About Stevie Wilson

An eclectic fashionista, Stevie Wilson is a writer/journalist, editor y customized cocktail of talents and experience that works surprisingly well in start-ups, product launches and established companies. With several senior editorial positions in print and online under her belt, she also has extensive credentials as a digital media pioneer who lives and breathes social media. Stevie Wilson’s knowledge and expertise in social media has put her on the map as a key social media strategist and propelled her well-respected blog into a “must read” category. She interviews other well-known social media experts who have labeled her a “social media badass” (thanks to Chris Abraham (www.chrisabraham.com).

Savvy in creating strategy and trend-spotting, Stevie loves to dive into “bleeding edge” innovation when creating campaigns. According to her, “impossible is just another term for it hasn’t been done yet.” Package those skills along with working cross-functionally; being team player and leader; Wilson has what it takes to get the job done if you are looking for someone who can wear many hats or want someone with creative vision and skill sets.

LA-Story.com is about the celebrity, surf and semi-urban culture that is the sprawl of LA & So. California as well as the global landscape featuring the best (and newest) in style, entertainment, tech, emerging trends, interviews (podcasts & video) and brand spokesperson.

Her blog is a global phenomenon that spans the globe with readers in China, Latin America, Africa, Europe, Asia, Eastern Europe and the Middle East.