we all want? To Live Forever! Every religion seems to speak about eternal life, but except for the Vedas I have not found any world religious texts that say how one actually attains this by our efforts.

The secrets are found in your own transmigration from one life to the next. There is continuity in our resurging desire, from one life to the next, to find our true purpose, and our eternal identity. Yoga and yoga philosophy provides us a scientific process for raising our consciousness, and Vedic Astrology the window into where we came from in the last incarnation, what will unfold in this life, and what is indicated for our next birth.

But first and foremost we need a desire to know the truth! Our heads must poke out above the clouds and ask these questions which man has called out to God and the universe for answers to since time immemorial. I feel blessed that I have been given the gift of knowledge in order to share some of these secrets with whomever I am able to help. In this life, you have your identity as Bill, Sue, Colin, Teresa or whatever you may be called…but who were you in the last life? Who will you be in the next? Think about it. There’s no time to begin preparing for the next life when you’re about to leave this one.

I shall leave with the wise words of former Beatle, George Harrison, “Everything else can wait, but the search for God cannot wait, and love one another.”

Howard Beckman

Bio: Howard Beckman


The lessons that Howard has learned throughout his amazing life has helped him counsel countless individuals to come to terms with their lives and develop healthy identities. He overcame drug abuse in his twenties and went on to become a World-renowned Vedic astrologer and teacher of the ancient philosophies of India. Including Ayurveda, Bhakti Yoga and Vedic Astrology. He has authored four books on these subjects, but in his latest “Tempting the Devil in the Name of God – The Heavy Hand of Fate” he shares his memoirs, his deep struggle with heroin and how he achieved physical, mental and spiritual freedom to not only survive, but thrive.


Howard lives in Ocala, Florida and is a Director of The Vedic Cultural Fellowship and Ocala Equine Rescue. He can be contacted for Vedic astrological consultations at or to book him as a speaker at


Thanks to Howard Beckman for such amazing insight, awareness and detailed explanations. His information and insight into life purposes and reincarnation. It is not a topic you can fully grasp in one sitting or one post. This is a thread that is just beginning!

If you are looking for guidance from the stars (astrologically and astronomically), you have landed in the perfect spot. You can obtain guidance on the potential events in your life for 2016 courtesy of Howard Beckman‘s guest blog. Author and Vedic Astrology expert Howard Beckman can help you get a bead on the general tenor of the VEDIC Astrological year which will help you get the bead on this unique astrological system.

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