Need to Relax, Cleanse and Unblock? Call a Remote Energy Tech. Part #1: The Crash that Changed My Life

This is a guest blog from Marie Bargas! She has had a bit of an interesting year and she has grown into that year with new insights and skills. She is holding a class at Mystic Journey and it’s worth reading about it here and learning how she got to this point.

If you had asked me about the Galactic Federation of Light a Year ago I would have very politely said that I knew of them, but really had nothing much to do with them. Years of occult training in witchcraft and more recently in yoga and tantra would have brought out the metaphysical snob in me. You see, although my dharma is to be a reader and healer of sorts, I’ve been wary of Angels and Light Beings, not because I’m afraid of the Light, but because I’ve been wary of the prejudice often pointed at people like myself who work with both the dark and the light. As a Kashmir Shaivist, I identify the Divine Feminine as the Dark Goddess or Kali who is a Destroyer and Swallower of time. Hence, I never imagined that I’d be working so much with the Lighter more Angelic forces, at least not those in human form, because frankly humans are subject to prejudice. The truth is that the God(s) and Angels have no such qualms. They are literally “hanging out” in other dimensions getting along better than we ever could. And as I type this, imagine them looking down upon us and shaking their heads at the mess we’ve made of the world so far … when they gave us a Garden of Eden and asked us to just learn how to get along.


On November 7th 2015 I was driving to work at Mystic Journey in Venice, CA and the driver behind me looked up and saw a UFO.  He was so distracted that he drove his Monster Truck right into the back of my Mazda 626  there in the middle lane of the 405 FWY. The impact would have killed me if I had not been belted. There on the side of the road, I saw the look of relief in his face when I exited my crushed Mazda to get his information because I was ALIVE.  I made it as far as half way to him before I collapsed on the ground in shock. The ambulance and the police were called. I did not find out until later that the impact had popped open all my chakras from behind.  Let me tell you, the pain was excruciating.  It was excruciating for months and months and during that time I had to find other ways to manage it because I refused to become a zombie addicted to pain medication.


One of the things that I turned to was using tuning forks placed directly on my muscles to relax them and as I continued to do that, not out of curiosity, but necessity, I discovered that they were actually like wands in my hands. I could infuse them with intent and “do things” that I had never imagined that I could do. Mind you, I would not have studied this so intensely if it had not been for the pain. But then again, I told you that I worship Shakti in the form of Kali … and her lessons are never subtle. Kali knows me too well. She knows I can become easily distracted. So, she gave me two pinched nerves, as revealed by an MRI, to guarantee that I would learn how to use these forks in an accelerated time, not only to suffer the consequences, but to suffer … period … unless I could crack the code. It was do it or else. I did it, not out of any great need for scholarship, not because I’m a great guru, or shaman, but for the simple fact that the drive from my home to work is almost 60 minutes and I refused to drive on medication, so it was either find a way to get there without pharma … or stay at home defeated.

Please join me at Mystic Journey for an inexpensive demonstration that will relax you and ground you during this turbulent time of social and political unrest.  Let’s go through the upcoming national conventions without stress.

As we enter into a time of uncertainty where there is more political unrest than there has been in quite some time, especially here in the United states where we have been sheltered from radical change and unrest, the comforting presence of Lakshmi the Goddess of Fortune is an island of security and peace that can weather any storm. The beauteous consort of the Preserver Vishnu bring s not only wealth, but fortune and prosperity both material and spiritual. Too many beloved artists have passed in such a short time. Too many people are being killed. Terrorism has reared it’s ugly head and everywhere people are angry, disappointed and in shock. It’s time to bring in the energy of Lakshmi through to sustain us through these dark days so that we can be self contained centers of peace.


Where:  Mystic Journey Bookstore – 1624 Abbot Kinney Blvd. – Venice, Ca, 90291

When:  Saturday – 7/16/16 11:00 am – 1:00 pm

Cost: $25.00

Facebook Event Link:



I am available for readings at:

Mystic Journey Bookstore

1625 Abbot Kinney Blvd.

Venice, CA 90291

Mondays, Fridays and Sundays

11:00 pm – 3:30 pm

Call 310.399.7070

Or click this click here to book online.

Or you can contact me directly at:



Don’t miss this class with Marie Bargas. I have worked with her on some clearing and it was highly effective – and fast too!!

Stevie Wilson,





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Author: Marie Bargas

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